Kenmore Elite Washer Parts – with Common Problems and Repair Videos

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Kenmore Elite Washer Parts - Common Problems - Repair Videos

Kenmore Elite Washer Parts

Kenmore is an American brand of home appliances owned and licensed by Transformco. As of 2017, Kenmore products and parts are produced by manufacturers including Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, Electrolux, Panasonic, and Cleva North America.

One of the most popular Kenmore appliances in the market is Kenmore Elite washing machine models. View more Kenmore Elite washer parts, top-load and front-load models, and solutions or guidelines to fix your washer below.

Kenmore Elite Washer Parts and Models

Top Kenmore Elite Washer Parts

See popular both front-loading and top-loading washing machine replacement parts for Kemore and compatible brands below.

Kenmore Elite Front-Load Washer Parts

  • 5006EA3009B Kenmore Elite Washer Washplate Cap
  • 4774FA4016N Kenmore Elite Laundry Washer Lid Hinge
  • 4040FR4051C Kenmore Elite Clothes Washer Bolt
  • 6322FR2046G Kenmore Elite Washing Machine Thermistor
  • AAA76555302 Kenmore Elite Washer Installation Accessory Kit
  • MJH40343701 Kenmore Elite Laundry Appliance Pedestal Leg Guide
  • AFC72755402 Kenmore Elite Washer Pedestal Leveling Leg Assembly
  • MCU62241001 Kenmore Elite Washer Detergent Dispenser
  • MEG64459901 Kenmore Elite Clothes Washer Lock Holder
  • MAR62261901 Kenmore Elite Washing Machine Bellows
  • and more.

Kenmore Elite Washer Parts - Compare Prices

Kenmore Elite Top-Load Washer Parts

  • 355274 Kenmore Elite Washer Lid Hinge Mounting Screw
  • 370451 Kenmore Elite Washer Hose Clamp
  • 371503 Kenmore Elite Clothes Washer Clamp
  • 8563964 Kenmore Elite Washer Lid Hinge Arm
  • 8564009 Kenmore Elite Washer Suspension
  • 8571377 Kenmore Elite Laundry Washer Fill Hose
  • 8571378 Kenmore Elite Washing Machine Fill Hose
  • W10049390 Kenmore Elite Washer Pump-Water
  • W10435302 Kenmore Elite Washer Tub Bearing and Drive Shaft Kit
  • and more.

Find more Kenmore Elite washer parts at Sears PartsDirect.

Kenmore Elite Washer Models and Parts

Kenmore Elite Washer Models and Parts

Here are populare Kenmore Elite washing machine models. View more details and check replacement parts below.

  • Kenmore Elite 11016982500 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 11022082101 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 11022086102 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 11023014100 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 11026962503 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 11027152601 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 11045081400 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 11045087401 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 11045996402 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 11046747801 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 11046757801 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 11047761801 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 11047788800 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 11047788801 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 11047852700 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 79651972610 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 79651973610 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 79651992610 washer
  • Kenmore Elite 79651993610 washer
  • and more.

Find more Kenmore Elite washer models and check parts at Sears PartsDirect.

Common Kenmore Elite Washer Problems and Repair Videos

Kenmore Elite Washer Common Problems and Repair Videos - Sears PartsDirect

Common Kenmore Elite Washer Problems and Guidelines

If your Kenmore Elite front-loading or top-loading clothes washer won’t fill, drain, spin or start, let Sears Service help with the guideline you need to fix it yourself. Some Kenmore washing machines display an error code when a part breaks. Look up your machine’s error code on our washer error code charts to get troubleshooting tips and find out which part to replace.

Why doesn’t Kenmore washing machine work at all?

  • lack of electrical power
  • wiring failure
  • bad power cord
  • main electronic control board failure
  • bad user interface board

Why is the water in Kenmore washer the wrong temperature?

  • water heater failure
  • bad water temperature switch
  • faulty electronic control board
  • bad washer water valve
  • faulty water temperature sensor

Why are Kenmore Elite washer parts noisy or shaking?

  • washing machine unbalanced load
  • loose spanner nut
  • worn washer drive block
  • broken shock absorber or suspension spring
  • debris in drain pump

Why your washer won’t finish its cycle?

  • broken washer lid switch or lid lock
  • bad pressure switch
  • broken shifter assembly
  • faulty control system

Why won’t Kenmore washing machine drain?

  • clogged drain hose
  • house drain clogged
  • bad washer drain pump
  • water-level pressure switch failure
  • bad PCB control board or timer

Why won’t Kenmore Elite washer fill?

  • no water supply
  • bad washer water valves
  • water-level pressure switch failure
  • electronic main control system failure
  • bad door lock or lid switch

Why won’t your washing machine start?

