Jenn-Air Range Oven Fan Control Switch 12002046

Your appliance does not have continuity! – Jenn-Air Range Oven Fan Control Switch 12002046. Please check your appliance number. For JED8430ADQ 22402 CP120B-C CP320B CP320B-C CVG2420B CP120W-C JED8430BDB CP220W CP320W-C models and others. Shop Now.

12002046 replacement part

Jenn-Air Range Oven Fan Control Switch 12002046

  • Product: 12002046 Maytag Fan Switch (Original)
  • Part Number: 12002046
  • Replaces Part Number: 74009254 1035493 12002046 EAP2086698 AP4097683 7403P832-60 PS2086698 74007635 706171 12200015 12002045 04100131
  • Compatible Brands: Whirlpool, Maytag, Jenn-Air
  • Type: Range Oven Stove Replacement Parts, Fan Control Switch Assembly
  • Item Location: Waterbury, Connecticut, United States
  • Ship To: the United States and many other countries
  • Return Policy: Seller does not accept returns
  • Item Condition: New
  • Price: US $75.00
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Fits Models:

Check the correct replacement item. This fan switch 12002046 can be used for the following rang/oven models. Press Ctrl-F to check your appliance model as shown.

CP320W-C CP220S JED8430BDS18 CVE3400B JED8430BDF CP120W-C JED8430BDF18 JED8430BDN CVE3401B CP120S-C CP120W CP120B JED8430BDB18 CVG2420W CP220B CP320S JED8430BDS CP320W CVG2420B CVE3401Q CP320S-C JED8430ADQ CP320B CP220W-C JED8430BDB CVDX4180B CP220B-EM CVE3400W 22402 JED8430ADW CVE3401W CVDX4180W JED8430ADB CP220S-C 22403 CP220W CP220B-C CP120B-C CP200B-C CP200B 22404 CP120S CP320B-C

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12002046 Part

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