W10518658 W10898445 Whirlpool Refrigerator Receiver Control Board

Do you own a Whirlpool refrigerator? If so, the W10898445 Whirlpool Refrigerator Receiver Control Board is an essential component that ensures proper temperature regulation and efficient operation of your appliance.

W10518658 W10898445 Whirlpool Refrigerator Electronic Receiver Control Board

W10518658 W10898445 Whirlpool Refrigerator Receiver Control Board

The W10898445 Whirlpool Refrigerator Receiver Control Board is a vital component responsible for regulating temperature, defrost cycles, and overall performance of the refrigerator. Ensure optimal functionality and preserve the freshness of your food with this reliable control board.


  • Part Number: W10898445
  • Replacement Parts: EAP11769410, 4455140, W10882532, W10260821, WPW10518658, W10296530, AP6037913, W10518658, PS11769410, WPW10273549
  • Part Types: Refrigerator Receiver Control Board
  • Compatible Brands: Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag, Kenmore
  • Fits Appliance Models: Please see the list below.
  • Price: Check price on eBay.

Fits Appliance Types:

  • Whirlpool Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator
  • KitchenAid Refrigerator
  • Maytag Refrigerator
  • Kenmore Refrigerator

Fits Appliance Models

This part fits the following refrigerator models. Use Ctrl+F to find your appliance model number listed below.

