Crosley CFUM21LW3 Freezer French Door Gasket Seal

Looking for new freezer door gasket seal fits Frigidaire Kelvinator Kenmore Crosley CFUFH20LW2 FFU21F5HWH FFU21M7HWP FKFH21F7HWE KFU21M7LW0 253280528010 and more.

Frigidaire GLFH21F8HWJ Freezer Door Gasket Seal

Freezer French Door Gasket Seal

  • Product: Freezer French Door Gasket Seal
  • Part Number: 5304507208
  • Replace Parts: 216522362 4454832 AP6037263 PS11770652 EAP11770652
  • Fits Brands: Frigidaire Kelvinator Kenmore Crosley

Fits Refrigerator Models

This freezer door gasket seal item fits the following Frigidaire Kenmore Kelvinator Crosley models.

UL2110A0 CFUFH20LW2 CFUFHC21PW2 CFUM21LW1 FFU21F5HWJ FFU21F5HWL FFU21F5HWN FFU21F5HWT FFU21F5HWW FFUH21F2NWB FFU21M7HWK FFU21M7HWP FKFH21F7HWD GLFH21F8HWG GLFH21F8HWM GLFH21F8HWN LFFH21F7HWH KFU21M7LW2 253280528015 25324462103 25328042809 253280528012 253280528013 25328052809 25328092805 and more.

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