LG Dryer Roller AGM75510755

If you’re in need of a replacement LG Dryer Drum Roller AGM75510755, it’s important to compare prices before making a purchase. By doing so, you can ensure that you’re getting the best deal on this essential component for your dryer.

LG Dryer Drum Roller Kit AGM75510755

LG Dryer Drum Roller AGM75510755

The LG Dryer Drum Roller AGM75510755 is a crucial component of your dryer’s drum rotation system, helping to ensure smooth and efficient operation. When it malfunctions, it can cause a range of issues, including loud noises, uneven rotation, and reduced performance.


  • Part Number: AGM75510755
  • Replacement Parts: EAP16763594, PS16763594, 4581EL2002H, 4581EL3001E, 4581EL3001C, 4581EL2002C, 4581EL2002B, 4581EL3001F, 4581EL2002E, 4581EL3001A, 4581EL3001J, 4581EL2002D, AP7203749, 4581EL2002A
  • Part Types: LG Dryer Drum Roller Kit, Clothes Dryer Roller
  • Compatible Brands: LG, Kenmore
  • Fits Appliance Models: Please see the list below.
  • Price: Check updated price below.

Fits Appliance Models

This part fits the following models:

DLEX3370R, DLGX4001W/00, 79671412410, DLGX5681V, DLGX5681VE, DLEX3370V, 79691782710, 79580318900, DLHC1455W, 79681783710, DLEX3370W, DLEX9000V/00, DLGY1702V, DLG7401WE/00, WKGX201HWA, DLG7001W/00, DLG5002W, DLGY1902KE, 79671422410, DLEX8100V/00, DLGX8101V/00, 79681182310, DLGX4371W/00, DLG7401VE/00, DLEX7800VE, DLGX4371K/00, DLGX7701WE, 79681582410, DLGX3701W/00, DLGX3371R, 79671623310, DLEX7700WE, 79671522211, DLEX9500K/00, 79691073310, DLEX5680VE/00, 79671523211, 79681393610, DLEX3370R/00, 79691182310, 79681728000, DLEX7600WE, DLEX7800VE-ASSEEUS, 79671553610, DLEX5680V, 79661523211, DLGX3002R, DLGX4371W, DLE7300VE/00, 79671433710, DLGY1902WE, DLE7300WE/00, DLGY1202W, DLEX7800WE/00, 79661423410, 79691782810, DLEX5680VE, DLEX4270W, 79691572210, DLE3600W, 79681563910, DLE5977SM, DLGX5681W, DLE7000W/00, DLGX3901B, 79681783810, 79681583410, 79691963710, DLG3501W/00, DLGY1702WE, DLEX2550R/00, DLEX4500B/00, DLEY1201V, DLGX5781VE, 79681073311, DLEX0001TM, DLE7400VE/00, DLEX4270V, DLEX3001P, DLEY1901KE, DLGX7901BE, DLEX7800VE-ABWEEUS, DLE7100W/00, 79681072310, DLE3600V/00, DLGY1702VE, DLEY1701WE, 79691983410, DLG7301VE/00, 79681283310, DLE4970W, DLEX3900W, DLEY1701VE, 79671415910, 79691393610, 79691283310, DLGX3571V, 79691982410, DLGX8901B/00, DLGX4271V/00, 79681982410, DLEX5780WE, DLE3500W/00, DLGX4501B/00, DLGX3371W/00, DLG3401W/00, 79681073310, 79681392610, DLE3180W, WKG101HWA, DLGX7801WE, DLGX7801WE/00, 79681463910, DLGX7601KE, DLEX4370K/00, 79661422410, DLGX9001W, DLEX7600VE, DLE3600W/00, DLGX4201W/00, DLEX5000V, DLGX3002P, 79681983410, DLEX9000W, 79671423410, DLGX8101V, 79661433710, 79661552610, 79661622310, DLEX7600KE, DLG7301WE, 79691722000, 79681362910, 79661623310, DLEX5780VE, DLEX4370K, 79691962710, DLG3181W/00, DLE1001W, 79661433810, DLGX7601WE, WKE100HVA, DLGX3251R, DLGX3886C/00, DLE5977S, 79681782710, DLGY1202V, DLEX3700W/00, 79691172210, DLG3051W, DLEY1701W, DLG7101W/00, 79691583410, 79681562910, 79671622310, DLEX3370W/00, DLEC855R, 79691392610, 79691573210, 79691382410, DLG3601W/00, 79671412910, DLEY1701V, 79681963710, 79671412310, DLEX8100V, DLGX3701V/00, DLGX3901W, DLE7200VE, DLGX4271W, 79681962710, DLE9577SM, DLEX4200B/00, WKG101HVA, DLEX3370V/00, DLEX4370W, DLEY1201W, DLE3170W, DLEX3001W, DLGX4371K, DLGX3371W, DLEX8100W, 79671512211, DLEX8900B/00, WKEX200HBA/00, 79671419910, DLGX3371V, DLE3180W/00, 79661513310, DLEX8500V, 79671552610, DLE7200WE, DLGX4201B/00, 79681582411, DLE7400WE/00, DLG1002W/00, DLEX3001R, DLGX7801VE/00, DLG7301WE/00, DLGX3876V/00, 79669002000, DLGX3886W/00, DLGX4001B/00, DLG4871W, 79671417910, DLGX4071W, 79671513310, DLGX0002TM, DLGX7881WE/00, WKGX201HBA/00, DLG1102W, DLEX4000W/00, DLG7201VE, DLEY1901WE, WKE100HWA, DLEX9500K, DLG5966W, DLGX4271V, DLG3171W, DLG3401W, DLG0332W/00, DLG3181W, DLG1502W, 79681382410, DLGX3251V, 79661412310, 79661553610, 79679272012, DLG7201WE, 79691783810, DLGX8501V, 79681462910, 79679272000, 79681593410, DLEX3900B, 79681592410, DLGX7801VE, DLE1501W, WKEX200HWA/00, DLEX9000V, DLEX2501V, DLGX5001V, WKE100HVA/00, DLEX4370W/00, DLG7151W/00, DLEX5170V, 79691548210, 79691383410, 79691072310, 79691542210, DLEX4200W/00, 79681182311, DLE5955W, 79691282310, DLGX2502V, 79691463910, DLGX3571W, DLHX4072W, DLEX7700VE, 79691362910, 79661522211, 79681282310, DLG3171W/00, 79669278000, DLE3050W, DLE7150W/00, 79681172210, DLGX7701VE, DLGX9001V, DLE7300WE, DLHX4072V, DLEX4000B/00, 79671433810, DLEX5680W, DLE7200VE/00, DLGX3901B/00, DLHC1455V, DLGX8101W, 79681782810, DLG7201VE/00, DLEX7880WE/00, 79691562910, WKEX200HWA, DLG4971W, DLGX5001W, 79574113711, 79691462910, DLE7200WE/00, DLEX4000W, DLGX3002W, 79661512211, DLGX9501K, DLEC855W, 79681383410, DLGX5781WE, DLEX7800WE, 79691563910, DLEX5000W, DLEX7600WE/00, DLG8388NM, 79661412410, DLEX2501W, 79691582410, and more.


