8303819 Whirlpool Range Oven Control Board

8303819 Whirlpool Range Oven Control Board

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8303819 Whirlpool Range Oven Control Board


  • Part Number: 8303819
  • Replacement Parts: 8303819R
  • Part Types: Stovetop Appliance Circuit Panel, Cooker Range Electronic Controller, Oven Stove Command Module, Culinary Range Oven Processor, Cooking Appliance Control Panel
  • Compatible Brands: Whirlpool

Functions of 8303819 Whirlpool Range Oven Control Board

The functions of the 8303819 Whirlpool Range Oven Control Board include:

  1. Temperature Regulation: Controls and maintains the desired cooking or baking temperature for precise results.
  2. Timer Setting: Allows you to set timers for cooking or baking tasks, alerting you when your food is ready.
  3. Mode Selection: Offers various cooking modes such as bake, broil, convection, and more, catering to different cooking needs.
  4. Display and User Interface: Provides a clear display of settings, timers, and temperature, with user-friendly controls for easy operation.
  5. Safety Features: Monitors and manages safety functions like overheating protection and automatic shut-off to ensure safe cooking practices.
  6. Oven Light Control: Manages the oven light, allowing you to observe your cooking progress without opening the oven door.
  7. Diagnostic Capabilities: Can diagnose issues within the oven system and provide error codes for troubleshooting and repair.
  8. Sabbath Mode: Offers a special mode that adheres to Sabbath and holiday observance cooking practices.
  9. Delay Start: Enables you to set a delay before the oven starts cooking, providing flexibility in meal preparation.
  10. Precise Cooking Control: Helps you achieve consistent and even cooking results through accurate temperature and time adjustments.

Common Problems

Common symptoms of a malfunctioning 8303819 Whirlpool Range Oven Control Board may include:

  1. Inaccurate Temperature: The oven may not heat to the desired temperature or might overheat, leading to uneven cooking results.
  2. Non-Responsive Controls: Buttons or knobs on the control board may not respond when pressed, making it difficult to set cooking settings.
  3. Display Issues: The display may show incorrect information, go blank, or show error codes.
  4. Flickering Lights: Lights associated with the control panel might flicker or not function properly.
  5. Timer and Clock Problems: The timer or clock functions may not work as expected, affecting the scheduling of cooking times.
  6. Unintended Operation: The oven might turn on or off unexpectedly, potentially causing safety concerns.
  7. Error Codes: The control board may display error codes indicating various issues with the oven’s components.
  8. No Power: The oven may not power on at all, indicating a potential problem with the control board’s power supply.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s advisable to diagnose and replace the control board as needed to ensure proper oven functionality.

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