GE Microwave Control Board CSB9120SJ1SS PSB1000NBB01

WB27X10861 GE Microwave Control Board

GE Advantium Microwave Control Board WB27X10861

  • Product: Microwave Electronic Circuit Main Control Board Assembly
  • Part Number: WB27X10861
  • Replaces Parts: 1167209 AP3882298 PS1020967 EAP1020967
  • Fits Brands: GE
  • Item Location: Roanoke, Virginia, United States
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Fits GE Models:

This part fits the following GE Microwave models. Use Ctrl+F to find your specific model below.

CSB9120SJ1SS PSB1000NBB01 PSB1000NWW01 PSB1001NSS01 PSB1200NBB01 PSB1200NWW01 PSB1201NSS01 PSB9100DF1BB PSB9100DF1WW PSB9100DF2BB PSB9100DF2WW PSB9100SF1SS PSB9120DF1BB PSB9120DF1WW PSB9120DF2BB PSB9120DF2WW PSB9120SF1SS PSB9120SF2SS SCB1000KBB01 SCB1000KBB02 SCB1000KCC01 SCB1000KCC02 SCB1000KWW01 SCB1000KWW02 SCB1000MBB001 SCB1000MCC001 SCB1000MWW001 SCB1001KSS01 SCB1001KSS02 SCB1001MSS001 ZSC1000KBB01 ZSC1000KBB02 ZSC1001J1SS ZSC1001KSS01 ZSC1001KSS02 ZSC1201J1SS ZSC1201NSS01 ZSC1202J1SS ZSC1202NSS01

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WB27X10861 GE Microwave Control Board

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