Kenmore Refrigerator Control Board EBR75234703

LG Refrigerator Control Board EBR75234703 2

This is a new home appliance replacement parts for fridges, Kenmore Refrigerator Control Board EBR75234703. It fits Kenmore and LG specific models.

If your fridge doesn’t work properly or compressor is not functioning, then replacing the electronic main control board could solve the problem. Find this part and compare lowest prices here!

Kenmore Refrigerator Control Board EBR75234703

  • Product: Main Control Board PCB Assembly
  • Appliance Part: Refrigerator Electronic Replacement Parts
  • Part Number: EBR75234703
  • Compatible Brands: LG Kenmore
  • Compatible Part Numbers: 2754605 AP5736521 EAP8737451 EBR73093616 EBR73093601 PS8737451

Fits Kenmore Refrigerator Models:

  • 79572052110
  • 79572052113
  • 79572052313
  • 79572053110
  • 79572059110
  • 79572059113
  • 79572059114
  • 79572059115

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LG Refrigerator Control Board EBR75234703

More Information

In addition to the Kenmore Refrigerator Main Control Board EBR75234703, you can find more replacement parts for your appliances, including refrigerator control boards, washer PCB assembly parts, dishwasher control board parts, ice machine replacement parts, and freezer main control board parts.

If you are quite sure exactly what part you need for your appliance, please feel free to contact us for any further information.


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