LG Washer Control Board EBR32268019

LG Washer Control Board EBR32268019

LG Washer Control Board EBR32268019

  • Part Number: EBR32268019
  • Replacement Parts: EBR32268019, AP5672155, 2667412, EBR32268007, EBR32268014, PS7792365, B00AOG684M, B00AOG684M
  • Compatible Brands: LG
  • Item Type: Washing Machine Washer Main Electronic Control Board Assembly Replacement Parts
  • Item Price: US$ 183.00

Fits Models:

F1201FDP F1201FDP1 WM2301HW WM2301HR

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LG Washer Control Board EBR32268019

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In addition to the LG Washer Control Board EBR32268019, you can find more appliance replacement parts, including dryer control board, refrigerator gasket, and oven hearting element.

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    • Hi Smith,
      Thank you very much for your message.
      We are sorry to inform you that the part LG WM2301HR is NOT available in the market. We will inform you if we can find the new or used part.
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