415619 Bosch Thermador Oven Range Control Board

415619 Bosch Thermador Oven Range Control Board

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415619 Bosch Thermador Oven Range Control Board

The 415619 Bosch Thermador Oven Range Control Board is a vital replacement component designed to ensure your oven operates flawlessly. It guarantees precise temperature control and efficient cooking, making it an essential part for your kitchen appliances.


  • Part Number: 415619
  • Replacement Parts: 00488797, 00492071, 14-38-902, 14-38-995, 1795924, 35-00-704, 415619, 488797, 491432, 492071, 702451, 961901, AH3491434, EA3491434, PS3491434, PS8736019, 14-38-903, 16-10-660, 35-00-760, 486792-REPL, 16-11-202, 00491433, 00431463, 00486329, 14-38-905, 369126
  • Part Types: Bosch Thermador Stove Control Panel, Thermador Oven Range Master Board, Bosch Thermador Cooking Appliance Control Module, Thermador Range Oven Command Board, Bosch Thermador Culinary Control System
  • Compatible Brands: Bosch, Thermador

Fits Appliance Models

This part fits the following range/oven models: EH15VSXLN2, SC272T, SC301T, SC302T, SC302ZS, S271T, S272T, S301T, S302T, SM272B, SM272S, SM272W, SM272YB, SM272YS, SM272YW, SMW272P, SMW272S, SMW272W, SMW272YB, SMW272YS, SMW272YW, and more.

Functions of 415619 Bosch Thermador Oven Range Control Board

The specific functions of the 415619 Bosch Thermador Oven Range Control Board can vary depending on the model and features of the appliance. However, here are some common key functions that such a control board might typically perform:

  1. Temperature Regulation: The control board helps regulate the oven’s temperature accurately, ensuring consistent cooking results.
  2. Timer Control: It enables you to set cooking timers, helping you manage cooking durations effectively.
  3. Oven Mode Selection: The control board lets you choose between different cooking modes such as bake, broil, convection, etc.
  4. Display and User Interface: It provides a digital display and user-friendly interface to monitor and adjust settings.
  5. Safety Features: The control board may incorporate safety features like overheating protection and automatic shut-off.
  6. Clock and Timer Display: It displays the current time and can be used to set timers for various cooking tasks.
  7. Diagnostic Codes: Modern control boards often include diagnostic codes that can help identify issues with the appliance for troubleshooting.
  8. Control Lock: Some control boards offer a control lock feature to prevent accidental changes to settings.
  9. Preheat Function: It allows you to preheat the oven to the desired temperature before cooking.
  10. Memory and Recall: Certain models might have memory functions that recall your previous cooking settings.

Please note that the actual functions can vary based on the specific model and features of the Bosch Thermador Oven Range Control Board you are using. It’s recommended to refer to the product documentation or user manual for precise information about the functions of your particular control board.

Common Problems

Common problems associated with the 415619 Bosch Thermador Oven Range Control Board may include:

  1. Display Issues: The control board’s display might become unreadable, flicker, or show incorrect information due to internal failures.
  2. Unresponsive Controls: Buttons or knobs on the control board may become unresponsive, making it difficult to set or adjust cooking settings.
  3. Inaccurate Temperature Regulation: The oven might have difficulty maintaining the desired temperature, leading to undercooked or overcooked food.
  4. Error Codes: Faulty components within the control board can trigger error codes, preventing the oven from functioning properly.
  5. No Power or Intermittent Power: The oven might not power on at all or experience intermittent power loss due to issues within the control board’s circuitry.

It’s recommended to consult a professional technician or service provider to diagnose and resolve these problems effectively.

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415619 Bosch Thermador Oven Range Control Board

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Replacement Video – Bosch Oven Control Board Repair

Check out this video where I fix my Bosch Oven. The control board had a melted resistor, and since I couldn’t find a replacement, I took matters into my own hands. It’s been 3 months since I made this repair, and our oven has been working perfectly ever since.

(YouTube Video Credite: Smikey)

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