316489402 5304509706 Frigidaire Range Oven Igniter

316489402 5304509706 Frigidaire Range Oven Igniter

The Frigidaire Range Oven Igniter (316489402) is a reliable component designed to ensure efficient and consistent ignition in your oven. With its compatibility and durable construction, it provides peace of mind and dependable performance for your cooking needs.

316489402 5304509706 Frigidaire Range Oven Igniter

  • Part Number: 5304509706
  • Replacement Parts: EAP12071409, AP6230715, 4545981, 316489402, PS12071409, 316119301, 316489408
  • Compatible Brands: Kenmore, Tappan, Crosley, Gibson, Frigidaire, White-Westinghouse
  • Part Type: Oven Ignition Element, Stove Igniter Assembly, Cooker Spark Module, Range Ignition Coil, Oven Pilot Light Starter

Compatible Range Oven Models

This part 5304509706 fits the following range oven models. Please use Ctrl+F to quickly locate your model number in the list below.

CRG3150PWC, CFGF337ESE, FFGF3017LWG, 79071218703, FFGF3015LMF, FFGF3011LWB, WWGF3000LWA, 79070301702, CRG3160GBBD, 79070114703, FGF328GBE, 79070119707, FGF303CWF, FGF375CHSB, FGFB33WHSA, 79071201702, FGF316DSH, 79073234314, FFGF3011LBH, FFGF3017LSD, 79070504010, FFGF3005MQC, FFGF3005MWA, CRG3150LBB, CRG3150LBD, CRG3140GWWC, TGF336BHWD, FFGF3015LBC, FGF348KSD, FFGF3017LBH, FFGF3049LSK, 79070502013, FGFS36FWC, FFGF3012TWC, 79060721901, TGF336BHDD, FGF337GCA, 79071319704, 79070112705, 79071208703, 79070271404, FFGF3005MWC, FFLF3047LSA, FGF348KCC, CRG3150LQC, FFGF3019LWB, 79070271406, MGF303PGDJ, FGF316DSJ, FFGF3011LBG, FFGF3015LWE, FFGF3015LWA, FGF337BCH, FGF319KBA, 79073033312, CRG3120LWA, 79071152702, WWGF3000LWB, 79073439310, FGF328GMB, CRG3140GWBG, 79071211702, 79070504012, FGF303LWB, CRG3150LWD, 79070602013, 79071322702, FFGF3017LSG, 79070402011, FFGF3011LBC, 79071201704, FGF318ECD, 79073033315, 79071164700, 79073039311, FGF318ECC, FFGF3015LBA, FLF337EWE, FFGF3047LSE, 79071218701, 79070301700, FFGF3017LSB, 79070502010, FFLF3047LSC, FGF337GWD, CRG3150PSA, 79071313700, FFGF3049LSC, 79071312707, FGF348KSK, 79071153700, 79071313703, and more.

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Common Problems with 316489402 / 5304509706 Frigidaire Range Oven Igniter

  1. Failure to Ignite: One of the most common issues is when the igniter fails to spark or glow, preventing the oven from igniting properly.
  2. Inconsistent Ignition: Sometimes, the igniter may work intermittently, leading to inconsistent heating or ignition of the oven burner.
  3. Weak Ignition Spark: A weak or faint ignition spark can result in prolonged preheating times or difficulty in reaching the desired temperature.
  4. Broken or Damaged Igniter: Physical damage or wear over time can cause the igniter to malfunction, leading to ignition problems.
  5. Gas Smell Without Ignition: If you detect a gas smell but the oven does not ignite, it could indicate a faulty igniter, potentially posing a safety hazard.

316489402 5304509706 Frigidaire Range Oven Igniter

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