Bosch Dishwasher Control Module 00676960

Bosch Dishwasher Control Module 00676960

This is a new GENUINE home appliance replacement part, Bosch Dishwasher Control Module 00676960. If your dishwasher would not start or is not heating water, replacing the electronic main control board could solve the problem.

Bosch Dishwasher Control Module 00676960

  • Product: Main Control Board Assembly
  • Appliance Part: Dishwasher Electronic Replacement Parts
  • Part Number: 00676960
  • Compatible Brands: Bosch
  • Compatible Part Numbers: 662837 444816 676960 1557799 AP4434739 EAP8733803 PS8733803

Fits Bosch Dishwasher Models:

This part fits many Bosch dishwasher models listed below. Use Ctrl+F to find your specific model.

SHE43F02UC/48 SHE43F02UC/50 SHE43F02UC/52 SHE43F02UC/53 SHE43F02UC/56 SHE43F05UC/48 SHE43F05UC/50 SHE43F05UC/52 SHE43F05UC/53 SHE43F05UC/56 SHE43F06UC/48 SHE43F06UC/50 SHE43F06UC/52 SHE43F06UC/53

SHE44C02UC/36 SHE44C02UC/38 SHE44C02UC/40 SHE44C02UC/43 SHE44C02UC/46 SHE44C02UC/47 SHE44C02UC/48 SHE44C05UC/20 SHE44C05UC/36 SHE44C05UC/38 SHE44C05UC/40 SHE44C05UC/43 SHE44C05UC/46 SHE44C05UC/47 SHE44C05UC/48

SHE44C06UC/17 SHE44C06UC/36 SHE44C06UC/38 SHE44C06UC/40 SHE44C06UC/43 SHE44C06UC/46 SHE44C06UC/47 SHE44C06UC/48 SHE44C07UC/22 SHE44C07UC/36 SHE44C07UC/38 SHE44C07UC/40 SHE44C07UC/43 SHE44C07UC/46 SHE44C07UC/47 SHE44C07UC/48

SHE45C02UC/40 SHE45C02UC/48 SHE45C02UC/50 SHE45C02UC/53 SHE45C02UC/56 SHE45C05UC/40 SHE45C05UC/48 SHE45C05UC/50

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Bosch Dishwasher Control Module 00676960

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