Whirlpool Dishwasher Rack Adjuster WPW10546503

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Whirlpool Dishwasher Rack Adjuster WPW10546503

Whirlpool Dishwasher Rack Adjuster WPW10546503

The Whirlpool Dishwasher Rack Adjuster WPW10546503 is a durable and reliable replacement part that ensures the top dishrack stays in place and slides smoothly.


  • Part Number: WPW10546503
  • Replacement Parts: W10911100, WPW10546503VP, W10546503, W10546502, AP6022813, W10306646, EAP11756150, 3447645, PS11756150, W10418314
  • Part Types: Dishwasher Dishrack Adjuster
  • Compatible Brands: Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag, Jenn Air, KitchenAid, Ikea, Kenmore Elite
  • Fits Appliance Models: Please see the list below.
  • Price: Check updated price below.

Fits Appliance Models

KUDE48FXBL4, KDTM384ESS0, KDTE334DSS0, KDTE104DSS1, KDTM404EBL3, KUDE70FXSS6, KDTM354DSS0, KDTM704EBS0, JDTSS245GX0, KDTE104EBL0, KDTE704DBL0, JDB9800CWS3, MDB8989SHW0, KUDE60HXSS4, 66514792N512, KUDE50CXSS4, KDTM804EBS2, MDB8959SBW1, KDTE234GBL1, JDB8500AWY3, KDFE304DWH1, MDB8959SBS2, KDTM384EBS3, JDB8500AWX3, KDFE204EWH3, JDB8700AWP0, KDFE104HBL0, JDTSS246GP0, KUDE60FXSS4, JDB9200CWS2, BLB14BRANA0, 66514799N510, KDTM704ESS0, JDB9200CWY2, 66514792N511, KUDE70FXBL6, KUDE48FXBL0, KDTM404ESS2, JDB9000CWP2, 66512783K311, 66514813N611, 66512783K312, KDTM404EBS0, KDPE234GPS0, KUDE50FBSS0, JDB9200CWY1, 66512782K313, KUDE48FXSS6, KUDE48FXBL1, KDFE104DWH1, KDTE204EWH1, 66514819N610, JDB9800CWS2, 66512789K312, KDTE104DBL0, KDTE254EBL1, MDB8969SDH0, KDTE104EBS2, KDTM404EWH1, KDTE254EBL0, JDTSS244GP0, KDPE334GBS0, JDB9200CWS1, KDFE204ESS4, JDB8700AWS0, KDTE104DWH0, KUDE70FXSS5, JDB8500AWF3, GLB14BBANA1, KDFE304DBL0, KUDE60FXPA2, KDTE204EWH4, KDFE204EBL1, KDTM354DSS1, KDTE204DSS0, JDB8700AWS4, KUDE60FXSS1, KDTE304DPA2, GLB14BBANA0, KUDE60HXSS2, KDTM404EWH3, KDFE104DBL4, JDB8500AWY1, KDTM504EPA1, 66514815N612, KDTE234GPS0, JDB8500AWF1, KDTE204DBL1, MDB8959SBS0, BLB14DRANA1, KDTM404EBL2, KDFE104DWH2, MDB8959SBB2, KDFE104DSS0, JDB8200AWS0, 66514813N610, KDFE104DBL0, 66514793N512, JDB8500AWY2, KDTE504DSS0, KDFE104HWH0, 66514799N511, KDTE204EBL1, KDTE554CSS1, KDPM354GBS0, KDFE204ESS2, KDTE304GPS1, KDTE704DSS1, KUDE60FXPA1, 66514819N611, KDPE334GPS0, MDB8959SFZ3, KDTM384EBS0, JDB9200CWP2, KUDE70FXWH6, KDTE204ESS4, IDT930SAGX0, KDTE554CSS4, KDTE104EWH1, KDTE404DBL0, KDPE204GBS0, KDFE104DBL3, KUDE60SXSS1, KUDE60HXSS1, KDTE234GWH0, KUDE50CXSS2, KDTE304DWH0, KDTE204DSS1, JDB8200AWP3, KUDE48FXWH2, KDTE204EBL3, MDB8989SHZ0, KUDE60FXWH3, KDTM704EBS2, KDFE104DWH4, KDTM404EBS2, KDTE204DWH0, KDTM384ESS2, KDTM354ESS1, KUDE48FXSS2, KDFE104HPS0, KDTE204ESS3, JDB9000CWB1, KUDE70FXPA5, KDTE334DBL0, MDB8959SBW2, KDTM404ESS1, KDTM384ESS3, 66514712N710, KDTE104DBL1, KDTM354DSS4, 66512789K311, MDB8959SBS1, MDB8959SFE2, KUDE48FXBL6, 66514793N511, 66512782K310, MDB8959SBB0, KUDE48FXPA6, MDB8959SBS3, KDFE204ESS0, KUDE48FXSS4, JDB8200AWS3, KDTE254EBL3, KDTE204DWH1, KDTE204DSS0, MDB8959SBW0, JDB9200CWP1, KUDE60FXWH1, KDTE234GBS0, MDB8959SFH2, MDB8979SFZ1, KDTE254EWH2, JDB9200CWS3, KDTE334GPS0, JDB8700AWP2, 66514792N510, KDTM354EBS1, BLB14DRANA2, KDTM404EWH0, JDB8700AWS1, 66514813N612, BLB14DRANA0, KUDE48FXSP6, KUDE48FXSS0, KDTE704DWH0, JDB8700AWS2, 