Crosley CRTE217IAW1 Refrigerator French Door Gasket Seal

Best Price refrigerator freezer door gasket seal fits Frigidaire Kenmore Crosley Gibson White-Westinghouse FRT21IL6JW0 FRT18IC5AW4 FRT21C5AQB 25365812505 25371114102 and more.

Frigidaire FRT18HS6JQ1 Refrigerator Freezer Door Gasket Seal

Refrigerator Freezer French Door Gasket Seal

  • Product: Refrigerator Freezer French Door Gasket Seal
  • Part Number: 241872513
  • Replace Parts: 240370906 240390701 240514606 240514608 240542118 241872506 5304439523 1465365 EAP2331952 PS233195
  • Fits Brands: Kenmore Crosley Frigidaire Gibson White Westinghouse

Fits Refrigerator Models

This freezer French door gasket seal product works for the following Kenmore Crosley Frigidaire Gibson White Westinghouse models.

CRTE217IAW0 FFHT2126LW3 FFHT1814LW8 FFHT1826LQ8 CFTR1826LW5 FGUI1849LP0 FPHI2187KR2 FRT18B5AW9 FRT18FR7EQ4 FRT18G3AW0 FRT18G7CW0 FRT18HB5JZ1 FRT18HP7JW0 FRT18IB4AT2 FRT18IC5AQ2 FRT18IL6JW9 FRT18IS6CQP FRT18KG4CW2 FRT18ND5AQ2 FRT21C5AQ3 FRT21FD3AW2 25363212010 25372112014 2533180910B 2533184410A 2536080440C 2536088440F 25360892406 25361134105 2536181201A 2536184210B 25362072301 25363082300 25363722300 25364152402 2536419440D 2536481240G 2536482440F 25364874400 25367872500 25367882508 25368802017 25368984800 25369944703 2537088240B 25371114102 25371794104 25371844102 25371884102 25373084300 and more.

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