W10236210 Jenn-Air Range Control Panel

W10236210 Jenn-Air Range Control Panel

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W10236210 Jenn-Air Range Control Panel


  • Part Number: W10236210
  • Replacement Parts: W10236218
  • Part Types: Jenn-Air Range Oven Control Panel, Control Panel for Jenn-Air Oven Range, Jenn-Air Range Stove Control Interface, Oven Range Control Module by Jenn-Air, Jenn-Air Cooking Range Panel System
  • Compatible Brands: Jenn-Air

Fits Appliance Models

  • Jenn-Air JGS9900CDB00 – 30″ Gas Slide-In Range
  • Jenn-Air JGS9900CDB01 – 30″ Slide-In Downdraft Range
  • Jenn-Air JGS9900CDF00 – 30″ Gas Slide-In Range
  • Jenn-Air JGS9900CDF01 – 30″ Slide-In Downdraft Range
  • Jenn-Air JGS9900CDR00 – Range
  • Jenn-Air JGS9900CDR01 – 30″ Slide-In Downdraft Range
  • Jenn-Air JGS9900CDS00 – 30″ Gas Slide-In Range
  • and more ..

Functions of W10236210 Jenn-Air Range Control Panel

The specific functions of the W10236210 Jenn-Air Range Control Panel may vary based on the model and features, but some key functions commonly found in range control panels include:

  1. Temperature Control: Adjust the cooking or baking temperature to achieve precise cooking results.
  2. Cooking Modes: Select different cooking modes such as bake, broil, convection, and more to suit your recipes.
  3. Timer Settings: Set cooking timers to ensure dishes are cooked for the appropriate duration without overcooking.
  4. Clock Display: Display the current time, allowing you to keep track of cooking durations and overall kitchen scheduling.
  5. Oven Light Control: Turn the oven light on and off to monitor cooking progress without opening the oven door.
  6. Delay Start: Program the oven to start cooking at a later time, providing flexibility in meal preparation.
  7. Preheat Function: Preheat the oven to the desired temperature before placing the food inside for even cooking.
  8. Child Lock: Activate a safety feature to lock the control panel, preventing unintended use, especially when there are children around.
  9. Downdraft Ventilation Control (if applicable): Adjust the downdraft fan settings for effective ventilation during cooking.
  10. Cooking Time Adjustment: Fine-tune cooking times for recipes that require precise timing adjustments.
  11. Sabbath Mode (if applicable): Activate a mode that disables certain features for compliance with Sabbath observance.
  12. Convection Fan Control (if applicable): Control the convection fan to ensure even heat distribution throughout the oven.

Please refer to the user manual or documentation that comes with the W10236210 Jenn-Air Range Control Panel for model-specific functions and details.

Common Problems

Common problems associated with the W10236210 Jenn-Air Range Control Panel might include:

  1. Unresponsive Display: The control panel may become unresponsive, not displaying any information or not responding to touch commands.
  2. Button Malfunction: Individual buttons on the control panel might stop working, making it difficult to set or adjust settings.
  3. Display Glitches: The display could show distorted or incorrect information, making it hard to read temperature settings, timers, and other important information.
  4. Erratic Behavior: The control panel might exhibit erratic behavior such as changing settings on its own or beeping intermittently without user input.
  5. Error Codes: The panel might display error codes indicating specific issues with the range, which could require troubleshooting and repairs.
  6. Temperature Inaccuracy: The oven temperature might not match the set temperature on the control panel, resulting in uneven cooking or baking.
  7. Touch Sensitivity Issues: The touch screen might have sensitivity problems, leading to incorrect selections or difficulty in adjusting settings.
  8. Connection Problems: Wiring or connection issues within the control panel could lead to sporadic functionality or complete failure.
  9. Panel Lockouts: The control panel’s lockout feature might activate unexpectedly, preventing any adjustments or use of the oven.
  10. Wear and Tear: Over time, the control panel’s buttons or touch screen could wear out, becoming less responsive or functional.

For any of these issues, it’s recommended to consult the product’s manual for troubleshooting steps or contact the manufacturer’s customer support for assistance or potential repairs.

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W10236210 Jenn-Air Range Control Panel

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