Frigidaire Refrigerator Shelf Retainer Bar 240534901

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Frigidaire Refrigerator Door Shelf Retainer Bar 240534901

Frigidaire Refrigerator Shelf Retainer Bar 240534901

The Frigidaire Refrigerator Shelf Retainer Bar 240534901 is an essential replacement part designed to securely hold items on the refrigerator shelf. It is made of durable materials and designed to fit seamlessly into most Frigidaire refrigerator models.


  • Part Number: 240534901
  • Replacement Parts: 948954, AP3214630, PS734935, EAP734935
  • Part Types: Refrigerator Door Shelf Retainer Bar, Fridge Shelf Retainer Bar
  • Compatible Brands: White Westinghouse, Crosley, Gibson, Frigidaire, Kenmore
  • Fits Appliance Models: Please see the list below.
  • Price: Check updated price below.

Fits Appliance Models

This part fits these models listed below. Use Ctrl+F to find you model number.

LFTR1814LB6, FFHI2117LS3, CRTE183AQ8, FFHT2116LS1, 25360884404, FFHI1817LS0, CRT185LB0, 2536080240C, CRT184SBMM0, CRTE183IAB3, FFHT1817LS2, WRT18MP5AQ9, FRT8B5EW4, 2536088240G, CRT185LW9, NFTR18X4LW2, NFTR18X4LB6, CRT185LW8, FFHT1816PS1, CRT185PS2, 25361892800, CRT185HLQ3, 25364192406, NFTR18X4LBG, CRTE184JS1, CRT182NW7, WRT18MP5AQB, FFHI1817LS9, 25361874404, FFHI1817LW1, FFHI1817LS8, FFHT2117LW2, LFTR1814LBH, CRT185ILW9, 25360894408, FFHI1817LS2, 25363732304, FFHT2117PS3, CRT185ILB1, 2536088240D, CRT185PB6, 25364194404, FFTR1814LB0, CRTE184JS0, CRT185HLS0, FFHT1817LB8, CRTE184JB4, FFTR1814LWM, FFHI1817LS3, 25361872400, 2536419240D, FFTR1814QW0, FFHT1817LW1, FFHT1816LK5, CRT182IQB1, WRT18A0AW6, WRT18MP5AWI, FFTR1814LM7, 25363754302, CRT182NW2, FFHT1817LW8, FFHT2117LS5, FFTR1814LM9, 2536419240E, CRTE183AQ0, FFHI1817LW3, FFHI1817LB9, LFTR1814NM2, CRTE183ASM, WRT18MP5AWR, 25360894406, FFHI2117LW0, 25361872406, 25361814014, WRT18MP6CSS, 25360503410, FFTR1814LW4, FFTR1814LBJ, FFTR1814LWH, FFHT2117LW7, 2536181401C, 2536179010C, CRT182IQW1, WRT8A1EWC, FFTR1814LM5, 25360802407, FFHT2117LB3, CRTE183AWL, CRT185ILW4, CRTE183AQM, WRT18MP5AQA, NFTR18X4LW8, CRT182NB7, 2536088740G, WRT18MP6CSN, 25360804408, 25364194409, FFTR1814LZ7, LFTR1814NM3, 2536321201D, FFHT1814LW7, 2536088440F, CRT185LW7, FFHT1817LW2, FFHT2117LB0, CRT185LW5, 25360884408, FFHT1816LK4, FRT18G4AQC, WRT18MP5AQM, CRTE183AQJ, FFHT1816PS4, 25361872408, CRT185HLQ1, CRT181LW8, FRT18G4AWD, 25361892802, FFHI1817LS6, 25360884409, 2536181201B, FFHT1817LB2, CRT182HNB1, 25360892400, WRT18MP6CSL, CRT185HLB1, 25360802404, 25363014303, MRTW23V5PP1, CRTE184IJS4, CRT185PW6, CRT185ILB7, WRT1G3EW0, CRT185PB3, 2536179210B, 25360892402, FFHT1814LMA, FFHT1814LW8, WRT18A0AWA, CRT185LB1, FFHI1817LS1, WRT21MG3AQ3, NFTR18X4LWG, CRT185LW3, NFTR18X4LB2, FFHI2117LW2, 