4681EA2001T LG Washer Drain Pump

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4681EA2001T LG Washer Drain Pump

4681EA2001T LG Washer Drain Pump

The 4681EA2001T is a drain pump used in LG washing machines. It is responsible for pumping water out of the washer during the drain cycle. The pump is typically located at the bottom of the washer and may be accessed by removing the front or back panel of the machine.

The 4681EA2001T is a genuine OEM part designed specifically for use in LG washers and is known for its reliability and durability. It is compatible with a range of LG washer models and can be easily installed with basic hand tools.

If you are experiencing issues with your LG washer not draining properly, a faulty 4681EA2001T drain pump may be the cause and may need to be replaced.


  • Part Number: 4681EA2001T
  • Replacement Parts: EAP3579318, PS3579318, 4681EA1007G, 4681EA2001D, 4681EA2001N, 2003273, 4681EA1007D, AP5328388, 4681EA2001U
  • Part Types: Drain Pump Motor, Front load washer drain pump motor
  • Compatible Brands: LG, Kenmore
  • Fits Appliance Models: Please see the list below.
  • Price: Check updated price below.

Fits Appliance Models

WM3885HWCA, 79641483411, WM1377HW, 79641272211, WM2016CW, 79641383411, WM3070HRA/00, WM3575CV/01, 79641003611, WM2077CW/00, WM2677HBM, WM1333HW, WM3170CW/00, WM2487HRMA/00, WM2455HG, 79641392610, 79641682610, 79641073310, WM3477HW, WM4270HWA, WM9000HWA, WM3677HW, 79640318900, 79641029900, WM3170CW/01, WM3270CW/00, WM3770HVA, 79641172212, WM3770HWA, WM3370HVA, 79641182311, 79641172210, WM3360HVCA-ASSESED, WM3360HVCA, WM0001HTMA, WM3470HVA, 79641583211, WM2601HR, WM1832CW, WM3570HVA/01, WM3001HPA, WM2688HNM, WM3431HW/00, WM4270HVA/00, WM2050CW, 79641548210, WM8100HVA, 79641182310, WM3575CW/00, 79641583411, WM2487HWMA, WM4370HKA, 79641393510, WM3470HWA/00, WM3050CW-ABWEEUS, WM3575CW/01, 79640272800, 79641172211, WM3180CW/00, 79641262610, 79641162411, WM3470HVA/00, 79640311900, WM3360HVCA-ASSEEUS, WM4370HWA, WM8000HVA, WM8000HWA/00, 79641383410, WM1815CS, WM3670HVA/00, 79642198900, WM0642HW, WM4070HWA, GCWP1069CD3, WM1812CW, WM3770HWA/00, CW2079CWD, WM3550HWCA, WM2487WHM, WM2496HWM, WM3370HVA/00, 79641382411, WD-3274RHD, 79641379210, WM3488HW/00, WM3070HWA, 79641282311, WM9000HVA, WM3370HWA-ABWEPUS, WM0642HW/01, 79641538110, WM2350HWC, WM3485HWA, WM3370HWA, WM2442HW, WM2277HW, WM3250HWA, 79641542110, 79640448900, WM2677HWM, WM4070HVA, 79641483410, WM2801HWA, 79641963610, WM2233HW/01, 79641728010, 79641072311, WM3360HRCA, WM2250CW-ABWEEUS, WM3431HS, WM3575CV/00, 79641532110, WM2455HG/00, 79641482410, WM2901HVA, 79648852800, 79641072310, WM3150HVC, 79641393610, WM3370HVA00, GCWP1069CD, 79648842800, WM3570HWA/01, WM2601HW, WM2701HV, WM3570HVA, WM2140CW, 79641392511, 79641683610, 79640512900, WM2032HW, WM3875HWCA, WM2688HWM, WM3987HW, 79641549210, WM3488HS/00, WM3875HVCA, WM3370HRA/00, 79641272210, WM3370HRA00, WM3050CW-ABWEPUS, WM2411HW, 79641382410, 79641283311, WM2650HWA, WD-3243RHD, WM3885HCCA, WM9000HVA/00, WM3431HW, WM3570HVA/00, WM2250CW-ABWEPUS, WM2650HRA, WM2240CW, WM3499HVA/00, WM3431H, 79641473210, WM3670HWA, 79641728000, 79641962610, WM3370HWA/01, WM2550HRCA, 79641542210, WM3001HRA, WM3455HW, WM0642HS, WM8000HWA, WM1811CW, 79641392510, 79640518900, WM3988HWA, WM3632HW, WM2496HSM, WM0742HGA, WM3570HVA/01-ASSEECI, 79641262612, WM3431HW/01, WM2042CW, WM3470HWA, WM2016CW/00, 79641002612, WM5000HWA, GCWP1069CD2, WM2301HR, 79641472210, WM2501HWA, 79641162410, WM2801HRA, WM2277HB, WM3455HS, WM2011HW, WM2432HW, WM1388HW, WM2101HW, WM3997HWA/00, 79641728900, WM2077CW, WM8500HVA, WM3570HVA/01-ASSEPUS, WM0532HW, 79641003610, 79641283310, WM2450HRA, WM3370HWA/00, WM2101HW/00, WM2277HS, WM3150HWC, 79641482211, 79641028900, WM3360HRCA-ACREECI, WM3997HWA, WM3488HS, 79641162211, WM2350HRC, WM2497HWM, 79640441900, WM3550HVCA, WM3360HVCA-ASSEECI, 79640272900, WM2250CW, WM3050CW, 79640021900, 79642199900, WM2487HRMA, WM3670HVA/01, 79641549110, WM8100HVA/00, 79641582412, WM4270HWA/01, WM2233HW, 79641372211, WM3477HS, WM3270CW, 79641982410, WM4270HVA/01, WM3370HRA, WM9500HKA, WM3997HWA/01, WM2801HLA, WM3670HWA/00, WM2250CW/00, WM2501HVA, WM2701HV/00, 79641282310, 79642192900, WM2032HS, 79641583410, 79641548110, WM3080CW/00, 79641262611, WM3360HWCA, WM2301HW, WM2233HU, WD3274RHD, WM3370HVA/01, 79641393511, WM3488HW, WM3360HRCA-ACREEUS, WM8100HWA, WM2277HW/00, WM2016CW/01, WM2233HS, WM2688HNMA, WM2455HW, WM5000HVA, WM3670HRA/00, WM3431HW01, 79641482411, 79641372210, 79641073311, 79641722000, 79641022900, WM2487HWM, WM2075CW, WM3001HWA, 79641582411, 79641002610, 79641722010, WM4270HWA/00, 79641303610, 79641532210, WM1355HR, WM1355HW, WM0742HWA, WM2655HVA, WM8100HWA/00, WD-3245RHD, CW2079CWN, WM2233HD, WM2550HWCA, WM4370HKA/00, WM1814CW, 79641983410, WM2688HWMA, WM9000HWA/00, WM2233HW/00, WM2601HL, WM3770HVA/01, WM2010CW, WM3770HVA/00, 79641302610, WM2677HSM, GCWP1069CD1, WM2077CW/01, WM2050CW/00, WM2277HW/01, WM2487HRM, and more.

