Frigidaire Dishwasher Lower Wash Arm 5304517203

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Frigidaire Dishwasher Lower Wash Arm 5304517203

Frigidaire Dishwasher Lower Wash Arm 5304517203

Frigidaire Dishwasher Lower Wash Arm 5304517203 is a vital component responsible for cleaning dishes on the lower rack of your dishwasher. If you notice poor cleaning performance, noisy operation, or leaking, it may be time to replace this part with a new one.


  • Part Number: 5304517203
  • Replacement Parts: PS12585623, 154250901, 154568001, 154414102, EAP12585623, AP6783883, 4840174, 5304506526, 154568002, 154250801, 154281101, 154414101
  • Part Types: Dishwasher lower spray arm, Dishwasher Lower Wash Arm
  • Compatible Brands: Frigidaire, Crosley
  • Fits Appliance Models: Please see the list below.
  • Price: Check updated price below.

Fits Appliance Models

This part fits the following dishwasher models. Use Ctrl+F to find your model number.

FDBB540DS0, CDB500NW2A, CDB900NS5A, FDB989GFC1, FFBD2404NM0A, FDB2310LCS0, FDB989RCB0, 58716104801, FDB1980RGS2, FDB1100RHM2A, FDB1200RGB0, FDB955SDQ0, FDB1450CHS4A, FDB1501BFQ0, 58715169400, FDB1050RES1, 58715102800, FDBC56BAS1, FDB1250RES3, 58717243800, DGBD2432KW0, 58716252401, FDB856RJT1, CDB500NS1A, FDB1502RGC2, 58715259401, CDB900NB4A, FDB939GFB2, FDB1500LFB2, 58715199401, 58715188400, FDBB944CB0, FDB1500LFS1, FFCD2418UB3A, FDB1502RGS1, 58715163402, FDB1200RGS1, CDB900NS4A, FDB1500LFB4, FDB510CGC2, 58715164400, CDB400KB0A, FDB857RJS0, 58715248700, FDB1100RHS2, FDB857RJB0, FDB520RHS3A, CDBE566AB0, FDB636GFR0, 58715109801, 58715159401, FDB836GFS1, FDB979GFC0, CDB500NB5B, 58718243900, CDB600KW0, CDB900NB1A, FDB635RBB0, FDB679GFW1, 58715163401, FDB636GFR2, FDB837GFR0, 58715369100A, FDBB2040FB0, FDBB2040FS2, FDB989GFW0, FDB641RAB1, 58715194401, FDB421RFS7, FDB2321REC0, FDB740RCB0, 58715382100A, 58715193400, 58715369101A, 58715192402, FDB856RJS0, FDB837GFS0, CDB350NB0A, CDB900NS2A, FDB1100RHB2A, CDB350NB4A, FDBC45BAS2, 58714853200, FDB2320RES1, 58716159401, FFBD2404NB6C, FDB751SCQ0, 58715252400, FDB1050REC1, 58715362100A, 58714153402, FDB421RFR3, FDB1100RHQ3B, FDB1500LFC1, 58715193401, FDBB945DC1, FDB1502RGQ2, FDB345LBS1, 58716188402, FDB1250REB4, 58715182402, FDB700BFQ2, 58716194401, 58715378100A, FDB856RJB0, CDB500CGC0, FDB520RHB3A, FDB1100RHS3A, FDB949GFT2, FDB1250REB1, FDB635RBQ1, 58714184403, FDB1250REQ0, FDB710LCB0, CDB350NB8B, 58715193402, FDBB944CC0, 58716072201, 58714029200A, CDBEH950SB1A, CDB400KB1B, 58715378100B, FDB700BFC1, 58715254400, 58716189402, FDB1250REC2, 58716163400, F71C44EJB0, FDB1100RHQ2A, 58715239901A, CDB900NW2A, 58716248701, FFBD2404NB2A, FDB956RBC0, 58715389100A, FDB510CFB1, 58715233901A, FDB1050RES3, FDB345LFS0, 58715242702, 58715259402, FDB435RFR1, FDB435RFR6, FDB2310LCC1, 58716242701, 