WB24T10134 GE Range Burner Infinite Switch

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WB24T10134 GE Range Burner Infinite Switch

WB24T10134 GE Range Burner Infinite Switch

WB24T10134 is a part number for a range burner infinite switch used in some GE, Hotpoint, and Kenmore electric ranges. The infinite switch controls the heat level of the surface burners on the range.


  • Part Number: WB24T10134 GE Range Burner Infinite Switch
  • Replacement Parts: n/a
  • Part Types: Range Burner Infinite Switch, Cooktop Infinite Control Switch, Stove Burner Heat Selector Switch
  • Compatible Brands: GE
  • Fits Appliance Models: Please see the list below.

Fits Appliance Models



The WB24T10134 controls the amount of heat that is produced by the burner on a range or stove. It is responsible for regulating the temperature of the heating element and turning it on and off as needed. The switch is designed to operate at different heat levels, which are usually indicated by the markings on the control knob.

Common Symptoms

Below are some common symptoms of the WB24T10134 GE Range Burner Infinite Switch:

  • The burner doesn’t heat up at all when turned on
  • The burner only heats up on the highest setting and doesn’t adjust properly
  • The burner heats up unevenly, with one side hotter than the other
  • The burner won’t turn off even when the control knob is in the off position
  • The control knob becomes difficult to turn or feels loose and wobbly.

Please note that these symptoms may also be indicative of other issues with your range, so it’s important to diagnose the problem correctly before replacing any parts.

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