Used Whirlpool Washer Control Board W10282179 WPW10282179

Used Whirlpool Washer Control Board W10282179 WPW10282179

For sale: a used Whirlpool washer control board, model W10282179 WPW10282179, in excellent working condition. Ideal for repairing compatible Whirlpool washer models, this control board offers a cost-effective solution to extend the life of your appliance.

Used Whirlpool Washer Control Board W10282179 WPW10282179

  • Part Number: W10282179
  • Replacement Parts: WPW10282179
  • Fits Brands: Whirlpool
  • Part Types: Washing Machine Parts, Washing Machine Circuit Board, Washer Electronic Control Module, Laundry Machine Control Panel, Washer Main Control Unit, Washing Machine Controller
  • Price: Check the price below.

Fits Washer Models:

WFW9550WL00 / WFW9550WL01 / WFW9550WR00 / WFW9550WR01 / WFW9550WW00 / WFW9550WW01, and more.

Note: If you’re uncertain whether this part fits your appliance, please leave a message in the comment box below. We’ll promptly check and get back to you.

Key Functions of Washer Control Board W10282179:

  1. Cycle Selection and Management: Controls and manages the different wash cycles and settings, including temperature, spin speed, and cycle duration.
  2. Communication with Other Components: Interfaces with other key components such as the motor, water inlet valves, and sensors to ensure coordinated operation.
  3. Error Detection and Reporting: Monitors the washer’s functions and provides diagnostic error codes when issues are detected.
  4. Power Regulation: Manages the power distribution to various parts of the washer, ensuring they receive the correct voltage.
  5. User Interface Control: Processes user inputs from the control panel buttons and knobs, and displays relevant information on the screen.

Common Problems with Washer Control Board W10282179:

  1. Failure to Start: The washer may not start or respond to inputs due to a faulty control board.
  2. Error Codes: Persistent or unexplained error codes that indicate issues which aren’t resolved by addressing other components.
  3. Unresponsive Controls: Buttons or knobs on the control panel may become unresponsive or function incorrectly.
  4. Cycle Interruptions: Wash cycles may stop unexpectedly or fail to complete properly.
  5. Incorrect Cycle Operation: The washer may run the wrong cycle or have issues with settings like water temperature or spin speed not matching the selected options.

Used Whirlpool Washer Control Board W10282179 WPW10282179

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