804621670A, 58714112401, 58715182400, CDB600KW0A, 58715157400, FDB1502RGQ1, 58717243801, CDB350NW4A, FDB760REM0, FDBB2040FS0, FDBL955BQ0, 58716239900, FDB836GFT4, FDB1450CHC4A, FDB510LCS6, 58715363102C, FDB210LCS0, FDB736GFR2, FDB954SDC1, FDB641RAB2, 58715188402, FDB955SDS0, FDB2000RFC1, FDB700BFS1, FDB520RHC0A, 58715234900, FDB520RHB0, FDB1502RGQ4, FDB1051REM0, FFBD2404NW6C, FDB1050REM4, CDB500NS3A, FDBB2040FB3, FDB1501BFS0, FDB1500LFC0, 58714113401, FFCD2413UB1A, FDB2000RFB1, FDB1501BFC0, 58716232900, 58716158401, FDB2000RFC0, FDB955SDC1, FDB836GFB7, FDB1500LFS4, FDB421RFR1, FDB1250REB3, 58714139100, 58716199400, FDB1502RGS4, FFBD2404NW7C, FDB780RCS0, 58715259400, CDBE566AS2, FDB1980RGQ0, FDB510LCB3, 58716234900, FDB1050REM2, 58715189402, FDB679GFC5, FFBD2404NW2A, FFBD2404NS9C, FDBC45BAS1, CDB350NB6B, FDB641RAS1, FDB1100RHC3B, FDB679GFW0, CDBEH600SS2A, FDB949GFB0, 58716259401, 58714114400, FDB1200RGB2, FDB1200RGC0, FDB221RFR1, FDB1100RHM0, FFBD2404NS3A, CDBEH600SB2A, FFBD2404NS1A, CDB900NW6B, FDB1450CHB0, DGBD2432KF1A, CDB500CGB2, FDB345LBB0, 58715192401, FDB636GFT0, FDB510LCB2, FDBC45BAB2, FDBL960BB0, FDB1051RES1, FDB837GFR2, 58716157400, 58716079200, FDB1100RHB3A, 58715189403, CDB500NW5B, FDB520RHC1B, CDB500NB4A, FDB510CFS1, 58715182401, FDBL955BB0, CDB350NB2A, 58716192401, 58715248702, 58715189404, FDB1501BFB0, 58716152400, FDB1050REQ3, FDB345LFS1, 58714184402, FDB421RFR6, FDB1504RGQ0, FDB2000RFS0, CDB600KB1B, BGBD2432KW0, FDB989GFW2, 58714114402, FDB780RCQ0, 58714183402, 58715072201, FDB2110LCB0, FDB834RFT0, DGBD2432KF1, 58715163400, 58715372100B, FDB979GFC2, CDB600KS0, 58714028200A, FDB520RHS3B, FDB679GFW5, FFBD2405KS0, FFBD2404NB8C, FDB635RFR6, FDB1500LFC4, 58714183404, FDBB944CB1, 58715383100B, FDB435RFR0, FDBL955BS1, FFBD2404NB1A, CDB500NS5B, FDB636GFS5, 58715379100A, 58715239900, 58715373100A, FDBC45BAS0, FDB1450CHS4, 58715164401, 58716254401, FDB835RFB0, FDB1980RGC1, 58715073200, FDB1051REB2, FDB1100RHM2, 58716242700, FDB1450CHB2, CDBE566AS1, FDB1050REQ0, FDBB2040FC2, 58716253401, FDB1100RHC2A, FDB939GFS2, FFCD2413UW0A, 58714139101, FDB1050REB4, FDB836GFT2, FDB989RCQ0, 58714114401, FDB634CFS0, FDB2310LCB0, FDB1050REB5, FDB435RFR5, 58715188404, FDB1450CHC4, FDB520RHC1A, FDB635RFR0, 58715103801, FFCD2413US0A, 58716074200, FDB750RCC2, FDB836GFS6, FFBD2403LB0B, FDBL960BB1, 58715194402, FFBD2404NS10C, FDB1200RGS2, FDB641RJB0, FDB1050REQ1, FDB421RFS0, FDB435RFS4, FDB635RBB1, FDB679GFW2, CDBEH600SS0A, FDB2320REC1, 58715162401, 58714131100, F71C44EJS0, 58715254402, FDB834RFS0, FDB345LFS2, FDB954SDQ0, FDB1050REC5, FDB2000RFS1, FDB1500LFS0, FDBB540DB0, FDB221RFR0, CDB600KS1B, FDB641RAS2, CDB600KB0A, CDBE566AS0, 58714302200, FDB2321REC1, FDB1200RGS0, FDB636GFR1, FDB1500LFC2, FDB1450CHS1, FD1870WHB0, FFBD2404NW0A, FFCD2413UW2A, FDB1980RGB1, FDB435RFR2, FDB2320RES2, CDBE566AB1, 