Frigidaire Washer Door Boot Seal 134515300

134515300 Washer Door Boot Seal

This is a GENUINE washing machine replacement part, Frigidaire Washer Door Boot Seal 134515300. It fits Frigidaire 970L48022A0, ATF6500FG0, FAFS4073NA0, FFFS5115PW0, GLTF2940ES1, LTF2140ES3, and more.

Frigidaire Washer Door Boot Seal 134515300

  • Product: Washer Door Boot Seal Rubber Gasket Bellow
  • Appliance Part: Washing Machine Washer Replacement Part
  • Part Number: 134515300
  • Compatible Brands: Crosley Frigidaire Kenmore White Westinghouse
  • Compatible Part Numbers: 1156861 AP3869103 PS1148773 EAP1148773 134365200 134551400 134740900 134741400 5304450475 P134551400

Fits Frigidaire Models:

This part fits the following Frigidaire front load washer, affinity washing machine, residential washers washing machine model. Use Ctrl+F to find your specific model below.

970L48022A0, ATF6000ES0, ATF6000ES1, ATF6000FS0, ATF6000FS1, ATF6000FS2, ATF6500FG0, ATF6500GG0, ATF6500GG1, ATF6500GS0, ATF6700FE0, ATF6700FE1, ATF6700FE2, ATF6700FS0, ATF6700FS1, ATF6700FS2, ATFB6000ES0, ATFB6000ES1, ATFB6000FS0, ATFB6700FS0, BAFW3574KW0, BKFW3517KT1, BKFW4271MT0, BLTF2940ES0, BLTF2940ES1, BLTF2940ES2, BLTF2940ES3, BLTF2940FS0, BLTF2940FS1, BLTF6100FS0, BLTF6100FS1

FAFS4073NA0, FAFS4073NR0, FAFS4073NW0, FAFS4272LA0, FAFS4272LN0, FAFS4272LR0, FAFS4272LW0, FAFW3001LW0, FAFW3001LW1, FAFW3001LW2, FAFW3511KB0, FAFW3511KR0, FAFW3511KW0, FAFW3511KW1, FAFW3514KA0, FAFW3514KA1, FAFW3514KN0, FAFW3514KN1, FAFW3517KA1, FAFW3517KB0, FAFW3517KB1, FAFW3517KN0, FAFW3517KN1, FAFW3517KR0, FAFW3517KR1, FAFW3517KT1, FAFW3517KW0, FAFW3517KW1, FAFW3574KA0, FAFW3574KB0, FAFW3574KN0, FAFW3574KR0, FAFW3574KW0, FAFW3801LB0, FAFW3801LB2, FAFW3801LW0, FAFW3801LW2, FAFW3801LW3, FAFW3801LW4, FAFW3801LW5, FAFW3921NW0, FAFW4011LB0, FAFW4011LW0, FAFW4221LB0, FAFW4221LW0

FFFS5115PA0, FFFS5115PW0, FFFW5100PW0, FRFW3700LW0, FTF2140ES0, FTF2140ES1, FTF2140ES2, FTF2140ES3, FTF2140FE0, FTF2140FE1, FTF2140FS0, FTF2140FS1, FTF2140FS2, FTF5000HS0, FTFB2940FE0, FTFB2940FE1, FTFB4000FS0, FTFB4000FS1, FTFB4000GS0, FTFB4000GS1, FWFB9100ES0, FWFB9100ES1, FWFB9200ES0, FWFB9200ES1, FWFB9200ES2

GLTF2940EE0, GLTF2940ES0, GLTF2940ES1, GLTF2940ES2, GLTF2940ES3, GLTF2940FA2, GLTF2940FE0, GLTF2940FE1, GLTF2940FE2, GLTF2940FS0, GLTF2940FS1, GLTF2940FS2

LAFW3511KB0, LAFW3511KW0, LAFW6000LW0, LAFW7000LW0, LTF2140ES0, LTF2140ES1, LTF2140ES2, LTF2140ES3, LTF2140FS0, LTF2140FS1, LTF2140FS2, LTF2940EE0, LTF2940ES0, LTF2940ES1, LTF2940ES2, LTF2940ES3, LTF2940FE0, LTF2940FE1, LTF2940FS1, LTF6000ES0, LTF6000ES1, LTF6000FS0, LTF6700FS0

How To Replace Washer Door Boot Seal

Watch this video, created by AppliancePartsPros, showing easy and simple step-by-step instructions on how to replace the washing machine door boot seal.

Tools Required: Phillips screwdriver, 5/16” nut driver, pair of pliers, and pair of needle nose pliers.

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134515300 Washer Door Boot Seal

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