W10812696 11029133410 Kenmore Washer Control Board

W10812696 11029133410 Kenmore Washer Control Board

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W10812696 Kenmore Washer Control Board


  • Part Number: W10812696
  • Replacement Parts: W10683209
  • Part Types: Kenmore Washing Machine Main Control Board, Control Board for Kenmore Washer, Kenmore Washer Electronic Control Board, Main PCB for Kenmore Washing Machine, Kenmore Laundry Appliance Control Module
  • Compatible Brands: Kenmore, Whirlpool

Fits Appliance Models

  • Kenmore 11029133410 Clothes Washer
  • and more ..

Functions of W10812696 Kenmore Washer Control Board

The specific functions of the W10812696 Kenmore Washer Control Board may vary based on the model and features of the washer it’s used in, but generally, the main functions can include:

  1. Cycle Selection: The control board enables users to select various wash cycles (e.g., normal, delicate, heavy-duty) based on their laundry needs.
  2. Temperature Control: It regulates the water temperature for different wash cycles, ensuring clothes are washed at the desired warmth.
  3. Water Level Control: The control board manages the water level in the washing machine based on the selected load size and cycle.
  4. Timer and Sequencing: It controls the timing and sequence of each cycle’s stages, including wash, rinse, and spin cycles.
  5. Motor Control: The control board manages the washer’s motor, directing its operations throughout the washing process.
  6. Spin Speed Control: It determines the spin speed during the final spin cycle, which affects how dry the clothes will be at the end.
  7. Water Inlet Control: The control board opens and closes water inlet valves at appropriate times during the wash cycle.
  8. Diagnostics and Error Handling: It can detect errors or malfunctions in the washer’s operations and display error codes for troubleshooting.
  9. User Interface Interaction: The control board provides the user interface through which you can select settings, start/stop cycles, and receive status updates.
  10. Energy Efficiency: Some control boards optimize energy consumption by adjusting settings for efficient washing while conserving resources.
  11. Safety Features: The control board might incorporate safety measures, like door lock mechanisms to prevent opening during certain cycles.
  12. Memory and Settings Preservation: It can retain user settings and cycle history, even through power interruptions.

Please note that the specific features and functions might vary between different models and brands of washing machines, even if they use the same or similar control boards. Always refer to the product’s manual or documentation for accurate information.

Common Problems

Here are some common problems associated with the W10812696 Kenmore Washer Control Board:

  1. Washer Not Starting: A malfunctioning control board can result in the washer not responding or starting when the cycle is initiated.
  2. Cycle Interruptions: If the control board is faulty, the washer might pause or stop mid-cycle without any user intervention.
  3. Error Codes: Malfunctions in the control board can trigger error codes on the display, indicating issues with different components or sensors.
  4. Inconsistent Cycle Times: A defective control board might cause irregular cycle times, leading to overlong or shortened wash cycles.
  5. Unresponsive Controls: Buttons or touchpad controls not responding or registering input can indicate a problem with the control board.
  6. Overfilling or Underfilling: Issues with the control board’s communication with water level sensors can lead to improper water filling, resulting in overflows or inadequate water levels.
  7. Incorrect Temperature Control: If the control board fails, the washer might not regulate water temperature correctly, leading to washes in water that’s too hot or too cold.
  8. Drainage Problems: A malfunctioning control board could lead to drainage issues, causing water to remain in the tub after a cycle.
  9. Excessive Spinning or No Spin: Control board problems can affect the spin cycle, leading to scenarios where the washer spins continuously or doesn’t spin at all.
  10. Loud Noises: Faulty control boards might not regulate the motor or other components properly, resulting in unusual and loud noises during operation.
  11. Inaccurate Display: Incorrect information or display anomalies on the control board’s screen can indicate internal issues.

It’s important to note that while these problems are commonly associated with control board malfunctions, proper diagnosis by a professional technician is recommended to ensure accurate identification and resolution of the issues.

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W10812696 11029133410 Kenmore Washer Control Board

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