5304503163 Frigidaire Refrigerator Control Board

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5304503163 Frigidaire Refrigerator Control Board

5304503163 Frigidaire Refrigerator Control Board

The 5304503163 Frigidaire Refrigerator Control Board is a crucial component that regulates various functions of your refrigerator.

It ensures accurate temperature control, manages defrost cycles, controls the compressor and fans, and provides a user-friendly interface for setting preferences.

Replace your faulty control board with this genuine Frigidaire part to restore optimal performance and maintain the efficiency of your refrigerator.


  • Part Number: 5304503163
  • Replacement Parts: 4378532, AP5987009, PS11728340, EAP11728340
  • Part Types: Refrigerator Electronic Control Board
  • Compatible Brands: Frigidaire, Kenmore, White-Westinghouse
  • Fits Appliance Models: Please see the list below.
  • Price: Check price on eBay.

Fits Appliance Types:

  • Kenmore Top-Mount Refrigerator
  • Frigidaire Top-Mount Refrigerator
  • White-Westinghouse Top-Mount Refrigerator

Fits Appliance Models

This part fits the following refrigerator models:

25360313413, FFHT1621TB1, FFHT1514TB3, 25360313415, FFHT1621TW1, 25360382413, FFHT1514TB1, FFHT1614QW5, 25360389416, FFHT1621QB5, FFHT1621QW3, FFHT1514TS4, 25370409415, FFHT1514QB5, FFHT1621QS3, 25360319415, FFHT1621QB1, 25360022415, 25360382416, 25360383413, 25360404414, FFTR1621QW4, FFTR1614QW7, 25360409414, FFHT1514TS2, 25360404415, FFHT1621QW1, FFHT1514TW1, 25360312416, 25360383414, FFHT1621QB2, 25370404415, 25360022414, 25360389415, FFHT1621QW5, FFHT1514TS1, 25360319414, FFHT1521QW4, FFHT1614QW7, FFHT1621QS6, FFHT1514QB4, FFHT1621TS1, FFHT1621TS0, FFHT1621QB3, FFHT1514TW3, FFHT1521QW2, FFHT1514TS3, FFHT1514QW5, 25370402414, FFHT1514TB4, 25360383415, 25360389414, FFHT1621QW2, 25360382414, FFHT1621QB4, FFHT1514QW4, FFHT1621QB6, 25360383416, 25370409414, 25370402415, 25360319416, 25360313416, 25360319413, 25360389413, 25360312414, FFHT1621QS4, 25360312413, FFHT1621TW0, FFHT1621QW4, FFTR1614QW6, FFHT1514QS4, FFHT1621QS5, 25360382415, FFTR1621QB4, FFHT1514TW4, FFHT1621TB0, 25360313414, FFHT1514TW2, 25360402414, FFHT1514QS5, 25360312415, FFHT1621TS1, FFHT1621TB1, FFHT1621QS2, 25360409415, FFHT1621QS1, 25370404414, FFHT1521QW1, 25360402415, FFHT1621QW6, and more.


The functions of the 5304503163 Frigidaire Refrigerator Control Board include:

  1. Temperature regulation: The control board monitors and adjusts the temperature inside the refrigerator to maintain the desired cooling level.
  2. Defrost control: It manages the defrost cycles of the refrigerator, ensuring that ice buildup is properly melted and drained.
  3. Compressor control: The control board regulates the operation of the compressor, which is responsible for cooling the refrigerator.
  4. Fan control: It manages the operation of the fans inside the refrigerator, circulating air to maintain even cooling throughout.
  5. User interface control: The control board operates the control panel and display, allowing users to set temperature settings, activate specific functions, and view information.
  6. Diagnostic capabilities: The control board may have built-in diagnostics that can detect and display error codes, helping with troubleshooting and identifying potential issues.
  7. Power management: It controls the power supply to various components of the refrigerator, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.
  8. Communication with other components: The control board may communicate with other sensors, switches, and modules in the refrigerator system to coordinate their functions and ensure proper operation.
  9. Energy efficiency features: Some control boards incorporate energy-saving features, such as adaptive defrost algorithms or temperature optimization, to reduce power consumption.
  10. System protection: The control board may have built-in safeguards to protect the refrigerator against electrical surges, short circuits, or other potential damage.

Please note that the specific functions may vary depending on the model and features of the Frigidaire refrigerator.

Common Symptoms:

  • Inconsistent temperature inside the refrigerator.
  • Unresponsive control panel or display.
  • Failure to start or stop cooling.
  • Error codes or flashing lights.

How to Replace:

  1. Ensure the refrigerator is unplugged and locate the control board, usually found behind the control panel or at the back of the fridge.
  2. Disconnect any wires or connectors attached to the control board.
  3. Remove any screws or clips securing the control board in place.
  4. Take out the old control board carefully.
  5. Position the new 5304503163 control board in the correct orientation.
  6. Secure the board using screws or clips.
  7. Reconnect the wires and connectors, ensuring they are properly attached.
  8. Plug in the refrigerator and test the functionality of the new control board.

Note: .. It is recommended to consult the appliance manual or seek professional assistance for specific instructions based on your Frigidaire refrigerator model.

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5304503163 Frigidaire Refrigerator Control Board

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