  • bad lid switch or door lock
  • bad timer or electronic control board
  • washing machine wiring failure
  • bad water inlet valve assembly

Why doesn’t the Clean Washer cycle work?

  • garments left in the washer
  • damaged spin basket
  • worn outer tub bearing
  • faulty washer drive motor
  • bad electronic control board

Why does my front-load Kenmore washer leak?

  • leaky water supply hoses
  • clogged drain system
  • torn washer door boot
  • cracked outer tub
  • clothes overload

Why won’t the washing machine door open or lock?

  • bad door lock assembly
  • cable and wiring harness failure
  • bad electronic control board
  • washer drain system failure
  • bad water-level pressure switch

View more common washing machine problems at Sears Repair Help.

Kenmore Washing Machine Repair Videos

Watch these washer troubleshooting and repair videos from Sears PartsDirect, like changing drain pump, replace lid lock, and calibrating washer. Search for more videos at link below.

Replacing the Drain Pump on a Front-Load Washer

This video, created by Sears PartsDirect, shows how to replace a broken drain pump in a Kenmore front-load washer and compatible brands. The drain pump removes water from the washer during the drain cycle. If you clothes washer won’t drain, you can replace the drain pump using the steps in this video.

How to Replace the Lid Lock on a Kenmore Vertical Modular Washer

Watch this video, Sears PartsDirect shows how to replace a broken lid lock in some Kenmore top-load washing machines. If your laundry washer won’t run even though the lid is closed, or you notice that the Lid Lock light is flashing, you may need to replace the lid lock.

How to Calibrate a Top-Load Washer

This video, created by Sears PartsDirect, shows step-by-step on how to calibrate a Kenmore, Whirlpool or Maytag top-load washer that has a vertical modular drive system.

More Kenmore Washer Troubleshooting and Repair Videos

Below is list of popular troubleshooting and repair videos for Kenmore washer and compatible brands, like Whirlpoo, or Maytag. Watch these videos on YouTube from link below.

  • Flashing Lid Lock Light: How to Troubleshoot Errors on Your Vertical Modular Washer
  • Flashing Lid Lock Light: How to Troubleshoot Errors on Your Vertical Modular Washer
  • How to Read a Vertical Modular Washer Error Code Display
  • Washer Won’t Drain or Spin: Troubleshooting VMW and Direct-Drive
  • How to Replace an Electric Laundry Center Dryer Drive Belt (Kenmore, Frigidaire)
  • Replacing the Drain Pump on a Front-Load Washer
  • How to Replace a Direct-Drive Washer Motor Coupler (Kenmore, and Whirlpool)
  • How to Replace the Spin Basket on a Kenmore Vertical Modular Washer
  • How to Change the Electronic Control Board on a Kenmore Vertical Modular Washer
  • How to Replace the Water Inlet Valve on a Kenmore Vertical Modular Washer
  • How to Install a Direct-Drive Washer Clutch Assembly (Kenmore and Maytag)
  • How to Replace the Agitator Dogs on a Kenmore Vertical Modular Washer
  • Troubleshoot – High Efficiency washer showing “Sd” on display and stopping
  • Replacing the Timer in a Direct-Drive Washer (Kenmore, Whirlpool and Maytag)
  • and more.

Watch more Kenmore washer repair videos at YouTube.

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Kenmore Elite Washer Parts - Common Problems - Repair Videos

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Other Kenmore Washer Replacement Parts

Kenmore Washer Parts

Below are list of popular washing machine parts for other Kenmore models. The parts cover transmissing, washplate, agitator, drain hose, door latch, and more. View more parts below.

  • 3360629 Kenmore Washing Machine Transmission
  • AGZ72909701 Kenmore Washer Pulsator Assembly
  • FAA31690703 Kenmore Washer Shipping Bolt
  • FAA31690704 Kenmore Clothes Washer Shipping Bolt
  • W10435302 Kenmore Washer Tub Bearing Shaft & Seal Kit
  • W10528947 Kenmore Washer Basket Driven Hub Kit
  • W10752285 Kenmore Washer Washplate
  • W10780045 Kenmore Washer Suspension Rod Kit
  • W10780048 Kenmore Laundry Washer Suspension Rod Kit
  • W10836692 Kenmore Washing Machine Agitator
  • W10913953 Kenmore Washer Shift Actuator
  • W11165546 Kenmore Washer Water Inlet Valve
  • W11244231 Kenmore Washer Drain Hose
  • W11307244 Kenmore Washer Door Latch
  • W11454734 Kenmore Clothes Washer Gearcase
  • WPW10006384 Kenmore Washer Main Drive Belt
  • and more.

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