WRF736SDAB12, KRMF706ESS02, 6WSC20C6XW04, KSC24C8EYP04, WRS586FIEE03, GSS26C5XXB03, 10651713411, WRF989SDAE02, WRX986SIHV03, WSF26C2EXY02, MFT2672AEM11, 10651183113, GI7FVCXWY03, MFT2778EEZ00, GSF26C5EXS03, 7KSC24C8EY00, WRS586FLDM01, WRF757SDHZ00, MFT2776FEZ00, BRS75ARANA00, GSF26C4EXW00, 6WSC20C6XY04, WRF990SLAM02, GSC25C4EYY01, 10651182113, KRMF606ESS00, MFT2976AEB00, KFIS29BBMS02, WRS586FIDH00, WRS537SIAF00, KSC24C8EYB00, WRS586FLDW01, WRS586FIEE00, WRX988SIBH02, GSS30C7EYW02, KSF26C4XYY01, WRF736SDAB14, MFT2776DEM01, GSC25C5EYW00, 10651182112, GSS26C5XXA02, 7WSC21C4XA00, MSB26C6MDE00, MFT2574DEH00, 7WF736SDAM12, MFT2776DEE00, MFT2772HEZ03, GSF26C5EXW02, GSC25C4EYW01, WRF989SDAW01, WRF989SDAH00, 10651712411, 10651133210, GSF26C4EXS00, GSS30C7EYF00, MFT2976AEW03, GSS26C4XXW03, WSF26C3EXF01, MFX2876DRH02, KSC24C8EYP00, WRS526SIAH00, MFX2676FRZ00, MFT2976AEM02, GI7FVCXWA03, WRF757SDHZ01, 59672382411, ISC23CNEXY00, KSC23C8EYY01, GSS26C5XXW03, GSC25C5EYY00, WRF990SLAB00, KRMF706EBS05, KRFF507HPS03, WRF736SDAM11, WRF989SDAW03, MFT2672AEW11, MSC21C6MDM00, KRFF507HBS04, 5WSC20CAYB00, WRS537SIAW00, MFT2776DEH00, WRS965CIAM01, WRF757SDEE01, KSF26C4XYB02, KSC24C8EYW02, GSS30C6EYY03, GSC25C4EYB02, GSS30C6EYY00, GSS30C6EYF02, MFT2673BEB11, KSF26C4XYB00, 10651783410, GSS30C7EYB03, GI7FVCXXB00, 10651159111, WRX988SIBM02, WRX988SIBM03, MFT2574DEE01, KSF26C4XYW02, WRF736SDAB13, 10651149111, WRX988SIBW01, KRMF606ESS00, WRF757SDHZ02, WRS586FIDM00, WRS586FIEM01, 6WSC20C6XB00, MFT2976AEM01, 7GSC22C6XY00, WRF757SDHZ04, KSF26C6XYY00, GSS26C5XXB02, GSS26C5XXA00, 5.96724E+11, GSF26C5EXS00, GSS30C6EYF00, MFT2771WEM1, WRF989SDAF02, MFT2771WEM3, WRF997SDDM02, 6ISC20C6AY00, IX7DDEXDSM00, MFT2772HEZ02, MFT2771WEB0, MFT2976AEW00, WRF757SDHV04, GSC25C6EYW01, KSF26C4XYY03, WRF989SDAB03, 10641169310, WRF989SDAH03, KSF26C4XYB03, KSC23C8EYY00, WRX988SIBH01, MFT2672AEM10, 59672383413, WRF767SDHV00, GSS26C4XXY04, GSC25C5EYY03, WRF736SDAM14, WRV996FDEE01, WRS586FIEH00, GSF26C5EXA00, GI7FVCXWQ00, WRF736SDAW10, MFT2776DEM02, GSC25C4EYW00, KRFF507ESS01, KRFF507ESS00, MFT2672AEW11, MFT2776DEE00, GSS26C5XXY04, MFT2672AEB12, GSS30C7EYF02, KFIS29BBMS00, WRF757SDEH00, GSC25C5EYB01, MFX2876DRH01, KRFF507HPS02, KSF26C6XYY05, WRF736SDAW14, GSF26C5EXY03, KSC23C8EYB00, WRF989SDAM00, 7KSF26C6YY00, WRS950SIAM00, 10651189113, GSS26C5XXA03, GSS26C4XXY03, 6WSC20C6XY00, WRS950SIAE00, 10651162210, KRFF707EBS00, MFT2776DEM00, JSC24C8EAM00, GSC25C6EYY00, 7WF736SDAM10, MFX2876DRM00, GSC25C4EYB00, GSS26C4XXW02, KSC24C8EYW00, KRFF507HPS00, WSF26C2EXW01, WRF736SDAF00, KSC23C8EYW00, MFT2772HEZ00, WRF736SDAM12, WRF736SDAW12, GSF26C4EXS02, 10651179310, WRF757SDEM01, 10651159110, GSF26C5EXY02, GSS30C6EYY01, BRS70HEANA00, KFIS29BBMS01, GSS26C4XXA03, KRMF706ESS00, GSS26C5XXY02, WRS586FIEM00, MFT2574DEM01, 10651136210, KRFF577KPS01, KRFF507HWH00, GSF26C4EXT00, WRS586FLDW03, 