25360083410, 25363012300, NFTR18X4PS8, FRT18KG3DSB, 25360889400, 25361812014, 25363212018, NFTR18X4QB0, FFHT1814LM6, WRT18MP6CSD, CRT185PS4, FFTR1814LB3, 25361879401, 25361796303, FFHT1817LSA, 2536088440H, FFTR1814LZ5, 25361114104, FFHI1817LW0, CRT185IPW3, CRT185IPB3, CRT182HNB0, NFTR18X4PS6, 25360899400, FFHI1817LSA, CRTE183AWC, FFTR1817LW9, CRT185HPQ1, FFTR1814LBE, CFHT1814LZ3, CRT185ILS5, CRTE181AW4, 2536181401A, 25361894800, 2536080740B, 25361812012, FFTR1814LBB, 2536088240A, 25361814015, NFTR18X4PS7, NFTR18X4PS5, 2536080240E, CRT182NW6, CRTE184JQ1, CRTE183AQA, FRT18KG3DWB, CRT181LWB, FFHT1814LB5, 25360892406, CRT182HNB3, 25363732302, 25361792307, FFTR1814LBM, CFHT1814LZ0, FRT18B5JM0, 25364194402, CRT182HNB5, CRT185PW4, CRT182HNW1, WRT18MP5AWP, NFTR18X4LS5, NFTR18X4LWB, FFTR1814LBH, MRTN23V6MW4, 2536080240H, 25361795303, WRT18MP5AWL, FFTR1814LB8, CRT182NB5, 25360887409, 25360889401, 2536088240C, 25363764304, NFTR18X4LWF, FFTR1814LB7, LFTR1814LWA, NFTR18X4LB1, 25361874409, 2536181201A, FFTR1814LBG, CRT185HPW1, CRT182IPB5, 25360807402, CRTE184JS2, WRT18MP5AQP, CRT185HLQ2, CRTE184IJB3, 25360894409, LFTR1814LBA, NFTR18X4LS2, WRT18MP5AQ8, NFTR18X4LS8, 2536088240E, CRTE183ABL, FFTR1814LW2, FRT18P6BSB4, FFHT1814LB1, FFTR1814LZ3, 2536419240J, 2536089440B, 25360887406, 25364192409, 2536088440B, FFHT1814LB3, WRT18MP6CS2, FFHT1817LBA, 25361814019, NFTR18X4LB4, FFHT1814LB4, CRT181LWE, CFHT1814LZ4, CRT185LB2, 25361891013, 25360899408, LFTR1814NM1, CRT185LB8, CRT185LS9, CRT185HLQ6, 25360804407, CRTE183ASK, WRT18MP6CSB, 25360804404, CRT182NW5, FFTR1821QM4, CRTE184JW0, FFHT1816LS4, 2536088740F, 2536179210C, CRTE183AWB, 25360509410, LFTR1814LB2, FFTR1814QB3, NFTR18X4LBC, 2536419240K, 2536080440E, CRT185LS3, CRT185ILB4, CRT182HNW2, CRT185HPW2, LFTR1814LW9, LFTR1814LWG, 2536088740A, FFHT1814LW9, FFHT1821QS0, CRTE183AQK, 25363764300, CRT185LS1, FFHT1814LM3, FRT18KG3DW8, CRT182HQB0, LFTR1814LW7, FFHT1817LS9, 25360807400, NFTR18X4PS0, CRT181LWD, CRT182NB3, 2536080740C, CRTE184JQ2, FFHI1817LB1, NFTR18X4LS9, LFTR1814NM4, WRT18MP6CSH, LFTR1814LW5, FFHI1817LWA, 25360802400, 25361872409, CRT182HNW0, NFTR18X4QW0, 25363212012, FFHI1817LW9, LFTR1814LWF, WRT18MP5AWM, FRT18KG3DW4, FRT8B5EWC, FFHT1814LM1, FFHT1817PS2, CRTE183AWM, CRTE183ASH, FFHT1814LW5, CRT185HLS1, FFHT1814LBB, WRT18MP5AWK, CRT185ILW1, 2536179910D, FFTR1814LMF, FRT18KG3DW0, CRT182QW3, 25360882408, CRT185HLB7, NFTR18X4LW6, FFHT1816LS6, FFHT1817LW4, 25360882407, 25363212015, 25363812202, 25360894404, CRT181LW5, LFTR1814LB1, FFTR1814QB2, 25364194407, 2536179410D, 25360504410, FFHT1814LWA, 25361879400, FFHT2117PS2, LFTR1814LWB, WRT18MP6CSA, CRTE183AWD, CRTE181AW3, FRT18KG3DW2, FFHT1817LW6, FFHT1814LB7, CRT185ILS1, 