00702092 Bosch Refrigerator Freezer Ice Maker

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00702092 Bosch Thermador Refrigerator Freezer Ice Maker

00702092 Bosch Refrigerator Freezer Ice Maker

The 00702092 Bosch Refrigerator Freezer Ice Maker is a crucial component for those who want to keep their drinks and food cold and fresh. It is designed to produce ice cubes quickly and efficiently, making it a must-have for any household.

With its high-quality build and reliable performance, the Bosch ice maker is a popular choice among homeowners and repair professionals.


  • Part Number: 00702092
  • Replacement Parts: 702092, AP4567149, 676098, 00669732, 684889, 00645885, 647959, PS8735998, 2001265, 00676098, 645885, 00684894, 00647959, 684894, 700085, 00673197, 673197, 669732, EAP8735998, 00684889, 00700085
  • Part Types: Refrigerator Freezer Ice Maker Assembly
  • Compatible Brands: Thermador, Bosch, Dacor
  • Fits Appliance Models: Please see the list below.
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Fits Appliance Models

This part fits the following models ..

T36IT71NNP/35, T24IF70NSP/36, T36IT71NNP/99, B36BT830NS/11, T36IT71FN/04, ER36GSCHLPH, T18BF70FSE, T24IF70NSP/29, T24IF70NSP/18, B30BB830SS/03, T36IT71FNS/01, ER36GISCHLP, T36IT71NNP/08, T36IT71NNP/09, T36IT71NNP/34, ER36GISCHLPH, B36BT830NS/09, T24IF70NSP/42, T36IT71NNP/23, T36IT71NNP/03, T36IT71FN/23, B30BB830SS/01, T36IT71NNP/29, ER36GSCHLP, T36IT71NNP/31, B36IT71NNP/11, B30BB830SS/04, B30BB830SS/06, T36IT71NNP/22, ER36GSCHNG, T36BT71FSE, T36IT71FN/02, T36IT71NNP/12, B30BB830SS/08, T36IT71NNP/10, ER36GISCHNGH, T36IT71NNP/06, T36IT71FN/01, B30BB830SS/02, T24IF70NSP/37, T36IT71NNP/28, T36IT71NNP/07, B36IT71NNP11, T36IT71FN/26, ER36GISCHNG, T36IT71FN/21, T18BF70FS-09, T36IT71NNP/27, T24IF70NSP/39, T36IT71NNP/04, T36IT71NNP/11, ER36GSCHNGH, T24IF70NSP/20, B30BB830SS/07, T36IT71NNP/02, B36BT830NS/13, B30BB830SS/05, B36BT830NS/03, T36IT71FN/25, T36BT71FS/08, T24IF70NSP/40, and more.


  • The 00702092 Bosch Refrigerator Freezer Ice Maker is responsible for making and dispensing ice from the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.
  • It receives water from the water supply valve, freezes it into ice cubes, and dispenses them into the ice bin for later use.

Common Symptoms

  • No ice production: If the ice maker fails to produce ice, it may indicate a problem with the water supply valve, ice maker assembly, or the ice maker control module.
  • Overfilled ice bin: If the ice maker continuously produces ice and overfills the ice bin, it may be due to a faulty ice level control board or a malfunctioning water inlet valve.
  • Leaking water: If the ice maker is leaking water into the ice bin or onto the floor, it may indicate a problem with the water inlet valve, the fill tube, or the water line.
  • Abnormal ice size or shape: If the ice cubes are too small, too big, or misshapen, it may indicate a problem with the ice maker assembly or the water supply valve.
  • Noisy operation: If the ice maker is making loud or unusual noises during operation, it may indicate a problem with the motor or gears within the assembly.

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00702092 Bosch Refrigerator Freezer Ice Maker
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