The LG Dryer Drum Roller AGM75510755 is a key component of your dryer’s drum assembly, helping to support and rotate the drum during operation. Some of the functions of this drum roller include:

  1. Supporting the drum: The LG Dryer Drum Roller AGM75510755 is designed to support the weight of the dryer drum, ensuring that it rotates smoothly and evenly.
  2. Reducing friction: The drum roller is made from high-quality materials that reduce friction between the drum and other components of the dryer, helping to prolong the life of the unit.
  3. Minimizing noise: The drum roller is engineered to operate quietly, helping to reduce noise levels during the drying process.
  4. Improving drying performance: A properly functioning drum roller can help improve the overall performance of your dryer, allowing it to operate more efficiently and effectively.
  5. Facilitating easy drum rotation: The drum roller’s design ensures that the drum can rotate freely and easily, making it easier to load and unload the dryer.

Overall, the LG Dryer Drum Roller AGM75510755 plays a critical role in ensuring that your dryer operates smoothly and efficiently. If you are experiencing issues with your dryer, such as noisy operation or uneven drum rotation, it may be time to replace the drum roller.

Common Symptoms

The LG Dryer Drum Roller AGM75510755 is an essential component of your dryer’s drum rotation system. When it malfunctions, it can cause a variety of symptoms, including:

  1. Loud noises: One of the most common symptoms of a faulty drum roller is a loud banging or rumbling noise coming from the dryer during operation.
  2. Uneven rotation: If the drum roller is not functioning properly, it can cause the drum to rotate unevenly, resulting in wobbling or shaking.
  3. Burning smell: If the drum roller has seized up, it can cause excessive friction and heat, resulting in a burning smell coming from the dryer.
  4. Damage to the drum: A damaged or worn drum roller can cause damage to the dryer’s drum, resulting in dents or scratches.
  5. Reduced performance: If the drum roller is not functioning properly, it can cause reduced performance of the dryer, resulting in longer drying times and decreased efficiency.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms with your LG Dryer Drum Roller AGM75510755, it may be time to replace it.

Check Price on Repair Clinic

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RepairClinic also offers same-day shipping on in-stock items, which means you can get your replacement part quickly and efficiently. Plus, they have a 365-day return policy, giving you plenty of time to make sure the part is the right fit for your dryer and that it resolves the issues you were experiencing.

LG Dryer Drum Roller AGM75510755
Check Price on Repair Clinic

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