WB27X45308 GE Electric Range Control Panel

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WB27X45308 GE Electric Range Control Panel

WB27X45308 GE Electric Range Control Panel

The WB27X45308 is a genuine replacement control panel designed for GE electric ranges, offering precise and intuitive command over cooking functions. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, it ensures a seamless cooking experience while seamlessly integrating into your kitchen’s aesthetic.


  • Part Number: WB27X45308
  • Replacement Parts: WB27X41867
  • Part Types: Electric Range Oven Control Panel
  • Compatible Brands: GE, General Electric
  • Fits Appliance Models: Please see the list below.
  • Price: Check price on eBay.

Fits Appliance Types:

  • GE Electric Range/Oven

Fits Appliance Models

  • GE PHS930YP9FS Electric Range
  • GE PHS930YP3FS Electric Range
  • GE PHS930YP4FS Electric Range

Functions of WB27X45308 GE Electric Range Control Panel

Here is a general list of functions commonly found on electric range control panels:

  1. Power On/Off: Activate or deactivate the electric range.
  2. Temperature Control: Set and adjust cooking or baking temperatures for the oven.
  3. Cooking Modes: Select various cooking modes such as bake, broil, convection, and more.
  4. Timer: Set timers for cooking or baking durations.
  5. Clock Display: Display the current time.
  6. Preheat: Quickly reach the desired cooking temperature before placing food in the oven.
  7. Cook Time/End Time: Set a specific time for the oven to start and stop cooking.
  8. Temperature Conversion: Convert between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  9. Child Lock: Lock the control panel to prevent accidental or unauthorized use.
  10. Sabbath Mode: Adjust settings for observance of the Sabbath.
  11. Delay Start: Set a delay for when the oven should start cooking.
  12. Timer Sounds: Adjust or disable audible timer alerts.
  13. Cooking Zone/Element Control: Activate and adjust the temperature of specific cooking zones or burners on the cooktop.
  14. Hot Surface Indicator: Warn when cooktop or oven surfaces are hot to touch.
  15. Self-Clean: Initiate the self-cleaning cycle for the oven.
  16. Settings: Access and customize various settings, such as language and display brightness.

Please refer to the user manual or documentation provided with the WB27X45308 GE Electric Range Control Panel for precise details about its specific functions and features.

Common Problems of WB27X45308 GE Electric Range Control Panel

The specific problems that can occur with the WB27X45308 GE Electric Range Control Panel may vary, but here are some common issues that can affect electric range control panels in general:

  1. Display Not Working: The control panel display may fail to light up or show any information.
  2. Unresponsive Controls: Buttons or touchpad controls may become unresponsive, making it difficult to adjust settings.
  3. Erratic Temperature Control: The temperature settings might not correspond accurately to the actual temperature in the oven.
  4. Timer Malfunctions: The timer function may not work correctly, leading to inaccurate cooking times or no alert sounds.
  5. Error Codes: The control panel could display error codes, indicating specific issues with the oven’s components or sensors.
  6. Stuck or Jammed Buttons: Buttons or touchpad areas may become stuck or jammed, preventing proper use.
  7. Dim or Flickering Display: The display might be dim, flicker, or have uneven lighting, affecting visibility.
  8. Inconsistent Preheating: The oven may struggle to preheat to the set temperature or take longer than expected.
  9. Clock Inaccuracies: The clock display may not keep accurate time or reset after a power outage.
  10. Child Lock Issues: The child lock feature might get activated unintentionally or become difficult to deactivate.
  11. Overheating: The control panel could overheat due to internal issues, affecting its performance.
  12. Wiring or Connection Problems: Loose or faulty wiring connections can lead to various control panel malfunctions.
  13. Software Glitches: Electronic components and software may encounter glitches, leading to unexpected behavior.

For the WB27X45308 GE Electric Range Control Panel, it’s important to refer to the user manual or contact GE customer support for specific troubleshooting steps and solutions. If you encounter any of these issues, a trained technician may be needed to diagnose and resolve the problem safely.

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WB27X45308 GE Electric Range Control Panel

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