Genuine Samsung WA456DRHDWR/AA-02 Washer Damper Rod Kit

Great Price new Washing Machine Damper Suspension Rod fits Samsung WA40J3000AW/A2-00 WA45H7200AW/A2-02 WA456DRHDSU/AA-01 WA422PRHDWR/AA-01 WA40J3000AW/AA-13 WA45H7200AP/A2-02 and more.

Samsung WA45H7000AW/AA-15 Washing Machine Suspension Rod Assembly

Washing Machine Suspension Rod

  • Product: Washing Machine Washer Damper Suspension Rod Kit Assembly
  • Part Number: DC97-05280W
  • Replace Parts: 3998024 AP5966911 EAP11719937 PS11719937
  • Fits Brands: Samsung

Fits Samsung Washer Models

This Washer Suspension Rod Kit item works for the following Samsung models.

WA40J3000AW/A2-00 WA40J3000AW/A2-11 WA40J3000AW/A2-13 WA40J3000AW/AA-12 WA45H7000AW/A2-04 WA45M7050AW/A4-01 WA456DRHDWR/AA-04 WA45H7000AP/A2-00 WA456DRHDSU/AA-00 WA456DRHDSU/AA-03 WA400PJHDWR/AA-01 WA400PJHDWR/AA-03 WA456DRHDWR/AA-02 WA45H7000AW/A2-01 WA45H7000AW/A2-10 WA45H7000AW/AA-11 WA45H7000AW/AA-16 WA40J3000AW/AA-13 WA45H7000AP/A2-12 WA45H7000AP/A2-13 and more.

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