GE Microwave Control Board WB27X11068

GE Microwave Control Board WB27X11068 1 500

GE Microwave Control Board WB27X11068 3 500

This is a new GENUINE GE replacement part, GE Microwave Control Board WB27X11068. It fits GE JVM3670, PNM1871, PVM1870, and PVM1873 General Electric models.

If your microwave does not respond to button presses, then changing the electronic main circuit board could solve the problem. Check your specific model, find the right part, and compare lowest prices here!

GE Microwave Control Board WB27X11068

  • Product: Main Control Board PCB Assembly for Microwave
  • Appliance Part: Microwave Electronic Replacement Parts
  • Part Number: WB27X11068
  • Compatible Brands: GE
  • Compatible Part Numbers: 1567208 AP4509947 PS2374126 EAP2374126

Fits GE Microwave Models:

Note: Use Ctrl+F to find your specific model.

  • JVM3670BF10
  • JVM3670CF10
  • JVM3670SK06
  • JVM3670WF10
  • PNM1871SM1SS
  • PNM1871SM2SS
  • PNM1871SM3SS
  • PVM1870DM1BB
  • PVM1870DM1CC
  • PVM1870DM1WW
  • PVM1870DM2BB
  • PVM1870DM2CC
  • PVM1870DM2WW
  • PVM1870DM3BB
  • PVM1870DM3CC
  • PVM1870DM3WW
  • PVM1870SM1SS
  • PVM1870SM2SS
  • PVM1870SM3SS
  • PVM1873SN2SS

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GE Microwave Control Board WB27X11068 1 500

More Information

Furthermore the GE Microwave Control Board WB27X11068, you are able to find more parts for GE, microwave electronic control boards, and GE microwave replacement parts.

Learn more about how to replace the control board on a microwave or microwave PCB board repair. If you need help or can not find the right part for your model, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


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