Whirlpool Dishwasher Dishrack Roller WPW10195417

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Whirlpool Dishwasher Lower Dishrack Roller WPW10195417

Whirlpool Dishwasher Dishrack Roller WPW10195417

The Whirlpool Dishwasher Dishrack Roller WPW10195417 is a replacement part for select Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Kenmore dishwashers.

This part is made of durable plastic and metal materials and is designed to attach to the dishrack to allow for smooth rolling in and out of the dishwasher.


  • Part Number: WPW10195417
  • Replacement Parts: 1872128, EAP11750057, AP6016764, PS11750057, W10195417, WPW10195417VP
  • Part Types: Dishwasher Dishrack Roller, Dishwasher Lower Dishrack Wheel Assembly
  • Compatible Brands: Whirlpool, Kenmore, KitchenAid
  • Fits Appliance Models: Please see the list below.
  • Price: Check updated price below.

Fits Appliance Models

This part fits the following dishwasher models. Use Ctrl+F to find your model number listed below.

66513939K015, KDFE104DSS0, 66513942K015, 66513969K017, 66512763K314, 66513969K015, KDFE104DBL1, 66512783K312, 66513969K012, 66512772K313, KDTE104EWH3, 66514719N710, 66513973K014, KDTE204ESS2, 66513962K011, 66512779K313, 66512782K312, 66512773K314, 66512789K313, 66513969K013, 66514815N612, KDTM354ESS1, 66513922K014, 66513942K014, 66513972K013, 66513944K012, 66513933K017, 66514743N511, 66513922K012, 66514799N512, 66514062K012, 66512769K312, IUD8555DX0, 66512833K314, 66513932K017, KDFE204ESS0, 66513923K017, KDTE104EWH1, 66514749N511, 66513922K015, 66512762K311, 66513922K017, KDTE204EWH2, 66514759N511, 66514813N612, 2214792N512, KDFE304DWH0, 66514703N511, 66514754N510, 66512783K313, 66513942K012, KDTM384ESS0, 66513933K013, 66513923K013, JDB9000CWS2, 66514754N511, JDB9000CWB2, KDFE204ESS2, KDTE204ESS0, 66512772K310, 66513973K010, KDFE104DWH4, 66512779K310, KDTE204DWH0, 66513943K013, 66514793N512, 66513932K012, 66514749N512, 2214793N512, JDB9000CWP2, KDFE104DSS3, 66513964K013, KDFE304DBL0, KDTE104DWH1, 66513944K014, 66513949K010, 66513949K014, 66513973K012, 66513972K012, 66513922K010, 66512773K313, 66514752N511, 66512803K310, 66513929K010, KDTE204EWH1, 66513972K015, 66514754N512, KDTE304DSS1, 66513966K012, KDTE104EBL0, 66514819N611, 66514742N512, 66513929K014, 66514813N610, 66512793K311, IUD8010DS2, 66514043K015, KDFE104DBL0, 66513969K014, KDTE204EPA0, KDTE204EWH3, 66512774K310, 66513933K012, 66514043K014, 66512833K311, 66514743N513, KDTE204EPA3, KDTM354DSS3, 66514819N612, 66512773K311, 66512783K311, 66514763N510, KDTE104EBL1, 66513922K011, 66512772K312, 66514743N512, 66513942K010, 66512776K310, KDFE104DSS1, 66513966K010, 66513943K010, KDTE104ESS1, KDTE334DBL0, 66514742N513, 66514069K012, 2214743N513, 66513963K011, 66514703N510, KDFE204ESS3, 66513962K012, KDTE204DBL1, KDTE304DBL0, 66512803K312, 66513944K017, 66514059K012, 66513973K015, 66512763K310, 66512774K314, 66514052K010, KDTM384EBS0, 66514759N510, 66513933K015, 66513939K012, KDTE204EPA2, 66512776K314, 66512779K311, 66513933K011, 66513929K015, 66512813K310, 66513929K017, KDTE204ESS3, 66514063K012, 66513969K011, KDTE204DSS1, KDTM354EBS1, KDTM354DSS5, 66513979K010, KDTE204EBL3, 66512764K310, 66512782K310, KDTM354DSS0, KDTE304DPA2, KDTE104EBS2, 66514813N611, 66512782K313, KDFE104DWH2, 66514043K010, KDFE104DWH1, 66514749N510, KDTE104EBL3, 66512762K310, 66512774K313, 66513964K010, 66512813K312, 66513962K014, 66512789K312, KDTE104ESS3, 66512773K312, 66513932K014, 66513923K014, JDB9000CWS3, IUD8555DX3, 66513939K013, KDTE204DSS0, 66514799N510, 66513943K011, KDFE204EBL3, KDTM354ESS2, KDTE304DSS0, IUD7555DS3, 66513939K010, 66514743N510, KDTE104ESS2, 66512789K310, 66513942K013, 66512776K312, 66513963K017, 66514053K010, 66512769K310, 66512803K311, KDTE104DSS1, 66514742N511, 66513932K013, KDTE204DSS0, IUD7555DS2, KDFE204EBL0, 66513949K015, 66512793K310, 66513963K013, KDFE204EWH2, 66513963K010, KDTM384EBS2, 66512769K311, 66513972K105, KDFE304DBL1, KDTM384EBS3, KDTE104ESS0, KDTM354ESS0, KDFE104DBL4, 66513972K010, 66513932K010, 66513939K011, 66513949K012, KDFE104DBL2, 66513939K017, 66512772K311, 66513962K017, KDTE104EBS3, 66512813K311, 66513962K010, 66512772K314, 66514792N511, 66513979K014, 66514053K012, 66513979K017, 66512783K310, 66513962K015, 2214815N612, 66514812N610, 66513949K011, IUD8555DX1, 66513929K012, 66514752N512, KDTE204EBL2, 66512763K311, 66512769K313, 66512789K311, JDB9000CWP1, 66514762N510, KDTM384EBS1, 66513949K013, 66513944K015, 66514712N710, KDTM384ESS1, 66513973K017, 66513966K017, 66512793K314, 66513944K011, 66513923K011, 66512779K312, KDFE204EWH1, 66512833K310, 66513933K010, 66514753N510, KDTE104DBL0, 66512833K313, KDTE334DWH0, 66514769N510, KDTE104DBL1, IUD8555DX2, KDTE304DPA0, 66513962K013, 66513964K015, KDFE104DSS2, KDTE104EBL2, 66513966K013, 66513932K011, 66513979K013, 66513979K015, KDFE104DSS4, KDFE204EWH3, KDTE104EWH2, JDB9000CWP3, KDFE304DSS0, 66512774K312, 66514753N512, 66513969K010, KDTE104EWH0, 66513964K011, IUD8010DS3, 66513939K014, 66514792N512, 66514742N510, KDFE204EBL1, KDFE204EWH0, 66512762K312, KDFE304DSS1, KDTE204DWH1, 66514793N510, 66513923K012, 66514749N513, KDTE204EWH0, KDTM384ESS2, 66513943K017, 66513979K012, 66514792N510, 66513963K014, 66512774K311, 66514799N511, 66514815N611, 66513964K014, 66512776K315, 66513922K013, 66514069K010, 2214715N710, KDTE204EBL0, 66512776K311, 66514759N512, KDFE304DWH1, 66513944K010, 66513964K012, 66513943K012, KDFE104DBL3, KDTE204DBL0, KDTE334DSS0, 66514812N612, 66514703N512, 66514819N610, KDTM354DSS4, 66514799N513, KDTE104DWH0, JDB9000CWS1, 66513973K013, 66514063K010, 66512833K312, KDFE104DWH0, IDT830SAGS0, 66513963K015, KDFE204EBL2, KDTE204ESS1, KDTE334DSS1, 66512763K312, 66512793K312, KDFE304DBL2, 66513923K015, 66513972K017, 66513964K017, 66514715N710, KDTE104EBS1, 66513929K013, KDTE204EBL1, 66514833N510, 66514823N511, 66512773K310, 66513966K014, 66514052K012, 66513972K014, 66514815N610, 66514059K010, KDTM384ESS3, 66512779K314, KDTM354EBS2, 66512813K313, KDTE104DSS0, JDB9000CWB3, 66513949K017, 66513942K011, 66513963K012, IUD7555DS1, KDTE304DWH0, 66513943K014, 66514753N511, 66514833N511, 66513929K011, 66513932K015, JDB9000CWB1, 66513933K014, 66514752N510, 66512782K311, 66514793N511, 66514713N710, IUD8010DS1, 66514812N611, 66514062K010, 66513943K015, 66513944K013, IUD8555DX4, KDTM354DSS1, 66513942K017, KDFE204ESS1, KDFE104DWH3, 66513923K010, and more.