58714119401, FDB510CFB2, FDB1050RES0, 58715239900A, FDBL960BQ1, FDB956RBB0, FDB1502RGM2, CDB900NS3A, FDB636GFS4, CDB350NW5A, FFCD2418US2A, FDB949GFS1, FDB2110LCQ0, 58715162400, 58714134100, FDB641RJS1, FFCD2413UB0A, 58716169401, FDB421RFR0, 58716189401, FDB979GFW0, FDB435RFR7, 58716259402, 58715194400, FDB1502RGM1, FDB2320REB0, FDB949GFS2, FDB2110LCC0, FDB955SDB0, FDB956RBC1, CDB500CGB0, 58716194400, FDB856RJT0, FDB641RAS0, FDB1502RGB0, 58716189400, FDB1250REC3, FDB634CFS3, FDB740RCS0, 58715173400, DGBD2432KF0, 58714184401, FDBB2040FC1, 58716252402, FDB1450CHC1, FDB946NES0, FDBB2040FQ3, FDB751SCC0, 58716192400, 58716188400, FDB736GFS4, FDB955SDC0, FDB1100RHM3A, 58715233900, FDB1502RGM4A, FDP635RFR1, FDB510LCS1, 58715234901A, CDB350NB3A, FDB837GFS2, 58714132101, 58714854200, FFBD2403LB1B, CDB900NS6B, FDB635RFR3, 58716193402, FDB679GFC3, FDB636GFR3, FFBD2404NS2A, DGBD2432KB1, FDB1980RGB0, 58715192400, CDB500CGS0, 58716163402, FDB634CFS4, CDB350NB9B, CDB500NW4A, FDB751SCB0, FDB510LCB4, 58715249701, CDB350NW3A, FDB989GFC0, FDB1200RGC1, DGBD2432KW1A, FDB1200RGQ1, 58714132100, FDB857RJS1, BGBD2432KB0, 58715383100A, FDB421RFR5, FFBD2405KW0, 58715363100A, FDB1250REQ2, FDB510LCS0, F71C24RJB1, FFBD2405KB0A, FDB736GFS5, FFBD2403LW0A, FDB856RJS1, 58715182403, FDB641RJS0, FFBD2403LS1B, FDB1050REB0, 58716233900A, FDB2320RES0, CDBEH600SW2A, FDB836GFB1, 58714102800, FDB1502RGC1, FDB700BFC2, FDB221RFR2, 58714309200, FDB1502RGB4A, FDB421RFS1, FDB1050REM1, FDB737GFS3, FDB635RFR1, 58716162400, 58715158400, FDBB2040FQ0, FDB1200RGQ2, FDB836GFT3, FDB421RFS2, FDB520RHB3, FDB635RFS2, CDB350NW2A, FDB510LCB0, FDB1250RES1, FDBB840DC2, FDP635RFR5, FDB737GFT3, FDB1100RHB2, 58715238900A, FDB510LCB1, FDB1502RGB2, FDBB840DC1, 58715362101C, FDB1450CHB4, 58716169400, 58714139102, FDB1050REQ4, FDBL955BS0, FFBD2404NS5B, FDB737GFR0, 58714024200A, 58714183400, 58716163401, FDB989GFW1, FDBB945DC2, 58715253401, CDB600KW1B, FDB658RAC0, FDB636GFS3, 58715232900, 58714119402, FDB836GFS4, 58714112400, FDB635RFR5, 58715252402, FDB700BFB0, 58715382100B, FDB1502RGS0, FDB710LCB1, FDB520RHS2A, 58716199402, 58716188401, FDB1980RGS1, FDB954SDS0, 58716103801, 58714209200, 58715189400, FDB1050REM5, FDB737GFT2, CDB500NW1A, 58715232900A, FDB421RFR2, CDBEH950SW1A, 58715362102C, CDB900NW5A, CDB400KB0, FDB1050REC0, FDB520RHB2A, FDB1100RHB3B, FFBD2404NW8C, FDB345LBB1, 58715169401, FDB635RFS5, 58715249700, 58716253400, FFCD2418US0A, 58715072200, FDB935RHB0, CDB900NB6B, 58715074201, FDB2310LCQ0, FDP635RBS0, FDB1050REQ5, 58714154401, FDB2000RFQ1, 58715152401, FDBL960BC0, FFBD2404NW4A, FDBB2040FQ2, FDB435RFR3, CDB900NS0A, CDB900NW1A, FDB1980RGC0, FDBB944CQ0, FDB1504RGB0, FDB1500LFQ0, FDB1502RGS2, CDB900NW0A, 58714113402, 58716182401, FDB737GFR1, CDBEH950SW0A, CDBEH950SS0A, 