LG Refrigerator Electronic Control Board Sensor 6615JB2005R

LG Refrigerator Electronic Control Board Sensor 6615JB2005R

This is a NEW refrigerator replacement part, LG Refrigerator Electronic Control Board Temperature Sensor 6615JB2005R. It fits LG and Kenmore selected models.

Product: Refrigerator Defrost Temperature Sensor Assembly

Part Number: 6615JB2005R

Compatible Part Numbers: 2651140 EAP3599308 PS3599308 AP5325101 ACM73919201

Brand: LG

Fits Brands: LG, Kenmore

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Fits LG Models:

This part fits the following LG refrigerator models. Use Ctrl+F to find your specific model.

LMX30995ST LMX31985ST LFCS31626S LFX31925SB LFX31925SW LFX31945ST LFXS30726B LFXS30726W LFXS30726S/00 LFX25991ST/01 LFX25991ST/02 LFX31925SB/01 LFX31925SB/02 LFX31925SW/02 LFX31935ST/01 LFX31935ST/02 LFX31945ST/01 LFX31945ST/02 LFXC24726S/00 LFXC24726S/01 LFXC24726S/02 LFX31925SW/00 LSFD2491ST LFXS30726S/02 LFX31945ST/00 LFX31945ST/05 LFX31945ST/06 LFX31945ST/07 LFX31945ST00 LFX31945ST05 LFX31945ST06 LFX31945ST07 LFX31925ST/01 LFX31925ST/08 LFX25991ST/00 LFX25991ST/05 LFX25991ST/06 LFX31925ST/04 LFX31925ST/06 LFX31925ST/03 LFX31925ST/05 LFXS30766S/00 LFXS30766S/01 LFXS30766S/02 LFXS30766S/03 LFXS25973D/00 LFXS30766D/00 LSFD2491ST/00 LFXC24726D/00 LFXC24796D/00 LFXC24796S/00 LFXS30796D/00 LFXS30796S/00 LFX31925ST/02 LMX30995ST/00 LFCS31626S/00 LSFXC2476S/00 LSFXC2476S/01 LSFXC2496D/00 LFX31925SB/00 LFXS30726B/00 LFXS30726W/00 LFXC24726S/03 LFXS30766D/01 LFX33975ST/04 LFX31925ST/00 LFXS30726S/01 LFX31945ST-ASTCNA0 LFX31945ST-ASTCNA1 LFX31945ST-ASTCNA2 LFX31945ST-ASTCNA6 LFX31945ST-ASTCNA7 LFXS30766D-ASBCNA0 LFXS30766D-ASBCNA1 LSFXC2496S LFX32945ST LFX33975ST/01 LFX33975ST/02 LFX33975ST/03 LFX33975ST/05 LFX33975ST01 LFX33975ST02 LFX33975ST03 LFXS32726S/00 LFXS32726S/01 LFXS32766S/00

New Factory Original LG Refrigerator Electronic Control Board 6615JB2005R

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