Frigidaire Oven Troubleshooting Guide – Parts and Check Price

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Frigidaire Oven Troubleshooting Guide

Frigidaire Oven Troubleshooting Guide

Frigidaire Appliance Company is the American consumer and commercial home appliances brand subsidiary of multinational company Electrolux.

Whether your Frigidaire electric or gas oven door won’t unlock, the oven won’t heat at the right temperature or won’t heat at all, Sears PartsDirect service can help.  The Sears DIY repair guides walk you through the repair step-by-step so you can replace common wall oven parts such as a gasket, bake element, rack, igniter or temperature sensor.

Common Frigidaire Oven Troubleshooting Problems

See the most common problems below. Including oven not heating, won’t work, or door lock problem. You can searh and view more problems for your appliance repair.

Frigidaire Oven Troubleshooting – Not Heating

  • Why won’t your Frigidaire wall oven heat? Main causes: lack of gas supply, broken igniter, tripped circuit breaker, broken oven heating element, tripped thermal fuse, electronic control system failure

Frigidaire Oven Door Lock Problems

  • Why won’t Frigidaire wall oven door unlock? Main causes: bad oven door lock assembly, faulty electronic main control board, harness wiring failure

Frigidaire Oven Troubleshooting – Not Working

  • Why doesn’t your wall oven work? Main causes: lack of electrical power, bad electronic control board, faulty oven control thermostat

Read more Frigidaire Oven Troubleshooting Guide by Sears PartsDirect.

Frigidaire Oven Troubleshooting Guide - Find Parts and Check Price

Frigidaire Oven Troubleshooting Repair Videos

Frigidaire Oven Troubleshooting Guide

Replacing an Oven Igniter in a Gas Range

This video, created by Sears, shows how to replace the oven igniter in a gas range. The igniter heats until it’s white-hot and then ignites the gas from the oven burner to heat the oven.

Oven Door Won’t Open: Troubleshooting Door Lock Problems

Watch this video, showing you how to take apart the door lock motor and manually unlock the door.

Range Error Code F10: Troubleshooting Runaway Oven Temperature

Sears PartsDirect shows you what to do if your range is displaying error code F10, which means that the electronic control board detected a runaway temperature.

More Compatible Frigidaire Oven Troubleshooting Repair Videos

Watch more range/oven troubleshootings and repair videos from Sears PartsDirect.

  • Converting a Gas Range to Operate on LP Gas
  • Oven Won’t Heat: Troubleshooting Electric Range Problems
  • Replacing an Oven Igniter in a Gas Range
  • Cleaning the Glass Inside Your Oven Door
  • Replacing a Range Glass Cooktop
  • Troubleshooting F30 and F31 Error Codes on a Range
  • Oven Rack Placement for the Best Baking Results
  • How to Change the Clock on Your Range (Clock Disappeared)
  • Troubleshooting an F90 Error Code on a Range
  • Replacing the Oven Door Glass in an Electric Range
  • Replacing a Range Oven Control Board
  • Changing a Thermal Switch in a Wall Oven
  • Replacing an Electric Oven Broil Element
  • and more.

Watch more Frigidaire oven repair videos on YouTube.

Frigidaire Oven Troubleshooting Parts and Models

The list below shows Frigidaire electric and gas oven range replacement parts. You also can search for your Frigidair oven model number and check their parts at Sears PartsDirect.

Sears PartsDirct Frigidaire Oven Range Parts

Frigidaire Gas Oven Parts

  • 3014073 Frigidaire Gas Range Socket
  • 3131455 Frigidaire Gas Range Main Top Alm
  • 8011086 Frigidaire Gas Range Cover
  • 8067965 Frigidaire Gas Range Gasket
  • 8067973 Frigidaire Gas Range Range Oven Insulation
  • 5303011805 Frigidaire Gas Range Clip
  • 5303131300 Frigidaire Gas Range Igniter
  • 5303131973 Frigidaire Gas Range Rack
  • 5303200669 Frigidaire Gas Range Module
  • 5303208582 Frigidaire Gas Range Lamp
  • 5303274090 Frigidaire Gas Range Plate Instruction
  • and more.

