LG AJB73816004 Washer Drive Motor Rotor Stator

LG Washer Motor Stator WM3700HVA

LG AJB73816004 Washer Drive Motor Stator

  • Product: Drive Motor Rotor Stator Assembly for Washing Machine
  • Part Number: AJB73816004
  • Replace Parts: AGF77725080 4117201 AP5976030 PS11709149 EAP11709149
  • Fits Brands: LG, Kenmore
  • Price: US $102.00 Check Price on eBay

Fits Washer Models:

This part fits the following LG and Kenmore washing machine models. Use Ctrl+F to find your specific models.

79631423410 79631423411 79631433710 79631462410 79631462411 79631463410 79631463411 79631552610 79631553610 79641002610 79641003610 79641162410 79641162411 79641262610 79641383411 79641392510 79641392511 79641392610 79641393510 79641393610 79641482410 79641482411 79641582411 79641682610 79641683610 79641782810 79641783810 WM3170CW/00 WM3170CW/01 WM3180CW WM3270CW WM3370HWA/01 WM3500CW/00 WM3570HVA/01 WM3670HRA/00 WM3670HVA WM3670HVA/00 WM3670HVA01 WM3670HWA WM3670HWA/00 WM3700HVA/00 WM3700HWA/00 WM3770HVA WM3770HWA WM3997HWA WM3997HWA/00 WM4370HKA WM4370HWA WM5000HVA WM5000HWA WT1301CW/00 WT1501CW WT1701CV WT1701CV/00 WT1701CV/01 WT1801HVA WT1801HWA WT1901CK WT1901CW WT5270CW WT5680HVA-T1743HDFSP5 WT7050CV/00 WT7200CV/00 WT7200CW WT7200CW/00 WT7500CW WT7600HKA WT7600HWA and more.

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