10651719413, KSC23W8EYB00, WRF736SDAW11, WRF989SDAB01, KSF26C6XYY02, GSC25C6EYW00, WRS586FLDM00, KFIS29BBMS03, KRFF507EBL01, KSC23W8EYY00, 6WSC20C6YB00, KFIV29PCMS03, KSC23C9EYW02, GSF26C5EXW00, WRX986SIHZ01, 59672389411, GSS30C7EYB00, KRFF507HPS01, GSC25C5EYY02, KFIV29PCMS01, WRX988SIBE02, KSF26C4XYY00, GSS30C6EYB00, 7GSC22C6XY01, GSS26C4XXB03, WRF989SDAH02, MFT2574DEH01, 10651143112, GSC25C5EYW02, KSC24C8EYY04, ISC23CDEXY02, KSF26C7XYY00, WRF736SDAF12, WRF989SDAE00, JFX2897DRP02, MFT2673BEW10, MFT2976AEW02, KRMF706EBS00, KRMF606ESS01, 59672382410, KSC23W8EYW00, GSF26C4EXF02, WRF736SDAW00, 10651172310, KSO24C8EYW00, GSS30C7EYY03, WRS950SIAB00, WSF26C3EXW01, KRFF577KBS01, GSS26C4XXW00, MFT2976AEW01, WRS586FIEM03, WRS586FIDE00, KRFF507EWH01, GSF26C4EXT02, WRF736SDAM00, WSF26C3EXY01, IX7DDEXDSM01, WRV996FDEE00, GSF26C4EXB02, KFIS29BBWH00, GSC25C4EYB01, WSF26C2EXF01, 7GSC22C6XW00, 59672389410, 10651182110, MFT2776DEH02, WRF736SDAM10, MFT2976AEB03, KRFF507HBS02, MFX2876DRM02, WRS586FIEE01, 59672383410, 10651169210, 59672382413, GSS30C6EYF03, GSS26C4XXB00, MFT2771XEW1, JFX2897DRP01, MFT2771WEM2, KRFF507HWH02, 10651142111, GSC25C5EYB02, MFT2574DEM00, JSC24C8EAM02, 10651189112, 7WF736SDAM14, MSB26C4XYM00, JFX2897DRM00, MFT2673BEM12, WRX986SIHV00, 10651712410, KSC24C8EYP01, GSS30C7EYW00, KSC23C9EYY02, KSC23C9EYB00, 6WSC20C6XW00, KRFF507HBS03, MFT2673BEB10, MFT2574DEE00, MSB26C4XYB00, GSS30C6EYB03, WRL767SIAM00, WRF990SLAM01, KRFF577KBS02, GI7FVCXXY00, MFT2673BEW11, GSS26C4XXY02, 10651142110, GSF26C5EXY00, WRS970CIDM00, 10641162310, GSF26C4EXW02, GSS30C7EYB02, GSC25C5EYY01, WRS537SIAB00, ISC23CDEXB01, GSC25C4EYY00, 10651134210, 10651149112, MFT2776DEE02, WRF767SDHZ04, 7WSC21C4XY00, GSF26C5EXT00, GSF26C4EXA02, KSC23C8EYB02, 10651782410, WRF767SDEM00, ISC23CNEXW00, 7MF2976AEM02, KSF26C7XYY02, MFT2976AEB01, WRS970CIDE00, MSB26C6MDH00, 10651173310, KRFF507HBS00, 6WSC20C6XY02, JSC24C8EAM01, KSC24C8EYB02, GSC25C4EYW02, GSS30C6EYW03, 7MF2976AEM03, WRS965CIAE00, MFT2672AEB11, JFX2897DRP00, GSS26C4XXB02, MSB27C2XAM00, WRF767SDHZ03, WRF757SDEH01, KSF26C7XYY04, MFT2776FEZ01, WRS965CIAM00, KSC23C9EYB02, KFIS29BBBL03, GSS26C5XXW00, WRF757SDEE00, KRMF706EBS01, ISC23CNEXY01, GSS26C5XXW02, MFT2771XEM1, GI7FVCXXQ00, GI7FVCXWA00, MFT2771XEM0, WRF757SDEM00, GSS30C7EYY02, KSC23C9EYY01, 59672383412, WRX988SIBM00, WRX986SIHZ00, MFT2771XEB0, GSS26C5XXY00, ISC23CDEXB00, KRFF707ESS01, GSF26C5EXB00, WRF989SDAB02, 10651164210, KFIS29BBWH02, BRS80ARANA02, MFT2673BEB12, WRV976FDEM00, WRF989SDAF03, WRF767SDHZ01, WRX988SIBB00, KSC23C9EYY00, WRS576FIDM00, KFIS29PBMS00, WRF736SDAM13, GSS30C6EYY02, MFT2672AEM12, KFIS29BBWH03, 6WSC20C6XW02, WRF989SDAW02, MFT2976AEB02, 10651719410, KSF26C4XYW03, BRS75BRANA00, 10651142112, GI7FVCXWQ03, MFT2778EEZ00, BRS70HRBNA00, KSC24C8EYY00, 10641163310, KSC24C8EYP03, WRF989SDAM02, WRV976FDEM01, KSF26C6XYY04, 