66514792N513, 66514762N510, KDPE234GBS0, KDTE104EWH0, KDTE104EBL4, KUDE50CXSS8, JDTSS243GX0, KUDE60FXBL3, KDTE104ESS1, KDFE104HBS0, KDTE104EBL2, KUDE70FXPA3, KUDE70FXWH5, KDTE254EWH3, KDTE254ESS3, KDFE304DBL1, KUDE70FXSS4, JDB8500AWX1, KDTM354DSS3, KUDE60HXSS0, KDTM354DSS5, KDFE104DSS1, KDTE254ESS1, MDB8959SBB1, MDB8959SBW3, KDTM404EBL0, MDB8959SFH3, KDFE204EBL0, KDFE204EWH4, KUDE48FXPA5, KDTE404DSS1, KDTE204EWH2, KUDE60HXSS6, KDFE304DSS0, 2214793N512, KDFE104DSS2, KDTM704ESS1, KDTE404DSP0, KDTE104DWH1, KDTE204EBL0, KDTE234GWH1, MDB8989SHK0, 2214715N710, KDTE304DPA0, JDB9800CWS1, KUDE70FXPA6, KDTE334DWH0, KDTE304GPS0, KUDE48FXWH5, 66514812N612, JDB8200AWP1, JDB8700AWP3, KUDE60FXSS2, KUDE48FXWH1, KDFE104DBL2, KDTE104EWH4, KUDE60SXSS0, KUDE60FXBL1, KUDE60FXWH0, KDFE304DWH0, KUDE48FXBL2, KDTE254ESS2, KDTE404DSS0, KUDE48FXSP5, KDTE234GBL0, KUDE48FXWH0, 66514815N613, KUDE48FXWH4, JDB9800CWP3, KDTM354EBS3, KDTE104EBS4, KDTM404EBS1, 66514715N710, KDTE254EWH0, 66514799N512, JDTSS244GM0, KDTE204DBL0, KDFE104HBS1, KDTE104EWH3, KDTM804ESS2, KUDE60FXPA3, 66512789K310, MDB8969SDE0, JDB9800CWP1, KDFE104DBL5, KDTM504EPA2, JDB8700AWP1, KDPM354GPS0, KDTE104EBS3, KDFE304DSS1, JDB9000CWS3, 66514719N710, JDB9000CWP1, JDTSS247HS0, KUDE70FXSS3, KUDE48FXSS1, JDTSS246GL0, KUDE60FXWH4, 66512789K313, KDFE204EWH1, KUDE60HXSS5, KDTM354EBS2, KDTE254EBL2, KDTM404EBS3, KDTM704EBS3, KDTM704ESS3, KDTE104EBL1, KUDE60FXWH5, KDTE704DSS0, KDFE204EBL3, BLB14FRANA0, KDTE234GPS1, MDB8989SHB0, JDB8200AWP2, KUDE60SXSS3, KDFE104DWH5, KDTE104ESS3, KDTE704DPA0, KDTE104ESS0, KUDE60FXBL4, 66514713N710, KDHE704DSS0, KUDE60FXBL0, KDTE204GPS0, KDTM404EWH2, 66514819N612, KDTM384ESS1, JDB8200AWS1, KDTE104EBL3, JDTSS244GL0, KUDE48FXSS5, KDTE204EPA2, KDTE554CSS0, KDTE204EPA3, KUDE70FXBL5, KUDE60FXSS5, MDB8969SDM0, JDB9000CWS1, JDTSS246GS0, KDFE104DSS4, JDB8200AWS2, KUDE60FXSS0, JDB9000CWP3, KDFE104DWH3, KUDE60FXWH2, KDFE204ESS1, KUDE70FXPA0, KUDE60FXBL2, KDTE204EPA4, KDFE104DWH0, JDB9000CWB3, KDTE204EWH0, JDTSS244GS0, KDTE104ESS2, MDB8959SFE3, KDTM354ESS0, KDTE204ESS2, KDFE104DSS5, 66514815N610, KDTM354ESS2, KUDE60SXSS2, JDB8700AWS3, KDFE304DBL2, KDTM404EBL1, KDTM704EBS1, JDB9200CWX2, KDTM504EPA0, KDTE554CSS3, JDB9800CWP2, KDTE204EPA1, MDB8959SBB3, KUDE70FXPA2, KDTM804ESS0, KUDE60FXSS3, JDB8500AWX2, KUDE70FXSS0, 66512782K312, KUDE70FXSS2, JDB8200AWS4, KDTE104EBS1, 66514793N513, KDFE104DBL1, 66514812N610, BLB14DRANA5, KDFE104DSS3, KDTE204EBL4, KDTE204EPA0, 66514793N510, KUDE50CXSS1, KDTM804EBS0, KUDE48FXWH6, BLB14DRANA4, KDTE204ESS1, KDHE404DSS0, KDTM804EBS1, KDTE304DBL0, JDB9000CWS2, KDTE254EWH1, KDTE334DSS1, KDFE204EBL2, KDTM704ESS2, KUDE60FXPA0, KDTM384EBS2, JDB9200CWX4, KDFE204EWH2, 66514799N513, KUDE70FXSS1, KUDE60FXBL5, KDTE204EBL2, 66514769N510, KDTE104ESS4, KUDE50CXSS9, 66512783K310, KDTM404ESS3, 66514812N611, KDTM404ESS0, KDTE104EWH2, KDTE334GBS0, KDFE204ESS3, KDTM354ESS3, KDFE204EBL4, KDTM384EBS1, JDB9200CWX3, 66514763N510, 2214799N512, JDB9000CWB2, KDTE104DSS0, KDPE204GPS0, 2214815N612, KUDE48FXBL5, KDTE204ESS0, 66512782K311, MDB8959SFZ2, KUDE50CXSS6, KDTE404DWH0, 66512783K313, JDB9800CWX2, KDTE304DSS0, KUDE70FXPA1, KDFE204EWH0, JDB8500AWF2, JDB8200AWP0, 66514815N611, KDTE234GBS1, KDTE304DSS1, 2214792N512, KDTE204EWH3, and more.

