Amana Fridge Electronic Control Board 4388932

Compare Prices Refrigerator Electronic Control Board 4388932. Compatible with ASD2524VEB00 ASD2524VEB02 ASD2520WRB00 ASD2524VES00 ASD2522WRW01 ASD2524VEW01 ASD2522WES01 ASD2522WED01 models and more. Buy Here on eBay!

Amana Fridge Defrost Control Board 4388932

  • Part No: 4388932
  • Replacement Parts: 483187 844415 2154958 2154985 2169267 2169269 2188159 2303824 4388932R AP3109394 EAP372261 PS372261
  • Type: Refrigerator Fridge Electronic Main Control Board Assembly Parts
  • Item Location: united states, United States
  • Ship To: United States
  • Policy: Seller does not accept returns
  • Condition: New
  • Price: US $180.00
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Fits Amana Refrigerator Models:

This repair part fits the following Amana refrigerator models. Use Ctrl-F to find your appliance model as you see.

ASD2520WRB00 ASD2520WRW00 ASD2522WEB00 ASD2522WEB01 ASD2522WED00 ASD2522WED01 ASD2522WES00 ASD2522WES01 ASD2522WEW00 ASD2522WEW01 ASD2522WRB01 ASD2522WRD01 ASD2522WRS01 ASD2522WRW01 ASD2523WRB00 ASD2523WRW00 ASD2524VEB00 ASD2524VEB01 ASD2524VEB02 ASD2524VES00 ASD2524VES01 ASD2524VES02 ASD2524VEW00 ASD2524VEW01 ASD2524VEW02 ASD2526VES00

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Refrigerator Defrost Control Board 4388932

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