CSP30021077 LG Refrigerator Control Board

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CSP30021077 LG Refrigerator Control Board

CSP30021077 LG Refrigerator Control Board

The CSP30021077 LG Refrigerator Control Board is a vital component that regulates and manages various functions of LG refrigerators, ensuring optimal performance and temperature control.

It provides precise control over cooling cycles, defrosting operations, and other essential features, contributing to the efficient operation and longevity of the refrigerator.


  • Part Number: CSP30021077
  • Replacement Parts: EBR73093608, EBR73093617, PS12750330, AP6978835, EBR73093603, EBR73093611, EAP12750330
  • Part Types: Fridge Electronic Main Control Board Assembly Parts
  • Compatible Brands: LG, Kenmore
  • Fits Appliance Models: Please see the list below.
  • Price: Check price on eBay.

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Fits Appliance Types:

  • LG 31 Cu. Ft. Super Capacity 3-Door French Door Refrigerators
  • Kenmore Refrigerators
  • and other compatible brands and models.

Fits Appliance Models

The part fits the following LG and Kenmore refrigerator models. Use Ctrl+F to find your model number listed below.

79572062112, 79572069111, LFX31945ST05, LFX31945ST-ASTCNA5, LFX31945ST06, 79572063111, LFX31945ST00, LFX31945ST-ASTCNA0, LFX31945ST/06, 79572063317, 79572063110, LFX31945ST/05, 79572069212, 79572062212, 79572069112, LFX31945ST-ASTCNA2, LFX31945ST/00, 79572069110, LFX31945ST, 79572053114, LFX31945ST07, 79572063112, 79572063315, LFX31945ST/07, 79572062110, 79572062313, LFX31945ST-ASTCNA1, LFX31945ST/02, LFX31945ST/01, 79572062111, and more.

Key Features of CSP30021077 LG Refrigerator Control Board

The key features and functions of the CSP30021077 LG Refrigerator Control Board may include:

  1. Temperature Control: The control board manages and maintains the desired temperature inside the refrigerator, ensuring optimal food preservation and freshness.

  2. Cooling Cycles: It regulates the refrigerator’s cooling cycles, allowing for efficient cooling and energy consumption.

  3. Defrosting Operation: The control board initiates and controls the defrosting process, preventing ice buildup and ensuring proper airflow.

  4. Fan Control: It manages the operation of the refrigerator’s fans, ensuring adequate airflow for efficient cooling.

  5. Power Supply Management: The control board efficiently manages the power supply to various components of the refrigerator, optimizing energy consumption.

  6. User Interface: It provides a user-friendly interface with buttons or a display panel for controlling and adjusting various settings and modes.

  7. Diagnostic Functions: The control board can perform diagnostic checks and display error codes to assist in troubleshooting and identifying potential issues.

  8. Safety Features: It incorporates safety measures such as voltage and temperature monitoring, protecting the refrigerator and its components from damage.

  9. Communication: The control board may support communication protocols to connect with external devices or interfaces for software updates or remote control functionality.

  10. System Control: It acts as the central control unit for the refrigerator, coordinating and managing the operation of various components, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

Common Problems

  1. Board is the failure of the refrigerator to power on. This can be caused by a faulty control board that needs to be replaced.

  2. Inconsistent temperature control: Another problem that can occur is the control board’s inability to maintain consistent temperature settings. This can result in the refrigerator not cooling properly or freezing food items unexpectedly.

  3. Unresponsive controls: The control board may become unresponsive, causing the buttons or touch panel to not function correctly. This can prevent users from adjusting settings or accessing certain features.

  4. Error codes or flashing lights: Faulty control boards can trigger error codes or flashing lights on the refrigerator’s display panel. These codes may indicate a specific issue with the control board or other components of the refrigerator.

  5. Defrosting issues: The control board is responsible for initiating and managing the defrosting cycles in the refrigerator. A malfunctioning control board can lead to problems with defrosting, causing ice buildup in the freezer or improper cooling in the refrigerator section.

  6. Constant cycling on/off: If the control board is defective, the refrigerator may experience frequent cycling on and off. This can result in inefficient cooling and increased energy consumption.

  7. Malfunctioning display or lighting: The control board also controls the display panel and interior lighting of the refrigerator. A faulty control board can cause issues with the display, such as flickering or no illumination, as well as problems with the interior lights not turning on or off correctly.

Note: These are common problems that can occur with the CSP30021077 LG Refrigerator Control Board, but individual cases may vary, and other factors could contribute to these issues.

LG Refrigerator Main Control Board Replacement Tutorial | Fixing Common Issues

In this detailed video guide by RepairClinic.com, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to replace the main control board (part #EBR73304205) in LG refrigerators.

Whether your fridge is not cooling enough, not defrosting, or experiencing other common issues, this tutorial will help you troubleshoot and replace the control board to restore optimal performance.

(YouTube Video Credit: RepairClinic.com)

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CSP30021077 LG Refrigerator Control Board

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More Information

In addition to the CSP30021077 LG Refrigerator Control Board, if you require any other parts for your LG refrigerator, please leave a message below.

Our team will be happy to assist you in finding the specific parts you need to ensure the smooth functioning of your appliance.

Let us know your requirements, and we’ll provide you with the information and options available to meet your needs.


Q: How do I reset my LG refrigerator control board?

A: To reset the LG refrigerator control board, you can try unplugging the refrigerator from the power source for about 5 minutes and then plugging it back in. This action will often reset the control board and resolve any temporary issues.

Q: What is the most common problem with LG refrigerators?

A: One of the most common problems with LG refrigerators is improper cooling or temperature regulation. This issue can be caused by various factors, such as a faulty compressor, defrost system problems, or a malfunctioning control board.

Q: How do I unlock my LG refrigerator control panel?

A: To unlock the control panel on your LG refrigerator, locate the “Lock” or “Control Lock” button on the control panel. Press and hold this button for 3 to 5 seconds until you hear a beep or see the control panel display indicate that the panel is unlocked. This will allow you to adjust the settings and use the functions of the refrigerator.

Q: How do I know if my LG compressor is bad?

A: A few signs that may indicate a bad compressor in your LG refrigerator include unusual loud noises coming from the refrigerator, the refrigerator not cooling properly, or if you notice oil leaks or excessive frost buildup. If you suspect a faulty compressor, it is recommended to contact a professional technician to diagnose and repair the issue.

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