6WSC20C6XB02, ISC23CDEXY01, GI7FVCXWA01, JFX2897DRM02, KRMF706ESS04, MFT2574DEH02, 10651152111, GI7FVCXWB03, KSC23C9EYW00, WRF736SDAB00, MFT2771XEW0, WRF767SDHV04, WRV996FDEE02, WRX988SIBB01, KFIS29BBBL02, GSF26C4EXA00, 10651143111, WRS586FLDM03, 10651719411, 10651183110, MFT2772HEZ01, GSC25C6EYY03, WRF757SDHV03, WRX986SIHZ03, GSS26C4XXY00, WRF989SDAB00, GSS30C7EYY01, 7WSC21C4XW00, KSC23C8EYY03, WRV996FDEM01, GSF26C5EXB02, MFT2574DEE02, KRMF706ESS05, 10651789410, WRF989SDAE01, ISC23CNEXW01, 10651152110, MFT2673BEM11, WRV986FDEM01, KRFF507HWH03, WRF736SDAB11, BRS80ARANA01, WRX988SIBE00, WRS571CIDM00, KSF26C4XYY04, 6WSC20C6XB04, KRFF507HPS04, MSB26C6MDM00, 10651183112, WRF989SDAF00, WRS586FIEH03, 7MF2976AEM00, KFIV29PCMS02, 10651153110, WRF767SDEM01, MFX2876DRE02, WRF989SDAH01, MFX2876DRE00, WRX988SIBE01, KFIS29PBMS01, KFIS29BBBL01, WRF767SDHZ00, WRS537SIAM01, IX7DDEXDSM02, WRS586FIEH01, GSS30C6EYW02, WRF767SDHV03, MFX2876DRM01, KFIS29BBBL00, 59672383411, GSC25C6EYB01, WRS576FIDB00, WRS973CIDM00, KFIS29PBMS03, GSC25C6EYB00, MFX2876DRE01, 6WSC20C6YY00, GSS26C4XXF02, KSF26C4XYY02, 6WSC20C6XD00, GI7FVCXXA00, KFIS27CXBL3, 6WSC20C6XD02, WRS526SIAE00, GSF26C4EXY02, KFIV29PCMS00, MSB27C2XAB00, KRFF507EBL00, 59672389412, GSC25C5EYW01, MFT2672AEB10, WRS950SIAH00, GSC25C6EYY02, WRS586FLDB00, MFX2876DRE02, WRF990SLAM03, GSS26C4XXA00, KSO24C8EYB00, MFT2574DEH01, GI7FVCXWY05, GSC25C5EYB00, 10651143110, WRF990SLAW00, GSS26C5XXB00, MFT2778EEZ01, 10651153112, JFX2897DRM01, MFT2771WEM0, GSC25C4EYY03, GSS30C7EYY00, GSC25C4EYY02, WSF26C2EXY01, KRFF507HBL00, KRFF577KPS02, WRS950SIAM01, KRFF707ESS00, WRF991BOOM00, 7WF736SDAM13, MFT2771XEB1, GSF26C4EXS03, 10651149110, GI7FVCXWB01, 10651139210, MFT2976AEM03, 5.96724E+11, WRX988SIBM01, GSS30C6EYB02, GSS26C5XXY03, MFT2976AEM00, KRMF706ESS01, KSC24C8EYY03, ISC23CDEXY00, MFT2673BEM10, WRF757SDHV02, MFX2876DRH00, MSB26C4XYW00, BRS70HRANA00, WRX988SIBH03, 10651163210, WRS576FIDW00, WRF989SDAM03, WRF736SDAW13, WRV996FDEH00, GSF26C4EXY03, GSS30C7EYW03, MFT2771WEB1, 7MF2976AEM01, KRFF507EWH00, WRF989SDAM01, MFT2672AEW12, GSC25C6EYY01, BRS80ARANA00, KFIS29BBWH01, 5WSC20CAYY00, KFIV29PCMS01, MFT2672AEW10, 59672389413, WRF736SDAF10, 10651159112, WSF26C2EXB01, WRS950SIAW00, MFT2574DEM02, 7GSC22C6XA00, GSS26C4XXA02, 10651713410, WRS965CIAH00, WRF757SDHZ03, WRF989SDAE03, 10651132210, WRF991BOOM01, 6WSC20C6XD04, 10651189110, MFT2673BEW12, KFIS29PBMS02, KSC24C8EYY02, WRS586FLDB01, 7WSC21C4XY01, GSF26C4EXY00, WRF736SDAT00, GSS30C6EYW00, KSC23C8EYY02, MSB27C2XAW00, WRS586FLDW00, KRFF507ESS00, MFT2673BEM12, WRF997SDDM00, WRF990SLAM00, GI7FVCXWB00, WRF989SDAW00, ISC23CNEXY02, KSF26C6XYY03, WRF736SDAB10, KSC24C8EYP02, WRF736SDAT10, 10651152112, WRF989SDAF01, WRF757SDHV00, GSS30C7EYF03, GSF26C4EXB00, WRV996FDEH01, 7WF736SDAM11, MFT2976AEW02, WRX988SIBE03, WRS970CIDH00, WRV996FDEM00, WRS537SIAM00, KSC24C8EYY01, WRX988SIBW00, 10651153111, WRF767SDHV02, and more.