2536419240B, CRT182IQB0, FFHT1817PS0, NFTR18X4LBE, FRT18KG3DWC, FFHT1814LW2, WRT18A0AW8, FFHT1814LMB, CRTE184IJS3, CRTE184HJB0, FFHT1816LK7, FFHT1816LS7, 25360884400, WRT18MP5AWH, 25361892803, FFHT1816LK0, NFTR18X4LS4, FFHT2117LW0, 25361872404, CRT185ILS7, WRT1G3EW3, CRT185LW0, 2536088440G, CRTE183IAW3, 25360887400, CRT185LB5, FFHI2117LB3, CRTE183IAS4, 25361894801, 2536088740D, NFTR18X4LWE, FFHT1814LZ1, FFTR1814LM0, WRT18MP5AQS, NFTR18X4QS0, CRT185LS0, FFTR1814LB9, 25361822106, 2536088440E, FFHT1817LB4, 25360089410, FFHT1800PS0, 2536088440A, 2536080440B, CRTE183IAS1, CRTE183IAW2, FFHT1817LS8, CRT185LS2, 25363722300, CRT181LW7, 25360887404, MRTD23V6MM1, CRT182IPW2, WRT18MP5AWX, 25360807407, FFHT1817LW9, 2536088740H, NFTR18X4LBB, 25363752300, CRT185PW3, 25361814010, 25363754300, FFHT2116LK1, FFHT1817LSB, 2536080240B, WRT18MP5AWT, LFTR1814LWC, CRT181LW9, FFHI1817LBC, 25363764302, FFHT1814QW1, NFTR18X4LW9, 25364192401, FFHI2117LS0, FRT18KG3DWE, 25361112104, FFHT1817LB9, CRTE184HJB1, FFHI2117LW1, CRTE184IJB2, CRTE183AWG, CRTE184IJS0, 25361814017, FFHT1817PS3, WRT18MP6CSI, CRT181LW3, WRT18MP6CSK, 25363742300, 25360802409, FFHT1817LS0, 2536080440A, CRTE184HJS0, FFHT1814QW0, CRTE184JW2, 25361872402, CRTE183IAB0, FRT8G6FW4, CRT185HLW2, 25362812204, FFTR1814LWD, FFHT1814LB0, 2536181201E, CRT185HLW7, FFTR1817LWD, NFTR18X4LWD, 2536419240G, CRTE184HJQ1, WRT18MP5AWJ, NFTR18X4LW0, FFHT1817LB0, FFHI1817LB3, 25360884402, 25364192402, FFHT1816LK1, 2536080440F, 25360802406, FRT18KG3DSC, 25360882409, CRT185HLQ4, 25361891011, FFTR1814LWF, CRT182QW1, CRT185LS4, CRT185HPB1, 25361891010, CRT185LS7, FFHT1814LM2, FFTR1814LM4, CRT185HLS2, CRT185HLW6, 25360894407, FFHT2116LS0, CRTE183IAB4, FFHT1821QW0, CRTE184IJB4, WRT18MP6CS6, 25364192400, FFTR1814LW5, WRT1G3EW1, FFTR1814LWN, 25363212017, LFTR1814LW6, 25360882404, 25363212011, CRT185HPB3, 25360804402, FFHT1814LW6, FRT8G6FQ2, FFHT1814LM5, 25363014300, FRT21P5AWA, CRT185HLW1, 25361814013, CRT182HQW1, FFTR1814LM8, 25363012301, 25363212016, FFHI1817LWC, FFTR1814LWG, CRTE184IJW0, FFHT1817LBC, FFTR1814LMB, FFHI1817LWB, 2536080240J, 2536181401B, 25360802408, FFTR1814LMH, 25363762300, FFHT1817LW3, NFTR18X4PS2, WRT8G3EWC, CRTE183AWJ, FFTR1814LWA, FFHT2117LS2, 25361812010, FFTR1814LBF, CRT181LW1, WRT18MP5AQU, FFHT1816PS0, 2536179910C, 2536321201A, CRT185PB4, CRTE184JW1, FFTR1814LB2, CRT182HNW5, CRT181QW0, LFTR1814LB4, FFHT2117LB8, WRT18MP6CS8, 25361874408, 25360894402, FFTR1814QB1, LFTR1814LB8, 25361832106, CRT185LB9, CRT185PS3, NFTR18X4PS3, FFHI2117LS4, FRT18KG3DW7, CRT185LW4, WRT18MP5AWU, 2536080440H, 25363212019, 2536080440C, 25361796305, FFHT1814LB6, 25363014301, CRTE183AWA, FFTR1814LMA, FFHT1814LWC, FFHT1821QB0, CRTE181AW7, 