Bosch Dishwasher Electronic Control Board 00266746

Bosch Dishwasher Electronic Control Board 00266746 500

This is a new GENUINE replacement part, Bosch Dishwasher Electronic Control Board 00266746. If your dishwasher would not start, then replacing this main control board could solve the problem. Check your model and compare lowest price here!

Bosch Dishwasher Electronic Control Board 00266746

  • Product: Main Control Board for Dishwasher
  • Appliance Part: Bosch Electronic Replacement Parts
  • Part Number: 00266746
  • Compatible Brands: Bosch
  • Compatible Part Numbers: 266746 263832 264093 264877 820940 AP2802870 EAP3448454 PS3448454

Fits Bosch Dishwasher Models:

This part fits Bosch dishwasher SHI6802, SHI6805, SHU5302, SHU5306, SHU5312, SHU5314, SHU5315, SHU6802, SHU6805, SHU6805 models, and more. Use Ctrl+F to find your model listed below.

SHI6802 SHI6802UC/06 SHI6802UC/11 SHI6802UC/12 SHI6802UC-06 SHI6802UC-11 SHI6802UC-12 SHI6805 SHI6805UC/06 SHI6805UC/11 SHI6805UC/12 SHI6805UC-06 SHI6805UC-11 SHI6805UC-12 SHI6806 SHI6806UC/06 SHI6806UC/11 SHI6806UC/12 SHI6806UC-06 SHI6806UC-11 SHI6806UC-12

SHU5302UC/06 SHU5302UC/11 SHU5302UC/12 SHU5302UC/14 SHU5305UC/06 SHU5305UC/11 SHU5305UC/12 SHU5305UC-06 SHU5305UC-11 SHU5305UC-12 SHU5306UC/06 SHU5306UC/11 SHU5306UC/12 SHU5307UC/12 SHU5307UC-12 SHU5312 SHU5312UC/06 SHU5312UC/11 SHU5312UC/12 SHU5312UC-06 SHU5312UC-11 SHU5312UC-12 SHU5314 SHU5314UC/06 SHU5314UC/11 SHU5314UC/12 SHU5314UC-06 SHU5314UC-11 SHU5314UC-12 SHU5315 SHU5315UC/06 SHU5315UC/11 SHU5315UC/12 SHU5315UC-06 SHU5315UC-11 SHU5315UC-12 SHU5316 SHU5316UC/06 SHU5316UC/11 SHU5316UC/12 SHU5316UC-06 SHU5316UC-11 SHU5316UC-12 SHU5317UC/12 SHU5317UC-12

SHU6802UC/06 SHU6802UC/11 SHU6802UC/12 SHU6802UC-06 SHU6802UC-11 SHU6802UC-12 SHU6805UC/06 SHU6805UC/11 SHU6805UC/12 SHU6805UC/14 SHU6805UC06 SHU6805UC-06 SHU6805UC11 SHU6805UC-11 SHU6805UC12 SHU6805UC-12 SHU6805UC14 SHU6805UC-14 SHU6806UC SHU6806UC/06 SHU6806UC/11 SHU6806UC/12 SHU6806UC-06 SHU6806UC-11 SHU6806UC-12

How To Replace Bosch Main Control Board

Watch this video, created by AppliancePartsPros. It shows simple step-by-step instructions on how to replace the electronic control board on Bosch dishwasher.

Tools Needed:

  • Torx 20 screwdriver
  • Mobile Camera
  • Flathead screwdriver

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Bosch Dishwasher Electronic Control Board 00266746 500

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As well as the Bosch Dishwasher Electronic Control Board 00266746, you can find more parts for Bosch, dishwasher control boards, and Bosch dishwasher replacement parts.

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