WB21X5209 GE Oven Range Thermostat

WB21x5209 GE Oven Range Thermostat Part

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WB21X5209 GE Oven Range Thermostat


  • Part Number: WB21X5209
  • Replacement Parts: See list below.
  • Part Types: GE Oven Range Thermostat, Oven Thermostat for GE Range, GE Stove Temperature Control, Replacement Thermostat for GE Oven, Genuine GE Range Thermostat
  • Compatible Brands: GE, General Electric

Fits Appliance Models

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WB21X117, WB21X0117, WB21X97, WB21X21, WB21X99, WB21X0086, WB21X116, WB21X100, WB21X0079, WB21X7, WB21X0105, WB21X5070, WB20M0001, WB21X105, WB21X0002, WB21X83, WB21X0016, WB21X0109, WB21X0004, WB21X0020, WB21X0088, WB21X75, WB21X0126, WB21X102, WB21X0053, WB21X20, WB21X76, WB21X88, WB21X0076, WB21X0064, WB21X177, WB21X0065, WB21X77, WB21X126, WB21X5071, WB21X0108, WB21X106, WB21X6, WB21X0103, WB20M1, WB21X0110, WB21X12, WB21X0054, WB21X134, WB21X0099, WB21X0074, WB21X155, WB21X0097, WB21X0075, WB21X0013, WB21X0001, WB21X103, WB21X65, WB21X109, WB21X79, WB21X101, WB21X0129, WB21X54, WB21X138, WB21X0011, WB21X16, WB21X0100, WB21X92, WB21X11, WB21X146, WB21X129, WB21X0095, WB21X0006, WB21X4, 345266, WB21X123, WB21X0155, WB21X115, WB21X95, WB21X145, WB21X68, WB21X178, WB21X5110, WB21X0021, WB21X13, WB20K5016, WB21X0106, WB21X80, WB21X0017, WB21X147, WB20K5009, WB21X86, WB21X17, WB21X0007, WB21X5307, WB20M0006, WB21X0123, WB21X0138, WB20K5011, WB21X0077, WB21X5211, WB21X0144, WB21X0087, WB21X0104, WB21X5, WB21X87, WB20M6, WB21X0083, WB21X0134, WB21X53, WB21X5236, WB21X0128, WB21X108, WB21X0146, WB21X0115, WB21X2, WB21X64, WB21X0116, WB21X5208R, WB21X104, WB21X144, WB21X0177, WB21X0068, WB21X0012, WB21X0102, WB21X1, WB21X128, WB21X0178, WB21X0092, WB21X0005, WB21X0147, WB21X0145, WB21X74, WB21X5124, WB21X0101, WB21X0080, WB21X110, and more.

Functions of WB21X5209 GE Oven Range Thermostat

The primary functions of the WB21X5209 GE Oven Range Thermostat are:

  1. Temperature Regulation: The thermostat accurately monitors and controls the temperature within the oven or range. It ensures that the desired cooking or baking temperature is maintained consistently.
  2. Heating Element Control: The thermostat activates and deactivates the heating elements in the oven or range based on the temperature settings. This control helps achieve even heating for cooking or baking.
  3. Safety and Overheating Protection: The thermostat includes safety features that prevent the oven or range from overheating. It can shut off the heating elements if the temperature rises to unsafe levels, preventing potential hazards.
  4. Baking and Cooking Precision: By maintaining the specified temperature, the thermostat enables precise baking and cooking. This is crucial for recipes that require accurate temperature control for optimal results.
  5. Energy Efficiency: The thermostat helps conserve energy by regulating the oven or range’s heating elements. It ensures that the oven doesn’t consume more energy than necessary to maintain the desired temperature.
  6. User Control: The thermostat provides users with control over the cooking process. They can set the desired temperature using the oven’s controls, and the thermostat ensures that the oven reaches and maintains that temperature.
  7. Compatibility: The thermostat is designed to be compatible with specific GE oven and range models. It’s an essential component for maintaining the functionality of the appliance.
  8. Replacement: In case the original thermostat malfunctions, the WB21X5209 can serve as a replacement part. It allows users to restore their oven or range to proper working condition.
  9. Consistency: The thermostat contributes to consistent cooking and baking results. It prevents temperature fluctuations that could lead to unevenly cooked or baked dishes.
  10. Longevity of Appliance: Proper functioning of the thermostat contributes to the overall longevity of the oven or range. By preventing overheating and other issues, it helps extend the lifespan of the appliance.

Remember that the specific tasks a thermostat performs can vary slightly depending on the model and features of the oven or range. Always refer to the manufacturer’s documentation for accurate information about your specific appliance.

Common Problems

Common problems associated with the WB21X5209 GE Oven Range Thermostat include:

  1. Inaccurate Temperature: The thermostat may fail to maintain the desired temperature, leading to overcooked or undercooked dishes.
  2. Oven Not Heating: A malfunctioning thermostat can cause the oven to not heat up properly, resulting in unevenly cooked food.
  3. Overheating: If the thermostat is faulty, the oven might overheat, potentially causing damage to the oven or even posing a safety risk.
  4. Failure to Start: A defective thermostat might prevent the oven from starting or turning on.
  5. Constant Cycling: The thermostat could continuously cycle on and off, causing temperature fluctuations and inconsistent cooking results.
  6. Burnt or Scorched Food: If the thermostat is not regulating the temperature accurately, it can lead to burnt or scorched food items.
  7. Delayed Preheating: A malfunctioning thermostat may result in a delay in preheating, leading to longer cooking times.
  8. Uneven Baking: Inconsistent temperature control due to a faulty thermostat can result in unevenly baked goods.
  9. Erratic Display: If the oven has a digital display, a faulty thermostat might cause erratic temperature readings or display errors.
  10. Thermostat Calibration Issues: Over time, the thermostat’s calibration might drift, leading to inaccurate temperature settings.

It’s important to diagnose and address these issues promptly to ensure your oven range functions properly and cooks your meals to perfection.

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WB21x5209 GE Oven Range Thermostat Part

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