25363732300, CRT182QB3, FFHT1817LBB, NFTR18X4LW7, LFTR1814LBF, 2536088740B, FFHT1814LB2, FFHT1817LWC, NFTR18X4LBF, CRTE184JQ4, CRTE181AW1, FRT18P6BSB2, FFTR1814LWK, CRT185IPW4, CRTE183AW8, CRTE184HJS1, FFHT1816LS5, CRT182NW3, WRT18MP6CSM, FFTR2021QS1, 25361794307, LFTR1814LBK, 25360887402, 2536179010B, 2536088740C, 25363754304, 2536419240F, 25360899401, FFTR1814LB5, CRT182HQB1, NFTR18X4LS6, CRT185LS5, FFHT1816LS3, FFHT1817LS4, FFHT1814LM0, FFHT1817LB3, WRT18MP6CSU, 25361812015, 25361872407, FFHT2116LS2, FFHT2117LB1, CRT182HNB2, FFHT1816LS0, LFTR1814LBC, CRTE183ASL, FFHT1814LBC, FFHT1814LM4, 25361794301, LFTR1814LB7, FRT18KG4DW0, FFHT1817LW0, 2536179010D, FFTR1814LZ8, FFHT1814LW0, 25361892804, CRT182HNB6, CRT185HPB2, FFHI1817LB8, FFTR1817LWH, WRT18MP6CSC, CRT185ILW8, CRT185HLS3, NFTR18X4LW1, CRT182QB0, 25360882402, 25361795305, 2536187440A, FFTR1814LBL, CRT185PB2, NFTR18X4LW4, FRT18KG3DW6, CRTE183IAW4, CRT182IPB2, 2536089240B, LFTR1814LWE, 25360892408, LFTR1814LBE, 25363742302, CRTE183IAB2, CRT185PS5, 25370502411, CRT182HQW0, FFTR1814QB0, FFHI1817LBA, FFTR1814LWL, NFTR18X4LWJ, 2536181401E, 25360894400, 25361812011, FFHT1814LM8, FFHT1817LB6, 25361796301, FRT18G5AQH, 2536419240H, WRT18MP5AQJ, WRT18MP6CSG, 25360807406, 25363762304, CRT181QW1, LFTR1814LB3, CRTE184HJW1, FFTR1814LB4, 25361792301, 25363752304, 2536179210D, CRT185LB3, LFTR1814LBG, LFTR1814LBJ, CRT182NW0, CRTE184IJB0, 2536179410B, FFHT2117PS4, CRTE184JW4, CRT181LWF, NFTR18X4LB7, CRTE183AQ4, 2536088740E, WRT18MP5AWV, LFTR1814LWJ, CRT185ILB9, FFHT1814LB9, CRT185HLW4, 2536181401D, 25360804400, CRT182IPW4, CRTE183IAB1, 25364192407, FFHT2021QW0, NFTR18X4LBD, CRTE184IJW2, 2536181201C, FRT8G6FQ4, CRT185HLS4, CRT182HNW4, CRT185ILS3, FFHI2117LB2, LFTR1814LW4, CRTE181AW2, 2536089240A, 25361812019, 25361892801, 25364192404, NFTR18X4LS3, CRT185LS8, CRTE184IJS2, FFTR1814LW7, FFHT1814QB0, CRT185PB5, WRT18MP5AWS, WRT18MP5AQL, WRT18MP6CSV, 25361874407, CRTE183AWK, FFHI1817LB6, CRTE183AQL, FFHT2116LK2, 2536080240G, FFHT2117LW1, LFTR1814LW8, CRT182NBA, FFHI2117LS2, NFTR18X4LB8, FFHI1817LW8, FFTR1814LMD, FRT18G2NW7, FFHT1814LM9, CRTE183AW4, CRT185PW2, 25363712304, LFTR1814LW1, FFHT1814LBA, FFHI1817LB0, 25360419410, CRT182NB8, CRT182NB9, FFTR1814QB4A, FFHT1817LS5, FFHT1817LB1, 2536088240H, CRT182QB1, LFTR1814LW3, 25360802402, WRT18MP5AQH, CFHT1814LZ1, LFTR1814LW0, FFHI1817LW6, 25363742304, FRT18KG3DWD, 2536080240F, 25360882406, FFHT2116LK0, FRT21HP5AW4, 2536088240F, CRTE184JB2, FFHT2117LW9, CRTE184IJW3, FFHT1817LW7, CRT185HLW5, CRT185HLB4, 25360887407, FFHT1814LW3, FFTR1814LZ4, CRT182NW8, CRT185ILB2, WRT18MP6CSJ, FFHT1817LS7, 2536419240N, FRT21G5JW1, 25363762302, FFHI1817LW2, FFHT1814LZ6, CRT182IQW0, FFHI2117LB0, FFTR1814LBA, FFHI1817LSC, FFHT1800PS1, CRT185HLB3, 