58716238900A, FFBD2404NB3A, BBBD2432KB0, FDB700BFB1, FDB510CFS0, FDB700BFB2, FDBB2040FS1, FDB1980RGC2, 58716073201, FDB1100RHQ3A, FDB946NEQ0, FDB1500LFS2, 58714113400, 58715372100A, FDB1050REM0, FFCD2413UW1A, FFBD2403LS0B, 58714134101, 58714154400, FFBD2403LW1B, FDB1502RGQ4A, FFBD2403LB0A, FFCD2413UW3A, FDBB2040FQ1, FDB1100RHM3B, CDBEH950SB0A, FDB1250REB0, FDBB2040FC3, DGBD2432KW1, FDB1500LFQ2, 58714183403, 58716109800, FDB421RFS6, 58714131101, FDBB2040FB1, FDB1502RGB1, 804621671A, 58715103800, FDB1100RHC0, FDB641RAB0, 58715079201, FDB750RCB0, BGBD2432KF0, 58716239900A, FDB634CFS1, FDB1980RGB2, FDB1100RHS0, FDB700BFC0, FDB1502RGS4A, FDB1250REQ1, FDB700BFS2, CDBE566AQ1, FFBD2404NS6C, FDB1980RGQ2, FDB1500LFQ1, FDB1250REQ4, 58715369102C, FDB736GFR4, 58714131102, FDB737GFT1, 58715242700, CDB350NB10B, 58714134102, CDB900NW3A, FDB510LCS4, FDB636GFS2, CDB900NS1A, FFCD2418UW3A, FDB1051REM1, 58716233900, FFCD2418US1A, 58715249702, 58715182404, FDB1502RGM4, FDB679GFW4, 58715199400, FDB1050REC3, FDB657RJC1, FDB510LCB5, FDB736GFR5, FDB1100RHS2A, FFCD2418US3A, FDBB2040FB2, FDB946NEB0, 58715389100B, FDB635RFS1, FFBD2404NB5B, FDB737GFS2, CDBE566AW0, 58716158400, FDB1050REC4, FDB979GFC1, FDB635RBS0, CDBE566AQ0, 58716103800, 58716232900A, CDB500CGC1, 58716249701, FFCD2418UW2A, FDBC45BAB0, FDB2320REC2, CDB500CGB1, FDB1500LFB0, FDB737GFT0, FDB421RFS3, FDB1980RGQ1, FDB2320REB2, 58716253402, 58715159400, FFCD2413US1A, FDB2310LCC2, FDB836GFS2, CDB500NS0A, FDB1050REC2, FDB780RCB0, 58715232901A, FDB1504RGS0, 58715363101A, FDB635RFS6, CDB900NB2A, FDB837GFS1, 58715369101C, 58714184400, FDB635RBS1, FDB1450CHS2, FDBB944CS1, FDB1450CHS0, FDBB2040FS3, FDB2510LCC0, FDB635RFR4, FDBL960BQ0, FFCD2413UB2A, FDB949GFT0, FDB979GFW2, FFBD2404NS0A, 58716079201, 58716102801, FDB750RCQ0, CDB350NW0A, FDB421RFS4, FDB700BFQ0, FDB221RFR3, FDB835RFS0, FDB1502RGM0, FDP750RCS0, FDB837GFR1, 58716102800, FDB1050RES4, FDB2320REB1, FDB1051REB0, FDB636GFR5, FDB421RFS8, 58716164400, CDB350NW6B, FDB1502RGC0, CDB600KB0, FFBD2404NQ0A, FDB520RHS2, FDB510LCB6, FDB636GFS0, FFCD2413UB3A, FFCD2413US3A, 58715158401, FDB435RFS2, CDB900NW4A, FDP635RFR4, CDB500NB3A, FDB736GFS2, 58716074201, FFBD2405KS1A, FDBC56BAB0, FDB679GFW3, 58715188403, FDB679GFC2, 58714119400, 58715373100B, FFBD2405KB1B, FDB1051RES0, FDB435RFS3, FDB1050REB1, FDB1450CHC0, 58715253400, 58714302201, 58715248701, FDB1051REM2, 58716182400, FDBL960BS1, FDP635RFR2, FDB1100RHS3B, 58715189401, FDB710LCS1, FDB2510LCC1, FFBD2404NW5B, 58715199402, FFBD2404NW1A, FDB421RFS5, FDB1250RES0, FDB2110LCS0, FDB679GFC0, 58716238900, FDB750RCS0, FFBD2405KB0, FFBD2404NS4A, CDB400KW0, FFBD2403LW0B, CDB500NS2A, FDB1050RES2, FDB1051REQ0, 58716199401, FDB949GFT1, FDBS956CC0, FDBB945DC0, DGBD2432KB1A, FDB710LCQ0, CDB350NB5A, FDP750RCS1, FFBD2403LB1C, CDB900NB3A, BBBD2432KF0, 58715362101A, FDB1502RGC4A, 58716109801, FDB946NEC0, 