Bosch Refrigerator Control Board 00647583

Bosch Refrigerator Control Board 00647583

This is a new GENUINE replacement part, Bosch Refrigerator Control Board 00647583. It fits Bosch B22CS30, B22CS50, B22CS80, and other specific models.

If your refrigerator would not start, is too hot, or too cool, then replacing the electronic main control board could solve the problem. Check your model, find the correct part, and compare lowest prices here!

Bosch Refrigerator Control Board 00647583

  • Product: Main Control Board Assembly
  • Appliance Part: Refrigerator Replacement Part
  • Part Number: 00647583
  • Compatible Brands: Bosch
  • Compatible Part Numbers: 647583 1561071 AP4397817 EAP8730655 PS8730655

Fits Bosch Refrigerator Models:

The part fits Bosch fridge models listed below. Use Ctrl+F to find your particular model.

B22CS30SNI/01 B22CS30SNI/02 B22CS30SNS/01 B22CS30SNS/02 B22CS50SNB/01 B22CS50SNB/02 B22CS50SNB/03 B22CS50SNB/04 B22CS50SNB/05 B22CS50SNS/01 B22CS50SNS/02 B22CS50SNS/03 B22CS50SNS/04 B22CS50SNW/01 B22CS50SNW/02 B22CS50SNW/03 B22CS50SNW/04 B22CS80SNS/01 B22CS80SNS/02 B22CS80SNS/03 B22CS80SNS/04

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Bosch Refrigerator Control Board 00647583

More Information

As well as the Bosch Refrigerator Control Board 00647583, find other home appliance replacement parts, covering washer parts, dryer parts, ice machine parts, and freezer parts.

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