WR55X11070 GE Refrigerator Control Board

WR55X11070 GE Refrigerator Control Board

Unlock the future of freshness with the WR55X11070 GE Refrigerator Control Board – your gateway to optimal cooling precision. Elevate your refrigeration experience today!

WR55X11070 GE Refrigerator Control Board

The WR55X11070 GE Refrigerator Control Board is the brains behind your fridge, ensuring it runs efficiently and maintains the perfect temperature for your food. Replace your old board with this genuine part to keep your refrigerator in top-notch condition.


  • Part Number: WR55X11070
  • Replacement Parts: EAP3491623, AP4982341, 1812459, WR55X10720, WR55X10819, PS3491623
  • Part Types: GE Fridge Control Panel, General Electric Refrigerator Circuit Board, GE Freezer Control Module, General Electric Fridge Controller, GE Refrigeration System Board
  • Compatible Brands: GE, General Electric

Fits Appliance Models

  • GE ZIC360NRJLH Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • GE ZIC360NRJRH Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • GE ZIC360NXALH Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • GE ZIC360NXARH Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • GE ZICP360NXALH Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • GE ZICP360NXARH Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • GE ZICP360SLFSS Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • GE ZICP360SRFSS Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • GE ZICP720ASDSS Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • GE ZICP720ASESS Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • GE ZICP720AXASS Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • GE ZICP720BSDSS Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • GE ZICP720BSESS Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • GE ZICP720BXASS Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • GE ZICS360NRJLH Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • GE ZICS360NRJRH Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • GE ZISP480DTASS Refrigerator – T Series
  • GE ZISP480DTBSS Refrigerator – T Series
  • GE ZISS420DXASS Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISS420DXBSS Refrigerator – B Series
  • GE ZISS420NXASS Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISS420NXBSS Refrigerator – B Series
  • GE ZISS480DXASS Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISS480DXBSS Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISS480NXASS Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISS480NXB Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISB360DXA Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISB360DXB Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISB420DXA Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISB420DXB Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISB480DXA Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISB480DXB Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISP420DTBSS Refrigerator – T Series
  • GE ZISP420DXASS Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISP420DXBSS Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISP480DXASS Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISP480DXBSS Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISS360DXASS Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISS360DXBSS Refrigerator – B Series
  • GE ZISS360DXASS Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISS360DXBSS Refrigerator – B Series
  • GE ZISS480NXA Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISS480NXB Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISW360DXA Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISW360DXB Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISW420DXA Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISW420DXB Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISW480DXA Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISW480DXB Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZIS360NXA Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZIS360NXB Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZIS420NXA Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZIS420NXB Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISS360NXASS Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISS360NXBSS Refrigerator – B Series
  • GE ZISS480NXBSS Refrigerator – X Series
  • GE ZISS480NXASS Refrigerator – X Series
  • and more ..

Functions of WR55X11070 GE Refrigerator Control Board

The main functions of the WR55X11070 GE Refrigerator Control Board include:

  1. Temperature Regulation: The control board monitors and regulates the temperature within the refrigerator and freezer compartments to maintain optimal cooling conditions for food preservation.
  2. Defrost Control: It manages the defrost cycle of the refrigerator, preventing excessive frost buildup on the evaporator coils and ensuring efficient cooling performance.
  3. Fan Control: The control board manages the operation of the evaporator and condenser fans, helping to distribute cold air evenly throughout the refrigerator and dissipate heat from the condenser.
  4. User Interface Interaction: In refrigerators with digital displays and controls, the control board facilitates user interaction by processing input from buttons or touchscreens and displaying relevant information.
  5. Alarm and Alerts: The control board can monitor various sensors and switches to detect abnormalities such as high temperatures or open doors, triggering alarms or alerts to notify users of potential issues.
  6. Communication: In some models, the control board may facilitate communication between different components of the refrigerator, such as the compressor, fans, and defrost heaters, ensuring coordinated and efficient operation.
  7. Energy Efficiency: The control board may include energy-saving features such as adaptive defrost algorithms or compressor cycling to optimize energy consumption and reduce utility costs.
  8. Diagnostic Capabilities: Modern control boards often include diagnostic features that can help technicians identify and troubleshoot problems by providing error codes or status indicators.
  9. Safety Features: The control board can incorporate safety mechanisms to prevent overheating, short circuits, or other potentially hazardous situations.
  10. System Monitoring: It continuously monitors the overall health of the refrigerator’s systems, helping to ensure that all components are functioning properly and efficiently.
  11. Control of Additional Features: Depending on the model, the control board might manage additional features like ice makers, water dispensers, and special compartments with specific temperature requirements.

Please note that the specific functions can vary based on the refrigerator model and its design.

Common Problems

Here are some common problems associated with the WR55X11070 GE Refrigerator Control Board:

  1. Temperature Instability: The control board might fail to accurately regulate the temperature, leading to inconsistent cooling or freezing levels within the refrigerator and freezer compartments.
  2. No Display or Power: A malfunctioning control board could result in a blank display panel or a lack of power, preventing the refrigerator from operating properly.
  3. Erratic Display: The display on the control board might show incorrect readings, blinking lights, or unusual symbols due to internal issues.
  4. Defrosting Problems: If the defrost cycle is not initiated by the control board as intended, frost buildup can occur on the evaporator coils, potentially affecting the cooling efficiency.
  5. Unresponsive Controls: Buttons and settings on the control board may become unresponsive, making it difficult to adjust temperature settings or activate certain features.
  6. Constant Running or Cycling: A faulty control board might cause the compressor to run continuously or the refrigerator to cycle on and off too frequently, resulting in energy inefficiency.
  7. Icemaker and Water Dispenser Issues: Malfunctions in the control board can disrupt the functioning of the icemaker and water dispenser, leading to issues like no ice production or no water flow.
  8. Alarms and Alerts: The control board’s sensors and alarms may trigger false alerts, such as door open alarms when the doors are securely closed.
  9. Communication Problems: If the control board fails to communicate effectively with other components like fans, sensors, or defrost heaters, it can lead to imbalances in the system.
  10. Electronic Glitches: Electrical problems within the control board’s circuitry might cause unexpected glitches, such as random resets, inaccurate readings, or frozen settings.
  11. Display Lights Not Working: The indicator lights on the control panel might fail to illuminate or provide incorrect feedback, making it hard to monitor the refrigerator’s status.
  12. Compatibility Issues: Incorrect installation or using a control board that is not compatible with the refrigerator’s model can result in functional problems.

If you encounter any of these issues with your WR55X11070 GE Refrigerator Control Board, it’s recommended to consult the manufacturer’s troubleshooting guide or seek professional assistance for repair or replacement.

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WR55X11070 GE Refrigerator Control Board

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(YouTube Video Credite: RepairClinic.com)

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