Frigidaire Electric Oven Parts

  • 3201631 Frigidaire Electric Range Wall oven door hinge receiver
  • 8011086 Frigidaire Electric Range Cover
  • 8067758 Frigidaire Electric Range Oven cover
  • 5301167733 Frigidaire Electric Range surface element receptacle
  • 5303013071 Frigidaire Electric Range oven light bulb
  • 5303017440 Frigidaire Electric Range Surf unit ra
  • 5303017441 Frigidaire Electric Range Surface element
  • 5303051519 Frigidaire Electric Range bake element
  • 5303131973 Frigidaire Electric Range Rack
  • 5308011085 Frigidaire Electric Range Receptacle
  • and more.

Frigidaire Electric and Gas Range Oven Models

Frigidaire Oven Models and Parts - Find Part and Check Price

To find a complete list of Frigidair replacement parts for your wall oven or range, please search for your model number, view parts, and check prices as link below.

  • Frigidaire CE026SP2D2 electric range 5995232260
  • Frigidaire CP240SP2W3 gas range 5995255188
  • Frigidaire FEB756BBBD electric wall oven 5995281770
  • Frigidaire FEB756CEBD electric wall oven 5995301990
  • Frigidaire FEB756CETD electric wall oven 5995301990
  • Frigidaire FED300BEBB electric range
  • Frigidaire FGF352SBDA gas range 5995262341
  • Frigidaire GP32BNL3 gas range 5995212270
  • Frigidaire GP32BNW2 gas range lf32490070
  • Frigidaire R30AL4 electric range lf32090100
  • Frigidaire R30BCL4 electric range lf32090090
  • Frigidaire R530DL3 electric range lf32090410
  • Frigidaire RA30BEL3 electric range lf32090080
  • Frigidaire RA30EH4 electric range lf32090070
  • Frigidaire RE36BNW2 electric range 5995207486
  • Frigidaire REG34NL1 electric range lf32090580
  • Frigidaire REG433MDW5 electric range 5995215257
  • Frigidaire REG533DH2 electric range 599592257
  • Frigidaire RES34BNL1 electric range lf32090560
  • Frigidaire RES34BNW3 electric range 5995229852
  • and more.

Find more Frigidaire oven models and check prices at Sears PartsDirect.

Compare Prices – Frigidaire Oven Parts

To order the replacement parts for Frigidaire oven, please check your appliance model number, find the right parts, view more product details and condition, like brand new, used, or refurbished.

You also should see more item location, shipping & delivery information, payment options, return & refund policy, and check the best prices below.

Frigidaire Oven Troubleshooting Guide - Find Parts and Check Price

Other Oven Replacement Parts

Sears PartsDirect Oven Replacement Parts

These are list of popular oven replacement parts for top brands, like Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Kenmore, KitchenAid, and more. Find more appliance part that fits your model and check best price as link below.

  • 5304525746 Oven Control Knob
  • 316048413 Oven 8 Inch Drip Pan
  • 316075103 Oven Bake Element
  • 316433300 Oven Oven Door Handle Screw
  • AEB72914211 Oven Griddle
  • DG94-00889B Oven Glass Main Cooktop
  • W10779716 Oven Bake Element
  • WB03X29315 Oven Control Knob (Stainless)
  • WB03X29354 Oven Control Knob
  • WB31M15 Oven 8 Inch Burner Drip Pan
  • WB31M16 Oven 6 Inch Burner Drip Pan
  • WB31T10011 Oven 8 Inch Drip Pan
  • WPW10175695 Oven Burner Control Knob
  • WPW10196405 Oven 8 Inch Stove Top Drip Pan
  • WPW10196406 Oven 6 Inch Stove Top Drip Pan
  • WPW10316664 Oven Control Knob (Stainless)
  • and more.

Find more oven parts and check prices at Sears.

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