58716248702, FDB1100RHC3A, FDB2000RFB0, FDB510CFS2, FDB1250REC1, 58714153400, 58715242701, 58715109800, FDB1050RES5, 58716249702, FDB435RFS5, FDB700BFS0, 58715254401, CDB900NB5A, FDB421RFR4, 58714852200, CDB900NB0A, CDB500NB1A, FDB510LCS3, FFBD2404NB7C, FDP641RAS0, FDB949GFS0, FDB345LFR1, FDB836GFS3, FFCD2418UW2A, FDB2320REC0, 58715238900, CDB500CGS1, FDB1502RGB4, FDB710LCS0, CDB500CGC3, FDB836GFT1, FDB737GFS0, FDB635RBQ0, FDB520RHB3B, FDB636GFS1, CDB500CGC2, 58714022200A, FDB1250REB2, FDB510CFB0, FDB1100RHB0, FFBD2404NS8C, 58715363101C, FFBD2404NB9C, FDBL960BS0, 58716259400, 58716242702, FDB856RJB1, FDB954SDC0, FDB700BFQ1, FDB1500LFB1, FFCD2418UB2A, FDB658RAC1, CDB350NB7B, FFCD2418UB0A, FFCD2418UW0A, FDB510LCS2, FDB1502RGQ0, 58716254402, 58714309201, 58714859200, FDB421RFR7, 58715152400, FFBD2403LS1C, 58714023200A, FDBL955BB1, FDB1051REQ2, FDB989RCS0, FDB657RJC0, 58716164401, FDB1502RGC4, FFCD2413US4A, CDB500CGS2, FDB345LBS0, FDB1050REB3, FDB737GFS1, FDBB840DC0, FDB751SCS0, FDB750RCQ1, CDB500NS4A, CDB500CGB3, 58715252401, 58716193401, FDBC45BAB1, 58716159400, FDB520RHS0, CDB400KW0A, 58714184404, 58715238901A, CDB500NW3A, FDB710LCC0, FDB510CGC0, FDBB944CQ1, FFBD2405KS0A, 58714202200, FDB939GFT2, 58715379100B, FDB857RJB1, FDB520RHB2, FDB1500LFQ4, BBBD2432KW0, 58714132102, 58716192402, FFBD2405KB1A, FFBD2404NB0A, FDB836GFB2, CDB500NB2A, CDBEH600SW0A, CDB400KW1B, FDB750RCS1, 58715253402, FDB836GFB3, 58715233900A, FDB1100RHQ2, FDB736GFS1, FDB949GFB2, FDB1200RGC2, 58716234900A, FDB736GFR1, CDBEH600SB0A, 58715073201, DGBD2432KB0, 58716073200, CDB350NW10B, 58716152401, FDB737GFR2, FDB989GFC2, FDB679GFC1, FDB635RFS3, FDB834RFR0, 58716194402, 58714183401, 58716182402, FDB836GFB6, FFCD2413UW4A, FDB737GFR3, FDB2000RFQ0, FDP635RFR0, 58716254400, FFBD2404NW3A, 58716249700, 58716104800, FDB1051REB1, CDB500NW0A, 58715102801, FDB641RJB1, 58716072200, FDP635RFR3, FDB1200RGQ0, 58715234900A, FDBC56BAS0, FDB345LFR0, 58716162401, FDB1100RHC2, 58716248700, FDP641RAS1, FDB750RCB1, 58715104801, 58715104800, FFCD2413US2A, FDB836GFB4, FDB954SDB0, FDB1200RGB1, CDB500NB0A, 58714153401, CDB600KS0A, CDBEH950SS1A, FDB751SCC1, FDBB2040FC0, FDP635RBS1, FDB1250REQ3, FDB1051REQ1, FDB435RFR4, FDB1050REM3, FDB1980RGS0, FDB750RCC0, FDB510LCS5, FDB1250RES2, FFBD2403LW1C, FDB835RFT0, FDB1100RHQ0, FDB345LFR2, CDB350NW8B, FDB635RFR2, FDB435RFS0, FDB1051RES2, FDB1250REC4, FDB710LCQ1, FFCD2418UB1A, FDB989RCC0, 58714112402, FDB750RCC1, FDB736GFR0, CDB350NW9B, FDB1250REC0, 58715188401, FDB635RFS4, FFBD2404NB4A, FDB956RBS0, FDB636GFR4, FDBC56BAB1, 58716193400, FDB2310LCC0, FFBD2404NW9C, 58715079200, FDB1450CHB4A, FDB1050REQ2, FDB1050REB2, 58715074200, CDB350NW7B, FDB736GFS0, FDB1504RGC0, FDB1250RES4, FDB979GFW1, CDB500CGS3, FFBD2405KS1B, FDB1450CHB1, 58716252400, FDB1450CHC2, FFBD2404NS7C, FDB635RFS0, and more.


