4342528 Whirlpool Round Style Oven Ignitor

4342528 Whirlpool Round Style Oven Ignitor

The 4342528 Whirlpool Round Style Oven Ignitor is a reliable replacement part designed to ensure efficient ignition for your oven. Compatible with various Whirlpool models, it helps restore optimal performance by providing consistent and dependable ignition.

4342528 Whirlpool Round Style Oven Ignitor

  • Part Number: 4342528
  • Replacement Parts: 300259, 4332948, EAP360921, 337389, 4322910, 4338037, K16866, 337263, 3196447, 4342528VP, 8053999, 337390, 4389493, 327617, GR403, PS360921, 3422, AP3104565, 321342, 4157446, F16-569, 4338008
  • Compatible Brands: Estate, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Roper
  • Part Type: Range Oven Parts, Round Style Oven Igniter, Circular Oven Ignitor, Round Ignition Element, Round Oven Spark Igniter, Whirlpool Round Ignition Unit

Compatible Range/Oven Models

This part 4342528 can be used for the following range/oven model numbers. Use Ctrl+F to find the number listed below. If you do not see your number in the list, please leave your message below. We will check and let you know soon.


Functions of Range Oven Ignitors:

  1. Ignite the oven burner to initiate the heating process.
  2. Maintain consistent ignition to ensure the oven reaches and sustains the desired temperature.
  3. Safely control the gas flow by igniting it promptly, preventing gas buildup.
  4. Enhance cooking efficiency by ensuring a quick and reliable start-up.
  5. Operate in conjunction with the oven’s control system to manage heat levels.

Common Problems with Range Oven Ignitors:

  1. Failure to ignite the burner, resulting in the oven not heating.
  2. Ignitor glows but does not ignite the gas.
  3. Delayed ignition, causing uneven cooking temperatures.
  4. Ignitor burns out or becomes brittle, leading to complete failure.
  5. Electrical issues, such as poor connections or faulty wiring, hindering ignitor performance.

How to Fix an Oven Igniter 4342528

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4342528 Whirlpool Round Style Oven Ignitor

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