WB2X9154 Gas Range Oven Igniter for GE

WB2X9154 Gas Range Oven Igniter for GE

WB2X9154 Gas Range Oven Igniter

Item Specifics:

  • Model Number: WB2X9154
  • Set Includes: Igniter
  • Power: Gas
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Manufacturer Color: Silver
  • Item Type: Igniter
  • Compatible Brand: RCA, For GE, For Hotpoint, For Whirlpool, Forge, Hotpoint
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • MPN (Manufacturer Part Number): SGR403, REPLACESWB2X9154, WB2X9154
  • Suitable For: Oven
  • Brand: SUPCO
  • Features: Baking Oven, Automatic Ignition
  • Price: Check the price below.

Replacement Parts

300259, 319887, 327617, 330689, 337263, 4336387, 4338008, WB00X6640, WB02X9154, WB13K0001, WB13K0003, WB13K0004, WB13K04, WB13K1, WB13K10027, WB13K3, WB13K4, WB2X9154-12PK, 1990, AP2014008, PS243425, AH243425, EAP243425

Compatible Models

The WB2X9154 Gas Range Oven Igniter can be used with the following range oven models:

JGBP30BEA5WH, RGB740BEH5WH, EGR3000ED1WW, JGBP35BEW1BB, JGBP33WEL4WW, 5648661111, JGBP33SEM2SS, JGBP32SEM1SS, JGBP25BEC2WH, 3627352191, 3627326893, 9117858310, JGBP79BEB3BB, JGBP33GEL3, JGBP79BEW1BB, 1037907910, 9113678896, 3627345890, 1872W0A, 3627271190, JGBP30AEA4AA, JGBP33WEH4WW, RGB790BEK2BB, RGB790SEH8SA, 9113042591, 3627535190, JGBP27BEW1AD, JGBP34BEL4BB, JGBP28BEA3AD, 91133464400, 9117318811, H88581, 36275578691, 3627361191, 3626121892, 9116167812, JGBP26WEH1WW, JGBP28SEL2SS, JGBP28DEL1WH, RGB740BEH6CT, 3627585590, 9117398812, JGBP26WEA2WW, JGBP28BEK2CT, JGBP32CEL3CC, 3627172190, 9117898710, 9117388710, EGR3000ED1BB, JGBP32BEL3BB, 9113658691, JGBP34GEV2AD, 3627271592, 3626111898, SS385PEBH0, JGBP24GEN1, JGBP85AEB2AA, JGBP85WEB1WW, JGBP30BEA2AD, 9117340190, JGBP30SEK5SS, JGBP29SEK1SS, 3637351591, RGB745BEHCCT, JGBP33BEL4BB, 3626111192, HJV24CERAN, JGBC18EV2WW, 3627175193, JGBP28DED2CT, JGBP28TEJ2WW, JGBP25SEN4SS, 3627275591, JGBP30DEA2AD, JGBP28WEA3WW, 3627556190, 18353A, JGBP33CEL1CC, JGBP28BEL2CT, 3626111893, RGB790DEP1WW, RGB745BEHBWH, JGBP33BEL1BB, JGBP80MEV4BC, and more.

Functions of WB2X9154 Gas Range Oven Igniter

  1. Ignites gas for oven heating.
  2. Generates heat to ignite the gas burner.
  3. Initiates the heating process in the oven.
  4. Helps maintain consistent oven temperature.
  5. Ensures efficient gas combustion.
  6. Activates the safety valve to release gas.
  7. Facilitates even cooking throughout the oven.
  8. Enables precise temperature control.

Common Problems of WB2X9154 Gas Range Oven Igniter

  1. Failure to ignite: Igniter doesn’t glow or light the gas.
  2. Weak glow: Igniter glows but not brightly enough to ignite the gas.
  3. Delayed ignition: Igniter takes longer than usual to ignite the gas.
  4. Inconsistent heating: Oven temperature fluctuates during cooking.
  5. Noisy operation: Igniter emits unusual sounds during operation.
  6. Short lifespan: Igniter burns out frequently, requiring replacement.
  7. Gas smell: Gas odor without ignition due to faulty igniter operation.

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WB2X9154 Gas Range Oven Igniter for GE

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