The Frigidaire Dishwasher Lower Wash Arm 5304517203 has several functions including:

  1. Spraying water: The lower wash arm sprays water onto the dishes, helping to remove food debris and other dirt.
  2. Distributing water evenly: The wash arm is designed to distribute water evenly throughout the dishwasher, ensuring that all the dishes are cleaned thoroughly.
  3. Rotating: The wash arm rotates during the wash cycle, allowing it to reach all areas of the dishwasher and providing complete coverage.
  4. Redirecting water: The wash arm directs water to the dishwasher’s detergent dispenser, helping to ensure that the detergent is properly distributed and dissolved.
  5. Improving cleaning performance: The wash arm plays a key role in the cleaning performance of the dishwasher, helping to remove stubborn stains and food residue from dishes.

Overall, the Frigidaire Dishwasher Lower Wash Arm 5304517203 is an essential component of the dishwasher and is responsible for ensuring that dishes are thoroughly cleaned during each wash cycle.

Common Symptoms

The Frigidaire Dishwasher Lower Wash Arm, part number 5304517203, is an essential component that helps to clean dishes on the lower rack of the dishwasher. If this part is damaged or malfunctioning, it can lead to a variety of symptoms, including:

  1. Poor cleaning performance: If the lower wash arm is not spinning properly, it can result in dishes not being cleaned effectively.
  2. Noisy operation: A damaged or malfunctioning lower wash arm can cause the dishwasher to make loud or unusual noises during operation.
  3. Leaking: If the lower wash arm is cracked or damaged, it can cause water to leak from the dishwasher during operation.
  4. Broken spray nozzles: The lower wash arm contains spray nozzles that can become clogged or broken, resulting in poor cleaning performance.
  5. Reduced water pressure: A damaged lower wash arm can reduce the water pressure in the dishwasher, resulting in poor cleaning performance.
  6. Loose or wobbly wash arm: If the lower wash arm is loose or wobbly, it may not spin properly, resulting in poor cleaning performance.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be time to replace the Frigidaire Dishwasher Lower Wash Arm with a new one.

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Overall, RepairClinic is a reliable and convenient option for purchasing appliance parts, including the Frigidaire Dishwasher Lower Wash Arm.

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