Functions of 4681EA2001T LG Washer Drain Pump

The 4681EA2001T LG Washer Drain Pump is a crucial component of an LG washing machine. Its main function is to pump out water from the machine during the draining cycle. Here are some of the specific functions of this pump:

  1. Removes water from the washer: The primary function of the 4681EA2001T LG Washer Drain Pump is to remove the water from the washing machine. It creates suction to draw the water out of the washer and then pumps it through the drain hose.
  2. Prevents water from remaining in the machine: The drain pump is responsible for ensuring that all the water is removed from the washer. This prevents water from remaining in the machine, which can cause mold and mildew growth, and foul odors.
  3. Protects the washing machine: The drain pump protects the washing machine from damage by preventing water from remaining in the machine. This can prevent corrosion, rust, and other issues that can cause the machine to malfunction.
  4. Efficient: The 4681EA2001T LG Washer Drain Pump is designed to be efficient, allowing for quick and effective drainage of the washing machine. This means that the machine can be used more frequently, without the need for extended drying times.
  5. Easy to install: The drain pump is easy to install and replace. This means that if the pump becomes damaged or worn out, it can be easily replaced, without the need for professional repair services.

Overall, the 4681EA2001T LG Washer Drain Pump is a critical component of an LG washing machine, responsible for efficient and effective water drainage, which is essential to the proper functioning of the machine.

Common Symptoms

The 4681EA2001T is a drain pump used in LG washers. Some common symptoms of a malfunctioning 4681EA2001T drain pump include:

  1. Washer not draining: The most common symptom of a faulty drain pump is that the washer won’t drain properly. You may hear the pump humming or making a buzzing sound, but the water won’t drain out of the washer.
  2. Loud noises: A damaged or worn-out pump can make loud, unusual noises, such as grinding or rattling sounds.
  3. Slow draining: A partially blocked or malfunctioning drain pump may cause the washer to drain slowly, or the water may not drain at all.
  4. Water leaks: If the drain pump is damaged, it may cause water to leak from the washer.
  5. Error codes: Some LG washers have error codes that appear on the display when there is a problem with the drain pump. Error codes such as OE or DE indicate a drain pump issue.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms with your LG washer, it may be time to replace the 4681EA2001T drain pump.

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4681EA2001T LG Washer Drain Pump
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