Functions of W10898445 Whirlpool Refrigerator Receiver Control Board

The functions of the W10898445 Whirlpool Refrigerator Receiver Control Board may vary depending on the specific model and features of the refrigerator.

However, .. some general functions that a receiver control board typically performs in a Whirlpool refrigerator include:

  1. Temperature regulation:

    The control board monitors and regulates the temperature inside the refrigerator, ensuring that it stays at the desired level to keep food fresh.

  2. Defrost control:

    The control board manages the automatic defrost cycle of the refrigerator, preventing the buildup of ice and maintaining optimal performance.

  3. Compressor control:

    It controls the operation of the compressor, which is responsible for cooling the refrigerator. The control board ensures that the compressor functions properly and runs when necessary.

  4. Power distribution:

    The control board receives and distributes power to various components of the refrigerator, such as fans, lights, and motors.

  5. Display and user interface:

    Some control boards feature a display panel and user interface that allow you to set temperature preferences, adjust settings, and access additional features.

  6. Error detection and display:

    The control board may have built-in diagnostic capabilities to detect and display error codes or indicators, helping with troubleshooting and identifying potential issues.

  7. Communication with other components:

    In more advanced models, the control board acts as a communication hub, facilitating communication between different components and ensuring their coordinated operation.

NOTE: .. It’s important to note that specific functionalities may vary depending on the model and features of the Whirlpool refrigerator.

It’s recommended to consult the refrigerator’s user manual or technical specifications for precise information regarding the functions of the W10898445 Whirlpool Refrigerator Receiver Control Board.

Common Symptoms

Common symptoms of a malfunctioning or faulty W10898445 Whirlpool Refrigerator Receiver Control Board may include:

  1. Inconsistent temperature:

    The refrigerator may exhibit inconsistent cooling, with the temperature fluctuating or not staying at the set level. This can result in food spoilage or items not being properly preserved.

  2. Failure to cool:

    The refrigerator may fail to cool altogether, leading to warm temperatures inside the unit. This can result in food spoilage and an ineffective cooling system.

  3. Freezer icing up:

    If the control board fails to regulate the defrost cycle properly, the freezer compartment may develop excessive ice buildup. This can restrict airflow and lead to insufficient cooling in both the freezer and refrigerator sections.

  4. Unresponsive control panel:

    The control panel on the refrigerator may become unresponsive or exhibit erratic behavior, making it difficult to adjust settings or access certain functions.

  5. Display issues:

    The display panel on the refrigerator may not illuminate, display incorrect information, or show only partial information. This can make it challenging to monitor temperature settings or access other features.

  6. Error codes or alarms:

    The control board may trigger error codes or audible alarms to indicate a problem. These codes or alarms can vary depending on the specific model and may require troubleshooting to identify the underlying issue.

  7. Fan or motor malfunctions:

    A faulty control board can lead to issues with the operation of fans or motors inside the refrigerator. This can result in inadequate airflow, leading to temperature inconsistencies or reduced cooling performance.

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W10518658 W10898445 Whirlpool Refrigerator Receiver Control Board

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