Frigidaire ATFB7000EG0 Washer Door Seal

Check Price front load washer machine door boot seal bellow gasket for Crosley Frigidaire Electrolux CFW7500KR0 STF7000FS0 ATF7000ES0 ATF7000FG0 LTF7000ES0 BAFW3577KW0 FAFS4473LN0 FAFW3577KB0 FAFW3577KN0 FAFW3577KR0 LTF7000EG0 FAFW3577KW1 LAFW3577KR1 ATF8000FG0 ATF8000FS1 FAFS4473LW0 FAFW3577KR1 and more.

Electrolux PTF7012MW1 Washing Machine Door Boot Seal Bellow

Washer Door Seal

  • Product: Washing Machine Washer Door Boot Seal Gasket
  • Part Number: 134728400
  • Replace Parts: 134739800 1191288 PS1156757
  • Fits Brands: Crosley Frigidaire Electrolux

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The correct product number is 134728400. See the washer door boot seal part details, and compare best prices on eBay.

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