8572976 8572976A Roper Washing Machine Timer

Looking for the 8572976 and 8572976A Roper Washing Machine Timer? Find the perfect replacement to regain control of your washing machine’s cycles and ensure efficient performance. Shop now and get your washing machine back on track!

8572976 8572976A Whirlpool Roper Washing Machine Timer

8572976 8572976A Roper Washing Machine Timer

The 8572976 and 8572976A Roper Washing Machine Timer is a vital component that controls and manages the different cycles of your washing machine.

With its functions including cycle control, time regulation, and start/stop functionality, this timer ensures efficient and effective operation of your Roper washing machine.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your washing machine’s timer, replace it with the 8572976 or 8572976A timer to restore optimal performance and keep your laundry routines running smoothly.


  • Part Number: WP8572976
  • Replacement Parts: 1180777, EAP988634, AP3855066, 8572976, PS988634
  • Part Types: Clothes Washer Timer
  • Compatible Brands: Admiral, Amana, Kenmore, Roper, Whirlpool, Estate, Magic-Chef
  • Fits Appliance Models: Please see the list below.
  • Price: Check price on eBay.

Fits Appliance Models

This part fits the following washing machine models:

1CWTW5590VQ0, 11028422700, ITW4300SQ2, NTW4500VQ0, RTW4300TQ0, IT42000, 11026422503, NTW5400TQ0, 11026432501, WTW5590SQ2, WTW5590ST2, RTW4440VQ0, ATW4475TQ0, RTW4200SQ0, ETW4400VQ2, 1CWTW5100VQ0, IS42000, 11026442502, RTW4305SQ0, ETW4300TQ0, ETW4400VQ0, 11028432700, 11026422502, WTW5590ST0, 11026432500, RTW4305VQ0, RTW4300SQ0, 1CWTW5590ST0, ITW4300SQ0, WTW5520SQ0, ETW4300SQ0, NTW5400TQ1, ETW4400VQ1, 11026432502, 11026432503, RTW4340SQ0, 11026442501, 1CWTW5590SQ0, 11026422500, NTW5400TQ2, WTW5590SQ0, HTW4300TQ0, IT41000, WTW5100VQ2, ATW4300TQ0, 11026422501, ITW4300TQ0, WTW5100VQ0, 11026442503, ETW4300SQ1, WTW5590VQ0, and more.


The functions of the 8572976 and 8572976A Roper Washing Machine Timer include:

  1. Cycle control: The timer manages and controls the various cycles of the washing machine, such as wash, rinse, and spin cycles.
  2. Time regulation: It determines the duration of each cycle, ensuring proper and efficient washing and rinsing.
  3. Start and stop control: The timer allows the user to initiate and stop the washing machine as needed.
  4. Cycle advancement: It ensures the smooth progression of the washing machine through different stages of the selected cycle.
  5. Program selection: The timer enables the user to choose different wash programs and customize the washing process based on their preferences.
  6. Delay start: Some timers may have the functionality to delay the start of a wash cycle, allowing users to schedule the washing process at a convenient time.
  7. Load size detection: Certain timers can detect the size of the laundry load and adjust the cycle duration accordingly for optimal washing performance.
  8. Drain and spin control: The timer manages the drain and spin functions, ensuring proper drainage of water and efficient spinning to remove excess moisture from the clothes.
  9. Pause and resume: In some models, the timer allows the user to pause the cycle temporarily and resume it later, accommodating interruptions or additional laundry items.
  10. Feedback and display: The timer may provide feedback to the user through a display panel, indicating the selected cycle, time remaining, and other relevant information.

NOTE: .. The specific functions may vary depending on the model and features of the Roper washing machine.

Common Symptoms

  • Timer not advancing or getting stuck at a particular point in the cycle.
  • Inability to start or stop the washing machine.
  • Irregular or inconsistent cycle durations.

How to Replace

  1. Ensure the washing machine is unplugged and locate the timer assembly, typically found on the control panel or behind it.
  2. Take note of the wire connections or capture a photograph to ensure proper reinstallation.
  3. Disconnect the wires from the old timer, utilizing pliers or a screwdriver based on the connector type.
  4. Remove any mounting screws securing the timer to the control panel or housing.
  5. Carefully extract the old timer from its position.
  6. Insert the new 8572976 or 8572976A Roper Washing Machine Timer, ensuring proper alignment.
  7. Secure the timer in place using the mounting screws.
  8. Reconnect the wires to their respective terminals, following the previously taken notes or photographs.
  9. Plug in the washing machine and verify the timer’s functionality by running a cycle.

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8572976 8572976A Roper Washing Machine Timer

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