2536187240A, FRT18KG3DWA, WRT18MP5AW8, LFTR1814LWL, CRT182NB6, FFHI1817LB2, CRTE181AW0, 25361894804, 25363752302, FFHI1817LW4, FRT18KG3DW9, FFHT1816LS1, FFHT2117LS0, 25361792305, CRT185ILB3, CRTE183AWE, CRT185ILW7, LFTR1814LWH, CRTE184HJW0, FFHT1817LS1, CRTE184IJW4, CRT182NBB, CRTE183IAS0, CRT185LSB, FFTR1814LW3, FFHT1814LW4, FFHT2117LS3, CRT181LWA, 25360807408, CRTE184JS4, 25360884406, 25360892407, FFHT1817LW5, FFHI1817LSB, 25361874402, FFTR1814LM6, 25361874400, 25363014302, FFHT2021QB0, FFHT1817LS3, FFHT1817LWB, 25361894803, FFTR1814LM3, CRTE183IAW0, 2536179910B, CRTE184JB0, WRT18MP5AWB, CRT182NWB, CRTE183ABK, FFTR1814LW1, 25361879402, 25361812013, CRT185PW5, FFTR1814LMC, CRT182NW9, 25363212010, CRT185ILB8, 25361812017, FFHI1817LB4, CRT185ILS2, NFTR18X4LWA, FFHT1817LS6, CRT185LW2, CRTE181AW5, FFHT2117LW6, CRT185HLB0, WRT18MP5AQR, CRTE183IAS3, CRT182HNW6, FFTR1814LWB, WRT18MP5AQW, 2536088440D, 2536080740A, CRT185LW1, 2536080440G, 25363712302, LFTR1814LB0, FFHT1814LZ4, FRT18G4AWG, FFTR1814QS1, CRT185ILS4, CRT185ILS8, CRT185ILB5, 25360807404, 25360882400, CRTE184JB1, FFHT1817LSC, NFTR18X4LWH, NFTR18X4LBA, FFTR1814LW0, FFHT2117LB7, FFTR1814LBD, FFTR1814LW8, FFTR1814LMG, CRTE184JQ0, FFHT2117LW3, CRTE183IAW1, 2536181201D, FFHT1817LWA, 25360884407, 25361794305, NFTR18X4LS7, FFHT2021QS0, FFTR1814LB1, CRT185PS6, 25360082410, FFTR1814LM2, 2536419240C, CRT185IPB4, LFTR1814NM0, NFTR18X4LB0, WRT18MP5AQV, FFHT1816PS2, CRT181LW4, CRT182HNB4, 25360887408, 2536088440C, 2536179410C, WRT18MP5AQT, CRT182IPB4, LFTR1814LBB, WRT18MP5AWO, 25361796307, WRT18MP5AWW, CRT182NB2, 25361891015, 25361874406, 25360899403, CRT185ILW5, CRT185HPW3, LFTR1814LB9, FFTR1814LBN, LFTR1814LW2, CRTE183AW0, FFHT1816LK6, CRT185HLW0, 25363012303, FFHT1814LB8, 25360892404, 2536419240A, FFTR1817LW8, FRT8G6FB4, FFTR1814LWE, FFHT1816PS3, CRTE181AW6, CRT185LB7, FFHT1814LW1, CRT181LW0, CRT185LB4, WRT18MP5AWF, 2536089440A, 25360807409, LFTR1814LBD, CRT185HLQ7, 25364194401, 25361814018, CRT182NB0, 25361795301, 25360892409, 25360804406, 25360412410, CRT185HLB6, WRT18MP5AWY, 25362802204, 25360502410, FFTR1814LM1, 25361812018, CRT185HLB2, CRT185HLW3, CRTE183ABM, FFTR1814QS0, 25364194400, CRT182QW0, FFHT2117LB2, CRT182IPW5, 2536080240A, NFTR18X4LB9, 25360804409, 2536088240B, CRT182NW4, CRT182NWA, WRT18MP6CSR, 2536080440J, FRT18KP5DQ0, FFHT1816LK3, FFTR1814LME, 25364194406, CRTE183AQB, 25363712300, WRT18MP5AW9, 25361814011, FFHT1817LB7, CRT185ILW3, 25361795307, WRT18MP5AQF, 25361814012, 25364192405, 25363012302, FFHT1814LM7, CRT182NB4, FFHT2117LB5, 25364194405, FFTR18D2PW4, FFHT1814LZ5, WRT18MP5AQK, 25361894802, NFTR18X4LWC, CRT185ILW2, FFHI1817LBB, FFHT1817LB5, CRT182HNW3, 25363212013, FTMD18P4KW2, and more.


