Crosley UL2500CA3 Freezer Door Gasket Seal

Check Price genuine freezer French door gasket seal for Crosley Frigidaire Gibson Kenmore FFU2064DW9 FFU2124DW7 FFU21C5AW2 GFU21M6AW4 25327042705 and more.

Gibson GFU20F5AW6 Freezer Door Gasket Seal

Freezer French Door Gasket Seal

  • Product: Freezer French Door Gasket Seal
  • Part Number: 5304507199
  • Replace Parts: 216522312 216522313 4454918 EAP11770643
  • Fits Brands: Crosley Frigidaire Gibson Kenmore

Fits Refrigerator Models

This freezer French door gasket seal part fits the following Crosley Frigidaire Gibson Kenmore models.

UL2500CA0 FFU20IC8CW2 AFFU2066DW0 TFFU2065FW1 FFU2064DW3 FFU2065FW4 FFU20F9HW0 FFU20FC4AW0 FFU20FC6CW2 FFU20FK1CW0 FFU20G9GW2 FFU2124DW6 FFU21C4CW5 FFU21D7HW2 FFU21M7HWF GLFU2067FW6 LFFH21F7HWC LFFU2065DW1 GFU20F5AW0 GFU20F7GW4 GFU21M6AW0 25328052802 2539280412 25321021101 25321111103 25323082100 25324082102 25326052100 25326082101 25328052806 25329082993 and more.

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