Kenmore LG 79631462410 Washing Machine Wash Plate

Low Price genuine washing washplate works for LG Kenmore 79629278001 79631412310 79631523211 WT1201CW WT4970CW WT7100CW/00 and more.

WT7100CW/00 Kenmore LG Washing Washplate

Washing Plate

  • Product: Washer Washing Machine Washplate Pulsator
  • Part Number: AGZ72909711
  • Replace Parts: AGZ72909701 AGZ72909702 AGZ72909703 AGZ72909706 AGZ73050601 4873462
  • Fits Brands: LG Kenmore

Fits LG Kenmore Washer Models

This washer plate item works for the following LG Kenmore models.

WT1901CK 79631552610 WT1101CW WT5001CW WT5101HV/00 WT5101HV WT7200CW/00 WT1701CW/00 79629002010 79629472000 WT5680HWA WT5101HW 79629272001 79631622310 79629272901 79631412310 WT5101HW/00 WT1701CW WT7200CV/00 79629272000 WT1701CV/01 79631412410 79631623310 79629002000 WT5680HVA-T1743HDFSP5 WT5680HVA-T1743ADFSP5 WT7500CW WT7600HKA 79629278900 WT5680HVA 79629278000 79629278001 WT7200CW 79629278010 79629272010 WT7100CW/00 79629272900 WT4870CW 79631513211 79629478000 WT7050CV/00 79631553610 79631433710

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