3148954 WP3149400 Whirlpool Surface Range Burner Switch

3148954 WP3149400 Whirlpool Surface Range Burner Switch

3148954 WP3149400 Surface Range Burner Switch for Whirlpool

Item Specifics:

  • Model: 3148953 / WP3149400
  • Condition: A brand-new
  • Compatible Brand: For Whirlpool, and more.
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Type: Selector Switch
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Type: Burner Switch
  • Item Location: United States
  • Price: Check the price below.

Replacement Parts

This part, 3148954 WP3149400 Whirlpool Surface Range Burner Switch, can be replaced with the following part numbers:

99989662, 311858, 314140, 3148954, 311846, 2786, 3149400, 311859, W10295573, AP6007666, PS11740783, EAP11740783, 310180

Compatible Brands

Maytag, Estate, Amana, Magic-Chef, Kenmore, Roper, Whirlpool, KitchenAid

Compatible Range Models

1037288010, RF385PXEN0, 66595776890, ACR2303MFW7, WFE505W0HZ0, YMER6600FZ6, RF375PXXW0, WERP4110SS3, RF315PXKB0, RF261PXST1, RF360BXXW1, WFC150M0JW1, 1033248092, WFE505W0HW0, RF390LXKT0, RF370PXDN0, GR395LXGQ2, RF390LXKQ0, IVE32301, WERP4210PQ2, YMER7651WB1, 66595039200, 12151A, RF375PCYW1, 66595012102, 4KMER7685EW1, RF315PXMQ0, RF315PCYW1, S65070, 1037297910, RF385PXGN1, RF365PXMV0, WFC310S0EB1, ACR4503SFB7, RF362BXKT0, 66595825005, 1033367910, RF362LXSQ0, RF378LXKQ0, RF315PXGQ0, YWFC150M0EW4, RF367LXMB0, WFE515S0EB1, WERP3101SB1, WFC150M0JS3, 66592144300, TEP325KW0, 66595014102, RF385PCWW2, WERP3200PQ1, RF354BXEW1, WFE505W0HZ1, RF385PXGQ2, RF390LXKP0, RF262LXSQ4, RF385PXGN0, 1405W1A, RF377PXYW0, WERP3120PQ0, RF377PXGW1, RF385PXGW2, 9117108010, YMER6600FZ1, RF262LXSB3, WERE3000PB4, RF367BXPW0, RMS359-OF, RF388LXKB0, WFE320M0EB2, YWFE515S0EW0, RF376LXGW3, RF386PXGZ4, RF362BXMQ0, RF360BXPW0, WFE515S0ED0, AER5844VCB2, RF263LXTQ3, 66595779891, RF325PXGN0, AER5844VAS0, RF114PXST2, 1037907914, AER5844VCS2, 66595004102, WFE525S0JW3, ACR4303MFB4, AER5830VAS1, WFE510S0HW0, WFC315S0JB0, RF264LXSB0, WERP3000PQ3, TER86W5BN0, RF365BXWW1, YWFC310S0EW4, WFE320M0EW0, RF368LXPS1, RF263LXTS2, and more.

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Functions of 3148954 Surface Range Burner Switch

  1. Controls burner operation
  2. Adjusts burner temperature
  3. Turns burner on/off
  4. Regulates heat level

Common Problems with the 3148954 Surface Range Burner Switches

  1. Range burner not turning on/off
  2. Inconsistent heat control
  3. Range switch sticking or difficult to turn
  4. Burner not heating evenly

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3148954 WP3149400 Whirlpool Surface Range Burner Switch

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