W10294316 WPW10294316 Whirlpool Dryer Control Board

Looking for a reliable replacement for your Whirlpool dryer control board? The WPW10294316 Whirlpool Dryer Control Board is designed to restore optimal functionality, ensuring efficient drying performance for your laundry needs.

W10294316 WPW10294316 Whirlpool Dryer Main Control Board

W10294316 WPW10294316 Whirlpool Dryer Main Control Board

The WPW10294316 Whirlpool Dryer Control Board is a crucial component that enables you to select drying cycles, control temperature settings, and manage the duration of the drying process. Restore functionality and efficiency to your Whirlpool dryer with this reliable control board.


  • Part Number: WPW10294316
  • Replacement Parts: 1875351, W10294316, PS2580563, AP4514616, EAP2580563
  • Part Types: Clothes Dryer Control Board, Gas/Electric Dryer Electronic Control Board
  • Compatible Brands: Whirlpool
  • Fits Appliance Models: Please see the list below.
  • Price: Check price on eBay.

Fits Appliance Types:

  • Whirlpool Gas / Electric Dryers

Fits Appliance Models

This part fits the following Whirlpool dryer models: WGD7600XW0, WGD7300XW0, YWED7300XW0, YWED7600XW0, WED7600XW0, WGD7600XW1, WED7300XW0, and more.

Functions of WPW10294316 Control Board

  1. Cycle selection:

    The control board allows you to choose different drying cycles, such as .. regular, delicate, or timed drying, based on your laundry needs.

  2. Temperature control:

    It regulates and maintains the desired temperature during the drying process. You can adjust the temperature settings according to the fabric type and desired level of drying.

  3. Timer control:

    The control board manages the duration of the drying cycle, allowing you to set the desired drying time for your laundry.

  4. Sensor control:

    Some control boards feature moisture sensors that detect the moisture level in the drum and adjust the drying time accordingly. This helps prevent over-drying or under-drying of clothes.

  5. Start and stop control:

    The control board enables you to start and stop the dryer as needed, providing convenience and control over the drying process.

  6. Error code display:

    In case of any malfunctions or issues, the control board may display error codes to indicate the specific problem, aiding in troubleshooting and repairs.

  7. Control panel interface:

    The control board serves as the central hub for the dryer’s control panel, .. allowing you to interact with the dryer, adjust settings, and view status indicators.

Common Symptoms

Common symptoms of a malfunctioning or faulty WPW10294316 Whirlpool Dryer Control Board may include:

  1. Dryer not starting:

    One of the most common symptoms is when the dryer fails to start or respond when the start button is pressed. This can indicate an issue with the control board.

  2. Inconsistent or no heat:

    If the dryer doesn’t generate enough heat or doesn’t heat up at all .., it could be a sign of a control board problem. The board may fail to send the proper signals to the heating elements or fail to regulate the temperature correctly.

  3. Cycle irregularities:

    A malfunctioning control board may cause irregularities in the drying cycles. This could include the dryer running for an abnormally long time or abruptly stopping before the cycle is complete.

  4. Unresponsive controls:

    If the control board is faulty, the buttons or knobs on the dryer’s control panel may become unresponsive or difficult to operate.

  5. Error codes or flashing lights:

    The control board may display error codes or activate flashing lights on the dryer’s control panel to indicate a problem. Each error code .. corresponds to a specific issue, and consulting the user manual can provide more information on interpreting these codes.

  6. No display or dim display:

    A malfunctioning control board may cause the display on the dryer’s control panel to not illuminate at all or appear dim, making it challenging to read or operate.

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W10294316 WPW10294316 Whirlpool Dryer Main Control Board

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