67003817 Maytag Refrigerator Dispenser Panel Board

67003817 Maytag Refrigerator Dispenser Panel Board

Upgrade your Maytag Refrigerator with the 67003817 Dispenser Panel Board today and enjoy effortless access to chilled refreshments. Elevate your appliance experience with this essential replacement part – order now for a cooler tomorrow!

67003817 Maytag Refrigerator Dispenser Panel Board


  • Part Number: 67003817
  • Replacement Parts: 67003817, WP67003817, PS11743557, B003EA8WQ2, AP6010378
  • Part Types: Maytag Fridge Dispenser Control Panel, Dispenser Interface Board for Maytag Refrigerator, Maytag Refrigerator Dispensing Panel Circuit Board, Replacement Dispenser Panel for Maytag Fridge, Maytag Refrigerator Water and Ice Dispenser Board
  • Compatible Brands: Whirlpool, Jann-Air, Kenmore, Maytag

Fits Appliance Models

This part fits the following refrigerator models. Use Ctrl+F to find your specific model numbers listed below.

MSD2657HES, ACD2238HTS, MSD2351HEB, MSD2351HES, PSD266LHEQ, MZD2667HEW, ASD2626HEB, MZD2667HES, JCD2295HES, MSD2651HEW, MSD264RHEQ, PSD269LHEQ, PSD266LHEB, 596.55652500, MSD2355HEB, ASD2328HEB, MSD2357HES, JSD2690HEB
ASD2628HEQ, ASD2628HES, ASD2328HEQ, MSD265MHES, MSD2355HEW, ASD2626HEW, MSD2655HEW, PSD263LHEQ, PSD269LHES, JCD2292HTB, ASD2626HEQ, MSD265RHEW, ASD2328HES, ACD2234HRB, MSD264RHEB, MSD265MHEQ, 596.55659500, ASD2628HEW, MSD2355HEQ, MSD2357HEB, 596.55653500, 596.55654500, ASD2328HEW, MSD265MHEB, MSD2657HEQ, PSD269LHEW, MZD2665HEQ, JCD2290HES, MSD2657HEW, PSD266LHEW, and more.

Functions of 67003817 Maytag Refrigerator Dispenser Panel Board

The main functions of the 67003817 Maytag Refrigerator Dispenser Panel Board typically include:

  1. Water Dispensing: Control and regulate the water dispenser, allowing users to easily get cold water on demand.
  2. Ice Dispensing: Manage the ice dispenser, enabling users to access ice cubes or crushed ice as needed.
  3. Temperature Control: Monitor and adjust the temperature settings for both the water and ice dispensers, ensuring optimal cooling.
  4. User Interface: Provide a user-friendly interface with buttons or a touch panel for selecting various dispensing options and settings.
  5. Indicator Lights: Illuminate indicators to signal when the water filter needs replacement, when the ice bin is full, or other important statuses.
  6. Safety Features: Implement safety measures like child lock or temperature limits to prevent accidental dispensing or misuse.
  7. Communication with Main System: Interface with the main refrigerator control system to coordinate dispenser operations with overall appliance functions.
  8. Diagnostic Capabilities: Allow for diagnostic checks and error code display, aiding in troubleshooting and maintenance.
  9. Energy Efficiency: Manage power consumption and standby modes to ensure efficient operation.
  10. Enhanced Features: In some models, the board may offer additional features like water filtration status, quick ice settings, or even integration with smart home systems for remote control and monitoring.

Common Problems

Common problems associated with the 67003817 Maytag Refrigerator Dispenser Panel Board might include:

  1. Non-Responsive Controls: The panel may not respond to button presses, making it difficult to dispense water or ice.
  2. Erratic Display: The display might flicker, show incorrect information, or not display anything at all.
  3. Water/Ice Dispensing Issues: The dispenser might not deliver water or ice as intended, leading to reduced functionality.
  4. Freezing or Leaking: The dispenser area could experience freezing or leaking, causing water accumulation or hindering its operation.
  5. Strange Noises: Unusual noises originating from the dispenser area may indicate an issue with the control panel board.
  6. Inconsistent Temperature: If the control panel is linked to temperature regulation, inconsistencies in fridge or freezer temperatures might occur.
  7. Panel Lights Not Working: The lights on the panel may not illuminate, making it challenging to operate in low-light conditions.

Please note that these are general problems that can be associated with control panel boards for refrigerators. For specific issues related to the 67003817 Maytag Dispenser Panel Board, it’s recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s documentation or seek professional assistance.

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67003817 Maytag Refrigerator Dispenser Panel Board

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