The Frigidaire Refrigerator Shelf Retainer Bar 240534901 serves several functions, including:

  1. Securely holding the refrigerator shelf in place: The retainer bar ensures that the shelf is held securely in place, preventing it from sliding or falling off the support brackets.
  2. Providing support for heavier items: The retainer bar can provide additional support for heavier items placed on the refrigerator shelf, preventing it from sagging or bending.
  3. Maximizing storage space: By providing support for heavier items, the retainer bar can help maximize the available storage space on the refrigerator shelf, allowing you to store more items.
  4. Easy to install: The retainer bar is easy to install and can be done quickly without the need for professional assistance.
  5. Improving refrigerator organization: The retainer bar can also help with refrigerator organization, keeping items in place and preventing them from shifting around or getting disorganized.

Overall, the Frigidaire Refrigerator Shelf Retainer Bar 240534901 is an important component of your refrigerator that provides essential support and organization for your food items.

Common Symptoms

Here are some common symptoms that could indicate an issue with the Frigidaire Refrigerator Shelf Retainer Bar 240534901:

  1. The shelf is loose or wobbling
  2. The shelf falls out of place or collapses
  3. The shelf is difficult to remove or install
  4. The shelf does not sit flush with the refrigerator wall or back panel
  5. The retainer bar is cracked, broken or missing
  6. The shelf is not properly supported and sags in the middle
  7. Items on the shelf are not level or slide around due to lack of support
  8. The retainer bar is bent, causing the shelf to sit at an angle
  9. The shelf is too high or too low, preventing it from properly fitting in the fridge
  10. The retainer bar is discolored or rusty, indicating wear and tear.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be time to replace the Frigidaire Refrigerator Shelf Retainer Bar 240534901.

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Frigidaire Refrigerator Shelf Retainer Bar 240534901
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