Frigidaire Dishwasher Water Pump Motor 5304475637 Replacement Parts

Genuine Frigidaire Dishwasher 5304475637 Circulation Pump and Motor Assembly Parts. Replaces AP4508589 1565410 PS2379482 EAP2379482 replacement parts and more. Buy Here.

5304475637 Dishwasher Drain Pump and Motor Parts

Frigidaire Dishwasher 5304475637 Pump Replacement Parts

  • Item: 5304475637 Frigidaire Motor Assembly Genuine OEM 5304475637
  • Part Number: 5304475637
  • Replacement Part No: EAP2379482 1565410 PS2379482 AP4508589
  • Compatible Brands: Frigidaire, Kenmore
  • Product Type: Dishwasher Replacement Parts, Dishwasher Drain Pump Motor Assembly Parts
  • Item Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Ship To: the United States and many other countries
  • Policy: Free 30 day returns
  • Item Condition: New
  • Price: US $184.95
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Fits Dishwasher Models:

Recheck the correct appliance replace part. The Dishwasher 5304475637 Circulation Pump Replacement Part suits the following Frigidaire and Kenmore models. Use Ctrl-F to check your specific model as follows.

FGHD2491LW0 FGHD2455LF1A FGHD2455LB1A FGHD2455LF0 FGHD2491LB0 FGHD2472PB0 FGHD2472PF0 FGHD2455LB0 FGHD2455LW1A 58715413100A FGHD2455LW0 FGHD2472PF1A 58715423100A 58715412100A FPHD2491KF0 FGHD2472PW0

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Frigidaire Dishwasher Water Pump Motor 5304475637 Replacement Parts
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