Functions of Rack Adjuster WPW10546503

The Whirlpool Dishwasher Rack Adjuster WPW10546503 has the following functions:

  1. Rack positioning: The adjuster allows you to adjust the height of the dish rack, which makes it easier to load and unload dishes of various sizes.
  2. Dish organization: The adjuster helps to organize dishes in the dishwasher more efficiently, creating more space and allowing for better cleaning.
  3. Durability: The rack adjuster is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
  4. Smooth sliding: The adjuster has smooth sliding features that allow you to move the rack in and out of the dishwasher with ease.
  5. Easy installation: The adjuster is easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware for installation.
  6. Compatibility: The rack adjuster is designed to fit Whirlpool dishwashers, and it is compatible with several Whirlpool models.
  7. Improved dish cleaning: The adjuster helps to ensure that dishes are evenly distributed in the dishwasher, which can improve the cleaning performance of the appliance.
  8. Quiet operation: The rack adjuster operates quietly and smoothly, making it easy to load and unload dishes without disturbing anyone in the kitchen.

Common Symptoms of Rack Adjuster WPW10546503

Here are some common symptoms of Whirlpool Dishwasher Rack Adjuster WPW10546503:

  1. The top dishrack may fall off or not stay in place properly.
  2. The top dishrack may not slide smoothly or may get stuck in place.
  3. The wheels on the top dishrack may break or become damaged.
  4. The rack adjuster may make a grinding or clicking noise when the top dishrack is moved.
  5. The rack adjuster may be visibly broken or damaged.
  6. The top dishrack may not be level or may tilt to one side.
  7. The rack adjuster may cause the top dishrack to hit the dishwasher door when it is opened or closed.
  8. The rack adjuster may prevent the dishwasher from running properly if it is severely damaged or broken.
  9. The rack adjuster may cause the top dishrack to scrape or damage dishes during the wash cycle.
  10. The rack adjuster may cause the top dishrack to become dislodged during the wash cycle, causing water to leak out of the dishwasher.

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Whirlpool Dishwasher Rack Adjuster WPW10546503
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