00702450 Thermador Oven Display Board

00702450 Thermador Oven Display Board

Discover the ultimate solution for your culinary masterpiece with the 00702450 Thermador Oven Display Board. Elevate your cooking experience today and bring precision back to your kitchen.

00702450 Thermador Oven Display Board

Enhance your culinary haven with the 00702450 Thermador Oven Display Board. Seamlessly replacing your old display, this board ensures intuitive control and precision, empowering you to master every dish with confidence.


  • Part Number: 00702450
  • Replacement Parts: See list below.
  • Part Types: Single Oven Range Display Restoration Kit, Oven Range Digital Display Repair Set (Single Oven), Repair Kit for Solo Oven Range Display Panel, Single Oven Range LED Screen Fix Kit, Display Refurbishment Set for One-Oven Range
  • Compatible Brands: Thermador

Fits Appliance Models

This part can be replaced with these part numbers: 35-00-703, 702450, 14-38-994, 00491431, 00415618, 431463, 492069, 35-00-760, AP4929088, 14-38-901, 491431, PS3491433, 1795923, 00486785, 492067, 486785, 00492067, EAP3491433, 00486792, 00431463, 14-38-903, 00492069, 486792, 1795923, 16-10-660, 415618, and more.

Functions of 00702450 Thermador Oven Display Board

The main functions of the 00702450 Thermador Oven Display Board typically include:

  1. Temperature Control: Adjust and set precise cooking temperatures for your oven.
  2. Timer Settings: Program timers to ensure accurate cooking durations for various recipes.
  3. Cooking Mode Selection: Choose from various cooking modes such as bake, broil, convection, and more.
  4. Clock Display: Keep track of the current time for convenience in the kitchen.
  5. Error Codes and Alerts: Receive notifications and error codes for troubleshooting and maintenance.
  6. Touch Control Interface: Intuitive touch controls for easy navigation and customization.
  7. Programmable Settings: Save custom cooking settings for your favorite dishes.
  8. Oven Light Control: Manage the oven’s interior lighting for better visibility.
  9. Diagnostic Features: Access diagnostic information to identify potential issues.
  10. Compatibility with Thermador Ovens: Specifically designed to function seamlessly with Thermador ovens.

Please note that the exact functions may vary based on the specific model and features of the Thermador Oven Display Board in question.

Common Problems

Common problems associated with the 00702450 Thermador Oven Display Board include:

  1. Dim or Flickering Display: The display might appear dim or flicker, making it difficult to read or use.
  2. Blank Screen: The display might be completely blank, preventing you from accessing the oven’s controls.
  3. Incorrect Readings: Inaccurate temperature or timer readings on the display can lead to cooking mishaps.
  4. Unresponsive Touch Controls: The touch-sensitive controls might not respond to your inputs, making it challenging to operate the oven.
  5. Error Codes: The display might show error codes that require troubleshooting to identify and fix the underlying issue.
  6. Display Freezing: The display could freeze or become stuck on a particular screen, hindering functionality.
  7. Intermittent Operation: The display might work sporadically, making it unreliable for consistent oven usage.
  8. Physical Damage: Physical damage, such as cracks or broken segments on the display, can hinder visibility and functionality.
  9. Electrical Issues: Wiring or connection problems within the display board can cause irregular behavior or malfunctioning.
  10. Software Glitches: Software bugs or glitches can lead to unexpected behavior or display malfunctions.

If you encounter any of these issues, consider troubleshooting or seeking professional repair to restore the proper functioning of your Thermador Oven Display Board.

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00702450 Thermador Oven Display Board

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Replacement Video – How to repair control panel on a Thermador double oven

Watch a detailed video tutorial demonstrating the step-by-step process of repairing the control panel in a Thermador double oven.

(YouTube Video Credite: bird brian)

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