Here are some functions of the Whirlpool Dishwasher Dishrack Roller WPW10195417:

  1. Supports the dishwasher dishrack: The roller helps to support the dishrack and allows it to slide in and out of the dishwasher smoothly.
  2. Protects dishes from damage: The roller’s smooth surface prevents dishes from being scratched or damaged during the wash cycle.
  3. Facilitates loading and unloading of dishes: The roller’s smooth operation makes it easy to load and unload dishes from the dishwasher.
  4. Improves dishwasher efficiency: The roller ensures that the dishrack slides smoothly in and out of the dishwasher, which helps to improve the dishwasher’s overall efficiency.
  5. Helps maintain the dishwasher’s cleanliness: The roller’s smooth surface is easy to clean, which helps to maintain the dishwasher’s cleanliness over time.
  6. Provides stability: The roller helps to keep dishes stable during the wash cycle, preventing them from moving around and potentially breaking.
  7. Durable and long-lasting: The Whirlpool Dishwasher Dishrack Roller WPW10195417 is made of high-quality materials, ensuring that it lasts a long time and can withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

Common Symptoms

  • Difficulty rolling the dishrack in and out of the dishwasher
  • The dishrack is loose or wobbly
  • The dishrack is falling off the tracks
  • The dishrack is making unusual noises while rolling in and out
  • The dishrack is not level and tilting to one side
  • The dishrack is getting stuck in the tracks
  • The dishrack is not sliding smoothly
  • The dishrack is scratching or damaging the interior of the dishwasher
  • The dishrack is not holding dishes properly
  • The dishrack is damaged or broken

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Whirlpool Dishwasher Dishrack Roller WPW10195417
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