Frigidaire Freezer Control Board 216893100

Freezer Control Board 216893100 2Freezer Control Board 216893100 1

This is a new GENUINE freezer replacement part, Frigidaire Freezer Control Board 216893100. It fits AFFC2528, FFC18, FFC25, and GLFC2528 Frigidaire freezer models. Check your specific model, find the right part, and compare lowest prices here!

Frigidaire Freezer Control Board 216893100

  • Product: Inverter High-Voltage Control Board for Freezer
  • Appliance Part: Freezer Electronic Replacement Parts
  • Part Number: 216893100
  • Compatible Brands: Crosley Frigidaire Kenmore
  • Compatible Part Numbers: 958752 AP3220546 EAP817201 PS817201

Fits Frigidaire Freezer Models:

This part fits AFFC2528, FFC18, FFC25, and GLFC2528 model. Use Ctrl+F to find your specific model listed below.


GLFC2528FW0 GLFC2528FW1 GLFC2528FW10 GLFC2528FW2 GLFC2528FW3 GLFC2528FW4 GLFC2528FW5 GLFC2528FW6 GLFC2528FW7 GLFC2528FW8 GLFC2528FW9

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Freezer Control Board 216893100 1

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In addition to the Frigidaire Freezer Control Board 216893100, you can search for more information about parts for the freezer high voltage control board, Frigidaire replacement parts, and inverter main board for freezers.

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