WB2X9998 GE Range Oven Igniter

WB2X9998 GE Range Oven Igniter

WB2X9998 GE Range Oven Igniter

The WB2X9998 GE Range Oven Igniter functions as a vital component to ignite the oven burner, ensuring efficient and reliable heating for your GE range.

Item Specifics:

  • Model: DS021KX
  • Condition: New: A brand-new, unused, unopened.
  • Manufacturer: Surface Ignitor Corp
  • Compatible Brand: For GE, and more.
  • Type: Range Oven Ignitor
  • Compatible Model: 875554, AP2634719, WB02X4528, and more.
  • Price: Check the price below.

Replacement Parts

WB02X4600, WB2X9998, WB02X8212, WB2X4600, WB2X9998-16PK, WB02X4528, WB2X8212, WB2X4528, 875554, AP2634719, PS243820, WB02X9998, EAP243820

Compatible Brands

GE, General Electric, Hotpoint, Kenmore

Compatible Oven Models

11211(1988), 36275291790, 36275295790, 36275296790, 36275298790, JGBS16EH2, JGBS16EH3, JGBS16GEH2, JGBS16GEH3, JGBC16GEH2, JGBC16GEH3, JGBC17GEH2, JGBC17GEH3, JGCC58EH3, JGCC58EH4, JGCC58EH5, JGCS54EH2, JGCS54EH3, JGHC56GEH1, JGHC56GEH2, JGHC56GEH3, JGHP57GEJF, JGHP57GEJG, RGJ515GEH1, RGJ515GEH2, RGJ616GEH1, RGJ616GEH2, RGB506EYAD, RGB506EYWH, RGC657EH3, RGC657EH4, RGC657EH5, and more.

Key Functions of WB2X9998 GE Range Oven Igniter

  1. Generates heat to ignite the gas in the oven.
  2. Ensures consistent temperature for cooking.
  3. Activates when the oven is turned on.
  4. Essential for proper functioning of the oven.
  5. Compatible with GE range ovens.

Common Problems of WB2X9998 GE Range Oven Igniters

  1. Igniter fails to glow.
  2. Oven doesn’t heat up.
  3. Uneven cooking due to inconsistent ignition.
  4. Igniter glows but gas doesn’t ignite.
  5. Frequent clicking sound during ignition process.
  6. Igniter breaks or cracks over time.
  7. Gas smell without ignition.
  8. Delayed ignition causing longer preheat times.
  9. Igniter doesn’t turn off after oven reaches temperature.
  10. Igniter sparking continuously even when not in use.

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WB2X9998 GE Range Oven Igniter

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